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Through work and hate we'll love part 6

“Thank you!” The two idols bowed and thanked the staff members in unison after they had finished their filming of the music video. Both Jessica and Tiffany felt so exhausted after the long filming hours that they felt like they needed to crawl back to the van.

But the two of them kept standing on their two feet and they raised their heads up after they had thanked everyone. They began following their managers that motioned for them to hurry up.

“Are you hungry?” Jessica asked the red haired idol that walked beside her. Tiffany gave her a weird look before she grabbed the coat her manager handed her.

“Why do you care?” Was Tiffany’s reply before she followed the manager out of the filming set and towards the van.

Jessica frowned upon the reply and stretched her arms behind her for the stylist to put on her coat before she also started making her way to the van.

“Jeez, I was only asking.” Jessica muttered before she entered the van.


The blonde looked up from the script in her hand at the other girl that sat with her in the waiting room. Her eyes landed on the red head that had her eyes focused on the script in her hand. When Tiffany seemed to sense someone was looking at her she looked up at met Jessica’s sympathetic gaze.

“Don’t.” The red-haired girl commented and made Jessica look questioning at her. Tiffany sighed upon how oblivious Jessica seemed to be.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Tiffany said and turned her attention back to the script in her hand.


“I don’t need your f*cking pity.” Tiffany said before Jessica had even the chance to ask. The blonde idol clamped her mouth shut and averted her gaze to the script in her hands instead.

“You pitying me won’t make it easier for me to stop loving you.” Tiffany later said. Jessica looked up from the script and she couldn’t help but look a bit sympathetically at the red haired girl.

“I’m sorr–“

“I told you to stop, didn’t I?!” Tiffany shouted and slammed the script down on the table. Jessica bit down on her lower lip while Tiffany sent deadly glares towards her. The red-haired girl was heaving heavily after her outburst, and Jessica could only look apologetic at her.

“You’re stupid.” Tiffany muttered and took her script and went out of the waiting room.

Jessica released a breath and stared at the door Tiffany had closed after her before she had stormed out. After a few seconds the blonde figured it was better to focus on her own thing and went back to memorize the script.


“I heard…” Jessica looked up from her plate of food at the brunette girl that sat in front of her. Jessica cocked an eyebrow and Taeyeon smiled at her.

“Hyoyeon told me you’re acting less harsh towards Tiffany.” Taeyeon said.

Jessica’s lips formed a hard line and she looked away from her friend. Taeyeon continued to grin and took a bite of her food.

“You listened to my advice.” The brunette girl said.

“No, I didn’t.” Jessica said and earned a questioning gaze. “I’m listening to my guilt.”

Taeyeon’s eyebrow raised and looked questioning at the idol. The blonde idol let out a sigh and placed her fork on the plate before she leaned back in her seat and met her friend’s gaze.

“Tiffany told me something, and now I’m feeling guilty.” Jessica said and bit down on her lower lip.

Taeyeon nodded understanding, her eyebrows furrowed and she looked back at Jessica again.

“May I ask what she told you?”

“I don’t think I’m allowed to tell you. It was rather private.”

“Ah,” Taeyeon nodded understanding. A smile formed on her lips and she took another bite on her food and finished chewing it before she continued. “You two seem to be getting closer when you’re telling private things to each other.”

The composer’s statement left a frown on Jessica’s lips. The idol thought back to what Tiffany had told her and exactly how Tiffany had reacted to it, the mix of anger and sadness in the other girl had left a big impact in the blonde girl.

“By your expression it doesn’t seem like it was something good.” Taeyeon said when she noticed Jessica’s solemn expression.

The idol snapped out of her thoughts and turned back to Taeyeon. She smiled bitterly and looked down at her unfinished food. Her appetite was lost and she hadn’t even eaten half of the food yet.

“If it had been something good I wouldn’t have felt guilty, right?” Jessica asked.

Taeyeon nodded knowingly. “Why don’t you apologize if you feel guilty?”

“She got angry and hit me when I did it.”

Taeyeon’s eyes slightly widened by Jessica’s comment. The blonde idol laughed and waved off Taeyeon’s shocked expression.

“But it was not in my face. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to show my face in public.”

“Oh,” Taeyeon relaxed in her seat, the composer’s eyebrows furrowed and she looked at Jessica again.

“So she’s angry?”


“And you?”

“Feeling guilty.”

“What exactly happened between you to make you feel like that?” Taeyeon sighed and propped her chin on her hand. Jessica shrugged her shoulders and averted her gaze to her plate. She bit down on her lower lip and looked up at her friend, contemplating whether she should tell her or not.

“I made her fall, and she got hurt in the process.”

“She’s injured?” Taeyeon’s eyes widened.

Jessica smiled when she realized Taeyeon didn’t quite get what she meant. The idol nodded her head in answer.

After all, even though it wasn’t any visible injuries on the red haired idol, Jessica had actually seen the idol break down and witnessed how much in pain Tiffany was. And even though no one saw it, but Tiffany’s heart was pretty injured, and Jessica knew by the tears the red head had shed on her shoulder.


“Give this to Tiffany.” The manager handed a water bottle to Jessica and the blonde looked down on it. She didn’t protest and made her way to the room beside the practice room she remembered she had seen Tiffany last time.

Like she thought she found Tiffany inside the room on the couch. The blonde idol made her way to the red-haired woman that sat on the couch, occupying herself with a book. The hand with the water bottle in hand was reached out towards the seated woman.

Tiffany looked up from her book with a raised eyebrow she looked at the water bottle Jessica was offering her. She shifted her eyes from the bottle to the woman that was holding it, the blonde woman lightly shook the bottle to tell Tiffany to take it.

“Are you serious?” Tiffany asked and closed her book.

Jessica lowered the bottle with a confused expression on her face.

“I told you to stop with that.” Tiffany scolded.

“I’m not allowed to give you water?” Jessica asked and looked at the bottle.

“No, it’s considered as a nice act and that won’t make me stop loving you.” Tiffany said and opened her book to start reading again.

Jessica furrowed her eyebrows and looked at the bottle and back to Tiffany again. She sighed and opened the bottle and held it over Tiffany’s head before she titled it to the side, making the clear liquid pour all over Tiffany’s head.

Tiffany’s mouth was hanging open in shock as she looked up at Jessica that tossed the empty bottle to the side. Jessica shrugged her shoulders and turned on her heel.

“Yah! Jessica!” Tiffany shouted after the leaving blonde.

Jessica didn’t respond to the call and made her way out of the room and left Tiffany to take care of her soaked hair.

Tiffany huffed an annoyed sigh and looked down on her clothes that also had gotten wet. Seeing that some droplets even had landed on the book in her hands and screamed out in frustration and threw the book in front of her.

She was very angry, but her feelings still hadn’t disappeared.

Tiffany hated how Jessica would look at her with pity, and how the blonde girl randomly did nice things to her. It made her heart flutter and she could feel her hopes getting up, only to crash when she reminded herself of what Jessica actually thought of her.

Tiffany let out an annoyed sigh and got up from her seat on the couch and went to her handbag and took out some tissues to dry herself up after Jessica had drenched her in the water she had offered. The red hair frowned by the memory of the water running down her head, to her face and onto her clothes and book.

This is the real Jessica. She’s not nice, nothing for you to like Tiffany reminded herself of how Jessica usually is.

But then, the mean and evil Jessica that had sputtered bad comments about her is the Jessica she had fallen for first. This nice side had just recently showed up, and had only made Tiffany think of as a sweet addition to Jessica’s personality. It showed her that Jessica had a heart as well.

A heart you’ll never get.

Tiffany clenched her hand that held the tissue, crumbling the small paper in her hand. She threw it across the room and felt the tears burn behind her eyes when she once again realized how unrequited her feelings are and will probably forever be.

The red head sniffled and sat down on the couch. The tears run down her cheeks and she roughly removed them with her hands, just like how she wanted to do with her feelings for the blonde idol.

“How can she make me feel happy, angry and sad at the same time?” Tiffany asked herself. Her question got eaten by the silence in the room. The fast beating of her heart by the mere thought of the blonde girl was her answer.


The red haired idol sighed tiredly while she slumped down on the floor. Her hand reached out for the water bottle beside her and drank a few gulps from it before she placed it back down on the floor. She let out another sigh and laid down on her back on the floor.

She heard she shuffling of feet coming towards her, and a hand was brought into view for her. With an eyebrow raised she looked at the owner of the hand. A blonde girl, with her hair tied up in a ponytail stood in front of her.

Tiffany now glared at Jessica’s hand, the blonde idol looked confused at her.

“Stop acting so nice!” Tiffany shouted and kicked Jessica’s shin before she got up on her feet by herself.

Jessica let out a groan of pain and bent over to hold her hurt shin. The blonde idol sent a glare towards the red head that had walked away to the other side of the dance studio.

“You don’t think I’ve enough bruises from you abusing me?!” Jessica shouted angrily and released her leg she had been holding.

Tiffany didn’t say anything and just stood with her back facing her. The blonde idol sighed and averted her gaze to the mirror wall, checking out her own reflection before she turned to the red head.

“Let’s continue practice. I don’t want to be here the whole night.” Jessica sighed and went over to the cd-player to turn on the music.


Tiffany let out a yawn and stretched her arms above her head when she entered the practice room. She noticed the boxes of food the managers had gotten her were still there. Jessica and her food were nowhere in sight and the red head walked up to her food and grabbed one of the boxes.

Her eyes widened slightly when she saw the name on the box she held. She looked down at the two other boxes and noticed it wasn’t the same name on them. A sigh left Tiffany’s lips and she tightened her hold on the box in her hand before she marched her way out of the practice room in search of her duo partner.

She caught Jessica’s voice further down the hallway, and Tiffany went straight there when she knew where the blonde was.

She arrived at a smaller room, and behind the closed door she heard Jessica sing. However, the red head didn’t care about whether Jessica was practicing or not and she slammed the door open, shocking the idol that was occupying the room.

“Tiffany,” Jessica said and lowered the mic she had in her hand from her mouth.

“I told you to stop acting nice towards me!” Tiffany shouted at the blonde idol before she threw the box of food at Jessica.

The blonde’s eyes widened when the box opened and the content fell out. A hand was clasped over Jessica’s mouth and nose and she started to wave her hand in front of her like she wanted to tell Tiffany that it wasn’t the case.

“I don’t need your f*cking food. I’ll be fine on my own. If I want more I can go and buy it myself, I don’t need you to give your food to me, you stupid air-head. You think it’s easy for me to forget about my feelings for you when you’re acting nice all the freaking time and making my heart think I might actually have a chance with you?!” Tiffany continued to ramble and was oblivious to the blonde idol that had gotten paler and sunk down on the floor while still shaking her head to what Tiffany was saying.

The red haired girl stared at Jessica that still was covering her mouth and nose. Her eyebrows furrowed by how weird Jessica seemed to act and she looked down on the food that was scattered on the floor and back to Jessica.

“What is wrong with you?” Tiffany asked and looked more panicked at Jessica. The blonde pointed on the food, then at herself and shook her head.

“Wait, you’re allergic?!” Tiffany shouted when she figured out what the other idol was trying to tell her.

Jessica nodded her head before she finally sunk down to the floor completely.

“F*ck.” Tiffany cursed and went over to Jessica’s side and fished out her cellphone to call one of the managers to pick Jessica up.


Tiffany looked down at her fidgeting fingers. The beeping monitors echoed in the small hospital room, filling in the silence between the two girls that were inside. Tiffany took a glance at the blonde girl in the hospital bed. She sighed and slumped her shoulders.

“Cucumber allergy.” Tiffany finally spoke the first two words between them since they had come to the hospital. The now much better Jessica nodded her head.

“What kind of allergy is that?” Tiffany asked.

Jessica shrugged her shoulders.

“An allergy that makes it impossible for me to eat cucumbers.”

“And being in the same room as them.” Tiffany added.

Jessica smiled and nodded her head. “Yeah,”

The red head furrowed her eyebrows. She lightly shook her head and averted her gaze to her hands. How in the world would she have known Jessica had that kind of allergy? And how could she possibly know that the managers had made a mistake and marked the food box with Jessica’s name and the blonde had just left it there for anyone to eat because she couldn’t eat it? It was almost impossible for her.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were allergic?” Tiffany asked with a frown.

“You didn’t exactly give me a chance, you know. You threw the food at me and I reacted to it faster than what I wanted to and you were busy rambling about how you didn’t need to eat my food.”

Tiffany blushed embarrassed and looked away from Jessica’s eyes. The red head clutched the fabric of her sweater and kept her gaze at the floor.

“But I’m okay now.” She heard Jessica say. The red haired idol bit down on her lower lip before she released it together with a sigh.

“But I’m not.” Tiffany mumbled.


Tiffany waited for Jessica’s apologize that usually came out from the blonde’s mouth that left her angry. But nothing came and Tiffany dared to look up at the blonde girl on the hospital bed. Her eyes took in the sight of a zoned out Jessica that stared right in front of her.

Whatever it was that had occupied the blonde’s thoughts, it had left her with a very gloomy expression that tugged a bit at Tiffany’s heart, it made the red head want to wrap Jessica in a hug and take that gloomy expression away and replace it with a heartwarming smile instead.

But Tiffany knew she had no right to hug the blonde. Even less being the source of Jessica’s happiness.


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