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Tease and Touch
Tease and Touch

The girl sleeping on the bed stirred in her sleep when she felt someone nibbling on the skin at the side of her neck. She tried to shift in her position but she felt an arm was wrapped around her body. Her eyebrows furrowed when she felt small pecks were being placed where someone previously had been nibbling.

She slowly opened her eyes and turned her head, a grinning girl came to sight and she let out a tired sigh and turned her head. She felt the girl nuzzling the side of her neck, and she let out another sigh again.

“What are you doing this early in the morning?” Jessica whined and tried to wiggle herself away from Taeyeon’s one armed embrace.

“Making up for lost time.” Taeyeon whispered against Jessica’s skin. The older girl blew air into Jessica’s ear and she shivered by the feeling.

“But it’s like eight in the morning.” Jessica said and tried to turn around.

“I know, and the members are still sleeping.” Taeyeon mused and continued to nuzzle Jessica’s neck. Jessica let out another tired sigh and tried to push away the girl that was stopping her from enjoying her sleep.

“Yes, the members are still sleeping, and so should we also be doing.” Jessica said and looked into Taeyeon’s eyes when she had managed to push away the girl. A pout donned Taeyeon’s lips and Jessica sighed by the sight.

“Some other time, okay?” Jessica said in hope of making the frown on the older girl’s lips disappear.

Jessica thought the frown got even deeper and she regretted her suggestion right away.

“But the girls won’t let us.” Taeyeon said with an even bigger frown.

Jessica sighed. She knew that Taeyeon was right in what she was saying. With a small smile Jessica looked into Taeyeon’s eyes and entangled her fingers into the other girl’s hair.

“I’ll make sure they will let us.” Jessica promised. Taeyeon’s face brightened up and Jessica felt relieved by the reaction.

“So let’s sleep now.” Jessica said and placed her arms around Taeyeon’s waist to pull the girl in for a hug. Taeyeon complied and lied down beside Jessica and nuzzled close to the girl. Noticing that Taeyeon had agreed to sleep Jessica closed her eyes to return to dreamland.


Jessica soon found herself wishing she had never promised Taeyeon anything about convincing the members to let them spend some alone time. Because Taeyeon seemed to always find some way to remind her about what she wanted. The older girl seemed to always move around in an awfully teasing way whenever she was in the same room. The action made Jessica want to jump at the girl and do all kinds of things to her, things she and Taeyeon had promised the members they would keep from doing if they were under the same roof as them.

Jessica heaved a heavy sigh as she watched Taeyeon talk to Tiffany, her creamy white legs was crossed, and Jessica was so sure that Taeyeon was wearing shorts only because she was going to be reminded how much she liked looking at those legs. She noticed Taeyeon was stroking her hand up and down her thigh like she was freezing, or in Jessica’s case, teasing.

The girl bit her lower lip and averted her gaze to the magazine in her hand. She desperately tried to focus on the text instead of the girl on the couch opposite of where she was sitting.

She felt someone taking a seat beside her, and she glanced at the girl that seemed busy playing something on her phone. The action made her remember someone else that also enjoyed playing phone games, and once again Jessica averted her eyes to Taeyeon, only to see the girl stretching her arms above her head, and letting out a moan. Jessica’s jaw dropped. Taeyeon was really teasing her.

Jessica quickly turned back to the girl she was sitting beside, her magazine dropped to the floor and she grabbed one of the girl’s hands. Her action startled the girl and she looked surprised at Jessica.

“Sunny, please, make the members go out for the night.” Jessica begged the shorter girl. Sunny blinked confused by Jessica’s sudden request.

“What?” Sunny asked and looked questioning at Jessica.

“Please, please, please. Me and Taeyeon really need to have some alone time tonight.” Jessica begged and squeezed Sunny’s hand in an attempt to make Sunny understand how desperate she was. Sunny furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Taeyeon that was chatting calmly with Tiffany.

“But me and Yoona–“

“Go to my house!” Jessica announced.

“Uuh…” Sunny looked at Jessica like the girl was stupid.

“Sica, I don’t think your parents would like if we randomly showed up at your parents’ house without even going with you.” Sunny said and wriggled her hand free from Jessica’s grip.

“Tell them you’re visiting Krystal.” Jessica blurted out. Sunny raised an eyebrow at the suggestion.

“Why would we visit Krystal?” Sunny asked.

“Just because!”

“Sica, we’re under the same company, if me and Yoona wanted to visit Krystal we could just go to the company when she has practice or something.” Sunny pointed out. Jessica let out a groan and slumped down in her seat. Sunny looked apologetic at the girl.

“Sorry, Sica. You two will just have to keep away from each other tonight. Take a cold shower and I’m sure you’ll feel better.” Sunny said in an attempt of cheering Jessica up. Jessica only sighed and closed her eyes. Cold shower was something she definitively would take.


Jessica closed her eyes as the members monitored their last performance. She just knew that she had done mistakes all over the place, and all because of that swaying butt that kept appearing right in front of her, catching her off guard. She knew that butt didn’t sway that much when they usually performed.

And those teasing hands that always seemed have to brush past her back, leaving that lingering feeling that had Jessica shivering. She hated how the performance had turned out, and that she had to listen to Tiffany’s scolding afterwards didn’t help her, and she couldn’t exactly point out to the girl that it was her best friend’s fault that Jessica had done so many mistakes.

No, because no one believed that Taeyeon would do anything to ruin a performance.

Jessica glared at the girl that was watching the performance with her innocent looking face. But Jessica knew that behind that innocent façade was a torturing devil. Jessica bit her lower lip in anger and exhaled air through her nose while she let her eyes bore through the back of Taeyeon’s head.

“Someone looks frustrated today.” A voice beside Jessica made her turn her attention to Hyoyeon that sat beside her. The blonde girl was munching on candy as her eyes were glued to the monitor the other girls were looking at. Jessica sighed by the girl’s comment.

“Well, I am frustrated.” Jessica mumbled and crossed her arms.

“Let me guess, the baby-faced Taeyeon is giving you a hard time.” Hyoyeon said and took a bite of her candy. Jessica’s face brightened up when it seemed like one of the members understood her.

“Yes! It’s so frustrating.” Jessica said, finally being able to tell someone about her suffering.

Hyoyeon nodded her head and glanced at Taeyeon before she turned to Jessica again.

“But why don’t you just relieve yourself if it’s so unbearable?” Hyoyeon asked.

Jessica’s eyebrows furrowed. “Because it’s not the same thing. I want to feel her skin under my hands, hear her voice moa-“ Jessica stopped herself before she had relieved too much of her pent up desires, and she noticed by Hyoyeon’s expression that she already had blurted out too much.

“Okay… I was only eating…” Hyoyeon said and looked at the piece of candy in her hand. Jessica smiled apologetic at her.

“I can take it if you don’t want it.” Jessica offered. Without hesitation Hyoyeon gave her candy to Jessica and the girl gladly ate it up.

“But if you’re that desperate why don’t you just do it on the toilet here.” Hyoyeon said. Jessica raised her eyebrow by the suggestion.

“Hyo, this is a music station.” Jessica pointed out.

“So? If you’re that desperate I don’t think the location will matter.” Hyoyeon said.

Jessica sighed. “Yes, if it’s a risk that we’ll get caught!”

Hyoyeon shook her head at the girl’s counter argument.

“The life is all about taking risks, haven’t you learned that yet?” Hyoyeon said and wriggled her eyebrows. Jessica furrowed her own and turned to the girl that was the cause of her to have this conversation from the start. Jessica bit her lower lip and suddenly got up from her seat. Hyoyeon watched with curious eyes what the Jung was up to.

“All about the risks, huh?” Jessica asked and turned to Hyoyeon. Hyoyeon blinked in confusion to Jessica’s action.

“Then I’ll take a risk and just do it right here and now!” Jessica said and turned to jump at Taeyeon.

“Yoona tackle her!” Hyoyeon stood up from her seat and pointed at Jessica. To her relief she saw Yoona flying across the room and tackling Jessica before the girl had reached Taeyeon.

All the members’ attention was brought to the two girls that landed with a thud on the floor. Jessica groaned in pain and frustration upon being stopped, and Hyoyeon sighed in relief, while Yoona looked questioning at Hyoyeon for ordering her to do something like that.

“What are you doing?” Tiffany asked and looked from the entangled limbs of Jessica and Yoona to the girl that had shouted. Hyoyeon smiled awkwardly at the girl.

“We’re practicing WWE moves.” Hyoyeon said. Sunny, Tiffany and Taeyeon exchanged looks before the former girls turned their attention back to the TV screen. Taeyeon looked down on her girlfriend that now had managed to get free from Yoona’s grip, she smiled at the girl that sent her a glare.

“Fun wrestling?” Taeyeon asked the girl. Jessica gritted her teeth but managed to break out some kind of smile after she had regained some of her composure.

“Yes, because I don’t seem to be getting any physical contact from you.” Jessica said through gritted teeth. Taeyeon’s eyebrows raised in faked surprise.

“Oh, is that what you’re craving?” Taeyeon played oblivious.

Jessica wanted to throw something at the girl’s face when she saw that smirk that appeared afterwards. Taeyeon turned back to watch the TV, and Jessica was left just as frustrated as she had been before.


“Sleep with me!” Jessica slumped down on the couch beside Seohyun that looked wide eyed at Jessica. The older girl crawled closer to her, and Seohyun panicked moved away from her.

“Unnie, control yourself.” Seohyun said and tried to protect herself from Jessica with the book in her hand. Whenever Jessica tried to reach out for her, she smacked Jessica’s hands with the book, making Jessica letting out a whine.

“Seohyun-ah, I’m going insane here.” Jessica complained.

“I can see that.” Seohyun said and moved away from Jessica.

“I need-“ Jessica‘s sentence was cut off short when someone poured water over her head. She slowly turned her head to Sunny that stood with an emptied glass in her hand, the girl sighed upon seeing Jessica’s pitiful state.

“Get yourself together, Sica.” Sunny told the girl. Jessica placed her palm against her face and dragged it down. She let out a sigh.

“It’s all Taeyeon’s fault I’m like this!” Jessica screamed. Seohyun and Sunny exchanged looks before they turned to Jessica that had tiredly lied down on her stomach on the couch.

“How come you’re like this now? You’ve never been this desperate before.” Sunny pointed out.

Jessica mumbled something incoherent and Seohyun and Sunny exchanged looks before they turned back to the older girl that didn’t seem to say anything.

“Sunny sleep with me.” Jessica turned to the third oldest member. Sunny’s eyes widened and backed away from Jessica’s hand that reached out for her.

“How about no?” Sunny said and avoided Jessica’s hand that still desperately tried to catch her.

“Oh, c’mon! You always kiss me when I ask you to!” Jessica sat up on the couch with a pout.

“That’s different.”

“No! The only difference is that this will involve less clothes.”


Jessica sighed, defeated by Seohyun’s whine of disapproval. Seohyun and Sunny looked sympathetically at the older girl that slumped further down into the couch.

“Hey, Sica, why don’t you bring Taeyeon over to your parents’ house?” Sunny suggested.

Jessica raised her eyebrow by the suggestion. “Because my parents will be there, and Krystal might be there, and the rest of the f(x) hoobaes might also be there, and if not, Krystal usually brings friends over. Like Suzy or Jiyoung or whatever people she hangs out with.”

“You’ll just have to be quiet.” Sunny said and shrugged.

“You know how strong Taeyeon’s singing voice is on stage? Well, that’s how loud she’s in bed as well.”

“Gag her.”

Jessica blinked surprised at the short-haired blonde. Sunny shrugged her shoulders when she saw how surprised Jessica looked.

“Lee Sunkyu, what kinky stuff have you watched?” Jessica asked surprised that Sunny would even suggest such thing.

Sunny frowned. “I’m a grown up woman. I have my needs too.”

“Uhm.” The two girls’ attention was brought to Seohyun that had stood up from her seat. “I think I’ll leave you unnies to talk about Jessica’s problems on your own.” The maknae said before she left .

The two older girls watched after the youngest. They have been completely oblivious to Seohyun’s presence as they had talked about things the younger one clearly had felt uncomfortable about.

When Seohyun had left Sunny turned back to Jessica again.

“Well, I’ve given you my advice. It’s up to you how you want to do it.” Sunny said and shrugged. Jessica was left nodding her head.


Brown orbs looked at the scarf that was being held in the girl’s hand that stood in front of her. Her eyebrow raised and she turned to the girl’s face. A smile was on her lips, and Taeyeon shook her head.

“No. I’m not going to let you gag me.” Taeyeon said and shook her head.

“Oh, c’mon. We won’t be able to do it otherwise. We have to be quiet as we can only be in places where we can be heard.” Jessica said with a pout.

“No.” Taeyeon simply said and turned her attention back to her iPad.

“Taeyeon I’m going insane if I have to wait any longer!”

Jessica’s outburst was answered with silence, and the younger girl huffed a sigh while throwing the scarf on the floor.

“How are you so calm?” Jessica asked when she noticed Taeyeon’s relaxed figure. There was no sign of frustration in the older girl.

“Oh, that’s something you’d like to know.” Taeyeon said and raised her eyebrow with a smirk on her lips. Jessica’s lips formed a hard line and she turned on her heels to head for the door.

“Gaah!” Jessica shouted as her frustrations over Taeyeon’s teasing finally had reached their limit.


Her eyes looked at the screen of her the laptop in her lap. She looked up from it at the girl that sat opposite her, the girl had earphones in her ears and her eyes were glued to the iPad in her lap. Jessica figured the girl wouldn’t notice what she did.

She gulped and with trembling fingers typed in her keyword in the search bar. Her finger hovered above the enter button for a while before she finally pressed down. Her cheeks instantly flushed when she saw what her search had showed.

She gulped and scrolled through the options, finally settling on a video. She clicked on it and waited as it buffered for a while.

“Ah!” Jessica immediately shut the laptop off when she realized her sound wasn’t muted and it was on the fullest. With a bright red face she glanced at the girl opposite her. To add to her embarrassment the girl looked back at her with a raised eyebrow.

“It’s not what it seems like” Jessica defended herself.

“Yeah, right. I know everything, Jessi, you don’t have to hide anything. Sunny and Hyoyeon already told me.” Tiffany said and averted her eyes back to her iPad.

“Damn those unfaithful shorties” Jessica mumbled. She looked back at Tiffany that looked at her as well. “I’m surprised Taeyeon didn’t tell you.” Jessica muttered, knowing how close the two best friends were.

“Nah, Taeyeon usually don’t talk about her problems concerning you.” Tiffany said.

“Really?” Jessica looked surprised at the other girl.

“Yeah, she usually keeps them to herself.” Tiffany said with her eyes on the iPad screen.

Jessica smiled bitterly by the information. Taeyeon usually kept her problems to herself, and that she even kept problems that concerned them made her feel a bit guilty as she usually went to the other members for advice when she felt she needed it. She thought her girlfriend could do the same.

“Wanna tell me how all this started?” Tiffany asked and put away the iPad. Jessica snapped out of her thoughts about her girlfriend and averted her attention back to Tiffany. Remembering the question Jessica let out a sigh and slumped further down in her seat when she thought back to the morning when it all started.

“A few weeks ago Taeyeon came to me when you all were sleeping, I was so tired then that I rejected her but promised that I’d fix it so all of you would agree to let me and Taeyeon be alone for one night.” Jessica said and ended with a sigh. When she looked at Tiffany she noticed the girl had her eyebrows raised and an amused smile was on her lips.

“What?” Jessica asked when Tiffany didn’t say anything.

Tiffany started to chuckle and shook her head. She shifted her sitting position before she looked back at Jessica and shook her head once again.

“You promised her that?” Tiffany asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“She’ll never give in to any other suggestion until you’ve fulfilled that promise you made. That’s how stubborn she is. Don’t you know this?” Tiffany asked amused.

Jessica gaped in shock when the realization hit her. She groaned and covered her face with her hands when she now realized why her girlfriend was acting like she was.

“And she probably won’t stop reminding me until I’ve fulfilled it.” Jessica mumbled.

“Bingo.” Tiffany said with a smile.

“Gaaah! Why is my life so hard?!” Jessica whined.

Tiffany chuckled and picked up the iPad again.

“You brought this problem upon yourself.” The younger girl chimed.

Jessica let out a sigh and leaned her head back and stared up at the ceiling.

“I might as well just watch porn.” Jessica muttered.

“Please mute the sound or put on earphones if you do it.” Tiffany said.

Another sigh left Jessica’s lips and she glanced at the laptop in her lap. No, she was not going to watch it, she had already lost the desire for it.


The following week when Jessica arrived at their dorm after finishing her schedules she noticed a man outside their dorm’s door. She looked questioning at him when she approached but when she saw the logo at the back of his jacket she remembered that he was going to change the lock to their door.

“Hello,” Jessica bowed to the man that turned around and bowed back.

“Hello, good that you’re here. I was just done.” He said with a smile.

“Oh, really?” Jessica said surprised.

“Yes, here’re the new keys.” The man handed Jessica a small bags of 10 keys. “Please give the keys to the other girls as well.”

“Ah, yes.” Jessica nodded her head while she took the bag from him. “Thank you for your hard work.” She said when she noticed he had to go. She bowed towards him once last time before she entered the dorm with one of the new keys.

The girl entered the dorm and took off her shoes and made her way to the kitchen where she placed the keys. Her feet shuffled towards the refrigerator but stopped mid-way. She slowly turned around towards the bag of keys, a small smile appeared on her lips and she took out her phone from her pocket.

To Taengoo

When will you be home?:)

Jessica put the phone back in her pocket when she had sent the message and went back to the refrigerator and took out a water bottle. When she had opened the bottle and was about to drink from it she felt the cellphone vibrate and she picked it up with a smile on her lips.

From Taengoo

I’m on my way home, why?

Jessica felt all giddy by the answer and quickly typed a reply.

To Taengoo

They changed the lock so tell me when you’re here so I can open the door for you~!

From Taengoo


When she had made sure her girlfriend was on her way home Jessica happily skipped towards the couch in the living room. She sat down and sipped on her water. She felt all restless when she thought of the plan she had in mind.

Her eyes travelled to the hallway leading towards the foyer. She suddenly remembered something she had to do before Taeyeon came back and jumped up from her seat and hurriedly went to the foyer and stopped in front of the pad where they could choose the signal for the doorbell. She turned the sound off and smiled at her accomplishment before she went back to the couch and sat down with a satisfied sigh.

When she had finished about half of her water bottle she felt her phone vibrate and she smiled even wider as she picked up the device. She read the message from Taeyeon that said the girl was in the elevator on her way up, after finishing reading it Jessica skipped towards the door and opened it just in time as Taeyeon came out of the elevator.

“Omo, I how romantic of you to hold the door for me.” Taeyeon said as she went past Jessica and went into the dorm with Jessica following her.

“I’m only romantic on special occasions.” Jessica said and closed the door when Taeyeon had entered.

“Oh, what’s the special occasion now?” Taeyeon asked after she had taken off her shoes. She spun around and looked at the widely grinning Jessica.

“We’re alone.” Jessica said with a grin that could probably split her face in half.

Taeyeon blinked surprised and looked behind her like she would see one of the other members be at home as well. But Taeyeon knew the other members wouldn’t be home in at least an hour.

When the older girl turned back towards Jessica the younger grabbed her collar and Taeyeon was dragged towards her bedroom that were the closest, and Jessica kicked the door close after her even though she knew they were alone and none of the members would be able to disturb them.


A sigh left the tall girl’s lips as she stepped out of the elevator. She looked down on her handbag while she searched for the key to the dorm while she walked towards the door. When she had found the key she looked up but stopped immediately in her tracks when she noticed something strange.

The majority of her group members stood outside of the dorm’s door.

“What are you guys doing out here?” Sooyoung asked and looked from Yuri that stood with her back leaning against the wall beside the door, to Yoona, Tiffany, Sunny and Hyoyeon that sat on the floor and ate snacks and to Seohyun that stood beside the group seated on the floor.

“We can’t get in.” Seohyun said and looked devastated.

“What?” Sooyoung thought it sounded absurd and looked at the group that was eating.

“We’ve all tried our keys but none is working.” Sunny said.

“We’ve been out here for more than two hours.” Yoona said.

Sooyoung gaped in shock as she looked at her band mates. She turned to the door and furrowed her eyebrows. Her eyes went to the rest of the members and she quickly noticed not everyone was there.

“Where’re Taeyeon and Jessica?” Sooyoung asked.

“I don’t know. None of them are answering their phones.” Hyoyeon said and shrugged her shoulders.

“Manger oppa said they’d already finished their schedules for today.” Seohyun said.

Sooyoung looked at the youngest member, her eyes suddenly widened and she looked down at Sunny and Hyoyeon that looked just as wide eyed as her when the three of them had thought of the same thing.

“No, she wouldn’t.” Hyoyeon said.

Sooyoung clenched her hands and marched towards the door and rang the doorbell but quickly noticed it wasn’t working. She gritted her teeth and started pounding on the door.

“Yah, Jung Jessica, open the door!” Sooyoung shouted even though she knew that if Taeyeon and Jessica were inside they would probably not hear her.


Jessica rolled onto her side, feeling her arm coming in contact with the girl sleeping beside her. She smiled by the contact and nuzzles closer to the girl beside her, feeling the girl shivering by the touch. Jessica smiled by the reaction and nuzzles her nose into the back of Taeyeon’s neck.

Her ears could only hear the sound of Taeyeon’s breathing, which Jessica soon started to get bothered by. It was way too quiet. She pried one eye open and looked at the clock on the bedside table. Seeing the time she furrowed her eyebrows. The other members should be home by now.

She shrugged the thought of and closed her eyes again and hugged Taeyeon even tighter.

Realization suddenly hit her and she opened her eyes wide. She quickly removed the covers from her body and jumped up from the bed, startling and making Taeyeon confused in the process.

“What’s wrong?” Taeyeon asked and watched as Jessica searched for clothes.

“I just forgot about something.” Jessica said and dismissed her search of clothes and just borrowed one of Taeyeon’s oversized shirts instead before she hurriedly went to the front door.

If the members were still there it meant Jessica had made them wait for more than four hours. Jessica hoped and prayed that the members had been smart enough to go home to their parents’ house.

Jessica slowly opened the door to the dorm. Her heart stopped beating when she saw the seven other members standing on the other side of the door, everyone sent her glares and she backed away when they all started to move towards her.

“Jessica you’re so dead.” Sooyoung said through gritted teeth.

“You didn’t have to wait that long.” Jessica laughed.

She saw that the girls didn’t think of it as funny and she turned around to escape their wrath but she felt to pair of hands grab her arms before she could go anywhere. She closed her eyes and hoped that someone could save her from these seven girls that probably would torture her to the point of her begging them to stop.


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