Through work and hate we'll love part 4

A sigh left the blonde idol’s lips as she looked down at the phone in her hand. Her manager had been texting her asking where she was. The truth was that she was supposed to get ready for a photo shoot for a magazine with Tiffany, but Jessica rather hang out with her friends that being with the stupid red head she had been forced to work with.

“Is your manager trying to get ahold of you?” The question made the cap clad blonde look up from the phone’s screen at the brunette girl sitting opposite her. Jessica nodded her head in answer before leaving the device on the table’s wooden surface and grabbing the iced coffee that stood in front of her.

“He just texted me and asked me if you were with me.” Taeyeon said and sipped her tea.

Jessica grimaced by the news and she stayed silent while slowly sipping on her drink. She felt the eyes of the two girls that sat with her were observing her.

“I’m supposed to have a photo shoot with Tiffany. “ Jessica said and lowered the glass from her lips.

“Ah,” The two girls nodded understanding why Jessica seemed to be avoiding her manager.

“You want me to tell him I don’t know where you are?” Taeyeon asked.

Jessica sighed and leaned back in her seat. She looked up at the two girls that watched her. Another sigh left the idol’s lips and she shook her head before finishing her coffee.

“No, it’s still my job. I should fulfill my duty.” Jessica said and placed the empty glass on the table. When she looked up at the two girls she saw them smiling at her.

“Just stay out of fights.” Taeyeon advised. A frown instantly formed on Jessica’s lips.

“It’s pretty hard when she calls me things.” Jessica muttered.

“Like you don’t insult her.” The girl sitting beside Taeyeon said.

Jessica sent the other blonde girl a glare and both Taeyeon and she burst out in chuckles.

“Maybe you should try to not get so hot tempered every time she calls you something? That way both of you will stay away from getting angry.” Taeyeon suggested.

Jessica sighed and picked up her phone from the table and quickly sent away a text message to her manager about her whereabouts. She looked back at the other girls when she was done and she shook her head.

“No,” Jessica deadpanned.

The other girls knew better to not argue with Jessica on the matter. They knew Jessica’s pride and ego stood in the way, and it seemed like Tiffany had just as big pride and ego as well. And if one of the girls didn’t back down the other would probably not. It was an endless fight between the two idols.


After her manager had picked her up from the coffee shop she had been with her two friends Jessica had been driven to the photo shootings location. When she entered the place she noticed Tiffany was already there and dressed. Jessica didn’t even spare a greeting or an excuse for the other idol for being late.

“Where have you been?” Tiffany asked when she noticed the blonde idol going to the changing room.

“None of your business.” Jessica simply stated before she closed the door behind her to the changing room. Tiffany frowned upon the reply and looked down on her phone where she had been playing a game of angry birds to kill the time while she had been waiting for Jessica.

The red head sighed and closed down the game and placed the device in her lap while she waited for Jessica to get ready. Her foot tapped impatiently on the floor while she waited and she glanced at the closed door to the changing room. Feeling it took unusual long time for Jessica to get ready she frowned.

Tiffany drummed her fingers against her knee to distract herself from the urge to go check what Jessica was doing. She exhaled and shook her head. She had been waiting too long for the blonde for her to not feel restless.

The door to the changing room finally opened and the blonde idol walked out and past Tiffany that was seated on a chair. Seeing the blonde was ready Tiffany got up from her seat and followed Jessica to the spot in front of the camera.

“Where have you been?” The photographer asked when he saw Jessica.

“I wasn’t feeling well so I was resting a bit.” Jessica simply stated.

Tiffany snapped her head to the blonde idol beside her. Her eyebrows slightly raised upon hearing that Jessica had been away because she was sick.

“Are you okay?” The concerned question had left Tiffany’s lips faster than what the red head had wanted. The red haired idol widened her eyes in surprise upon her own question and she saw Jessica giving her a weird look. The question was something that was not expected to be asked by any of them.

Jessica however didn’t answer the question and just turned to the photographer to get instructions. And Tiffany could relax after her slip of tongue. She wondered why she had asked Jessica that when she usually didn’t care how Jessica was feeling or if the blonde was sick. Hell, Jessica could even be dying and Tiffany wouldn’t care.

Or that was what Tiffany wanted to believe she did.

She turned her attention to the photographer and listened to him how he wanted them to pose. Both Tiffany and Jessica listened attentively and nodded their heads when he had ended his instructions.

Jessica placed her arms around the other girl’s neck and stood close to her like the photographer had instructed she should do. She felt Tiffany shift in her pose as well to get a good position. When they were done Jessica leaned her head closer to Tiffany’s and looked at the camera, and that’s when she felt the smell. She scrunched up her nose and glanced at the girl who she had her arms wrapped around, and she instantly knew where the smell came from.

Without saying anything Jessica remained professional and let the photographer take a few photos of them before he wanted them to change pose.

They turned around and leaned against each other’s backs. Jessica tilted her head back so it rested on Tiffany’s shoulder, and hearing the click from the camera and seeing the flash, she knew the photographer had liked it.

“What did you eat for lunch?” Jessica asked and tilted her head up and spun around. She put both arms around Tiffany and they smiled at the camera together

“Tuna sandwich, why?” Tiffany answered the question when they changed position again.

“God, no wonder your breath smells like a cat’s.” Jessica said and scrunched up her nose.

Tiffany clamped her mouth shut and felt her cheeks become red by the insult. She felt embarrassed about what Jessica had said, and she didn’t know why as she usually didn’t care what Jessica thought of her.

She tried to come up with a witty comeback like she usually managed to do, but none came up. And when she noticed the blonde girl was glancing at her she knew Jessica probably expected a comeback from her as well, and it made Tiffany blush even more.

“Okay,” The photographer’s voice made Tiffany snap out of her surprised state and focus on the photo shooting instead. She and Jessica moved away from each other and the photographer instructed her to back hug Jessica.

She glanced at the blonde idol that glanced back at her. She saw Jessica rolling her eyes and Tiffany let out a small sigh before she moved up behind Jessica and wrapped her arms around Jessica’s tiny waist.

Tiffany got slightly surprised by Jessica’s body proportions. She had never thought about how Jessica looked like until now when she could feel how slim Jessica was. It amazed her a bit and she wrapped her arms a bit tighter around Jessica.

She felt Jessica place her hands on top of hers that were clasped together in front of the blonde’s stomach. Tiffany felt her heart skip a bit upon the contact and she stared surprised at the camera in front of her, wondering what was wrong with her heart.

Her heart race speed up and she gulped slightly. The photographer motioned for her to lean closer to Jessica and with a bit of hesitance Tiffany did and she felt her heart almost jump out of her chest.

“Did you run a marathon?” She heard Jessica ask.

Tiffany momentarily stopped breathing by the question. She didn’t think it was that obvious and she glanced at the blonde’s side profile. The flash from the camera made her snap out of her state and she averted her focus back to the photo shooting.

After a few more photos the photographer was satisfied and the two idols began moving towards the changing room. Tiffany was still in a slight daze over how weird her body had started act up. The red head blamed the red bulls she had been drinking during the day.


The chatter of her friends was all blocked out as she sat with them by the table in the restaurant. Her mind was completely elsewhere and her eyes stared right in front of her at the small vase with flowers that stood in the middle of the table.

Her mind was filled with a blonde girl, who had a really sculptured body, a pretty face and a nice voice. She remembered how the blonde moved her body when she danced to the music. The memory making her bit down on her lower lip, and the thought why appeared in her head.

Why was the blonde constantly on her mind? Why has she always felt herself getting embarrassed and sometimes even hurt whenever the other girl insulted her? They had kept throwing hateful comments towards each other for years without her caring about what the blonde said. But now she found herself flushing red every time she did a mistake and the blonde was there to see it.


Tiffany was confused over how she acted these days, especially her mind and heart that didn’t seem to know how to beat in a slow pace whenever she accidentally made contact with the blonde. She had thought it was the red bull she usually drank, but when she had stopped drinking that for a while she had found herself falling asleep and the stupid blonde girl appeared in her dreams instead.

It was bothersome.


Tiffany let out a sigh and propped her chin up on her hand. She felt someone placing their hand on her other arm and she snapped her head towards the person’s direction.

“You okay?” The short haired blonde girl sitting beside her asked.

Tiffany averted her gaze from the blonde girl to the two other girls that sat opposite her by the table. The red head smiled embarrassed when she realized she must have spaced out.

“Yeah, I’m okay, Sunny-ah.” Tiffany said and smiled reassuringly at the short haired blonde.

She noticed Sunny giving her a doubtful look, and the short haired girl exchanged looks with the others by the table before they turned back to Tiffany.

“I’m just tired. My schedule is packed these days and I barely have time to rest.” Tiffany explained.

A look of understanding appeared on Sunny’s face and the two other girls nodded their heads understanding.

“I see. But do remember to rest in between your schedules. No playing games and whatever you do instead.” Sunny reminded the red head.

Tiffany smiled by her friend’s concern and she nodded her head and placed her hand on top of one of Sunny’s.

“I’ll, don’t worry.” The red haired idol assured her friend.


“1, 2, 3, 4,

1, 2, 3, 4,

1, 2, 3, 4

1, 2, 3– “ The blonde choreographer stopped counting when she saw the red haired idol falling to the floor with a hard thud. She made a pained expression when she saw Tiffany whimpered in pain.

The blonde idol that was dancing with her let out a frustrated and tired sigh. This wasn’t the first time Tiffany tripped during the dance practice. In fact, Tiffany tripped at least once during every dance practice they’ve had up until now. Jessica heaved another sigh and put her hand on her hip when she looked down at the red head that was still seated on the floor after her fall.

“Sh*t Tiffany, can you never stand on your two feet?” Jessica muttered.

Tiffany didn’t say anything, and Hyoyeon the choreographer also stayed silent while she watched the two idols. Ever since she had started teaching them the choreography she knew that the two idols usually bickered and argued during the practice, but they eventually went back to practice. However for the last past week Tiffany haven’t been arguing with Jessica that much and it had always been the blonde that had picked on the red haired idol.

And this time Tiffany didn’t say anything as well and just stood up on her own feet again. She wiped some sweat out of her face before she turned to the mirror and positioned herself on her starting position in the choreography. The choreographer met her eyes through the mirror reflection and she nodded towards her to say she was ready.

“Alright, from the start. 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2– “ Hyoyeon stopped once again when Tiffany tripped and fell.

Jessica let out a groan when they stopped again and she put both hands against her forehead and turned away from the girl seated on the floor. Hyoyeon looked sympathetically at the idol duo. She could understand the frustration Jessica must feel when they always had to stop mid-way, but she could also understand Tiffany’s feelings when the idol tried her best to keep up despite her lack of dancing skills.

“Why can’t you stop falling? We’ve been practicing this routine for more than a week and yet you’re always tripping over your damn feet! What is wrong with you?!”  Jessica lashed out on the red head.

Tiffany sat on the floor with her head bent. She didn’t respond to Jessica, nor give Jessica any witty comeback. Her lack of responses only frustrated the blonde even more and Jessica pulled at her own hair out of frustration.

“You’re hopeless!” Jessica exclaimed while she paced around the dance studio.

Hyoyeon continued to stay silent. She knew the two idols were probably extremely tired after their schedules, and that they had to go through four hour of dance practice at the end of the day probably didn’t help their fatigue and mental exhaustion. The choreographer crossed her arms and watched as the blonde idol stopped by the wall and sunk down to the floor.

Her eyes were averted back to Tiffany that still hadn’t moved from the spot she had fallen on. The red head was still sitting with her head bent down and it looked for a second that Tiffany was crying.

“Tif– “ Just when Hyoyeon was going to ask about Tiffany’s condition the red head stood up and headed for the door of the dance studio. Hyoyeon could catch a faint “I’ll be back.” before Tiffany headed out and left her partner and choreographer alone.

Hyoyeon and Jessica exchanged glances when the door to the dance studio closed. Jessica only shook her head and let out a tired sigh before she lied down on the floor on her side. The choreographer also sighed and uncrossed her arms before she slowly started to make her way towards where Jessica was lying.

“Don’t you think you’re bit harsh on her?” Hyoyeon asked the blonde idol.

“We’ll start filming the music video next week, how can I not be when she’s still dancing like she has two left feet?” Jessica mumbled.

Hyoyeon sighed upon the reply.

“Maybe if you encouraged her a bit and praised her it would go better for her.” Hyoyeon suggested.

Jessica gave the blonde choreographer a weird look and Hyoyeon took it as her suggestion was something Jessica wouldn’t even consider doing even if the blonde was dying.

“But you have to understand her, Sica. She’s a ballad singer, she’s never danced like this before.” Hyoyeon said.

Jessica sat up and looked at Hyoyeon with a glare.

“Why are you on her side?” Jessica asked.

“I just think you’re bit hard on her. If you maybe listened to Taeyeon’s suggestion about not being so hot tempered the dance routine might go better if you’re not lashing out on her every time she does a mistake.” Hyoyeon said calmly.

Jessica huffed a sigh and lied back down on the floor.

“You spend too much time with Taeyeon.” Jessica muttered.

Hyoyeon smiled at the statement. “We’re sisters, how can I not?”

Jessica let out a small chuckle, but the smile on her lips faded and she looked up at the choreographer that stood beside her.

“I don’t want to.” Jessica stated.

Hyoyeon sighed and was just about to say something to the blonde idol but stopped when she heard the door to the dance studio open and the idol’s and choreographer’s attention was brought to the red haired idol that had come back.

“Sorry, should we start again?” Tiffany asked and focused her eyes on Hyoyeon.

“Yes, of course.” Hyoyeon said and turned to Jessica that stood up from her seat on the floor. Hyoyeon went to the wall opposite the wall with mirror and leaned against it while she watched the two idols dance.

Jessica went to her spot beside Tiffany, her eyebrows slightly raised when she noticed the puffiness around Tiffany’s eyes. The blonde continued to stare until she heard Hyoyeon clap her hands and she brought her attention to her mirror reflection.

“Alright, let’s start.” Hyoyeon said and then started counting and the two idols started to dance after the beat.


The door to the apartment closed behind the red head and she let out a sigh while leaning against it. She swallowed and screwed her eyes shut. She felt how her whole body trembled and she sank down to the floor while hugging her knees as the tears from her eyes had started to flow down her cheeks.

“F*ck, why her?” Tiffany muttered and opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling of her foyer.

The red head sniffled and closed her eyes again. The picture of the person she had tried so hard to not think about appeared and she cursed again, and she opened her eyes only to grab one of the shoes that lied beside her and threw it away.

She huffed a sigh and felt her hot tears continue to stream down her flushed cheeks. She bit down on her lower lip to muffle a sob only to release it again when she felt it impossible.

With her head bent she watched her finger clutch the fabric of her coat. Another sniffle escaped her and she inhaled and exhaled a raspy breath.

“Why won’t you listen to me stupid heart?” Tiffany mumbled and felt her vision getting blurry by the tears that filled them

Through work and hate we'll love part 3
The blonde idol sitting in the recording studio eyed the lyrics sheet in front of her. She furrowed her eyebrows at the song. She wondered if she would ever be able to sing a song like this with Tiffany.

“Who wrote this?” Jessica asked with her eyes still glued to the paper.

“Read it in the top left corner.” A voice in front of her said. Jessica looked up at the brunette girl that sat in front of her. Jessica glared at her before she looked back at the lyrics sheet.

“I can’t believe you’d write something like this, Taeng.” Jessica muttered.

“Well, when the company asked me to write I didn’t know it would be you and Tiffany that would be singing it.” Taeyeon the song’s composer said. Jessica sighed and looked up at the girl again.

“Do you think me and Tiffany will be able to do this?” Jessica asked.



“No, I think you two will kill each other before you’re able to stand on stage together.” The composer answered honestly.

Jessica sighed and bent her head down. What Taeyeon said was true, and it was also what Jessica feared would happen to them. The hate she and Tiffany had for each other has been kept backstage and only the idols’ closest friends knew about what they thought of each other. Taeyeon was one of Jessica’s.

“Hello! I’m sorry I’m late!” The idol and the composer’s attention were brought to the girl that entered the record studio. Jessica’s lips instantly formed a frown when her eyes landed on the red-haired idol that walked.

“You surely don’t know what being on time is? You think I have all the time in the world for this?” Jessica spat.

“Wow, someone woke up on the cranky side.” Tiffany commented on Jessica’s mood. The blonde idol frowned even deeper.

“Okay, girls, let’s not fight and start record instead.” Taeyeon brought the two idols’ attention to her. She too didn’t want to spend more time on this than necessary.

“Yes,” Tiffany bowed to the brunette girl. Jessica sat in her seat and eyed the red haired idol. She shook her head and waved the lyrics sheet in front of her.

“I can start recording, if you don’t have anything against that, Taeyeon-ah.” Jessica said and stood up from her seat. She could feel Tiffany’s murderous eyes landing on her when she waltzed to the recording booth.

She ignored it and positioned herself in front of the mic and put on the headphones that were inside as well. She gave Taeyeon thumbs up and she saw the brunette composer turn on the music.

Jessica listened to the music and bobbed her head to it while waiting for the part where she was going to start singing. She looked outside the recording booth and noticed both Taeyeon and Tiffany was staring at her. She felt slightly embarrassed but looked away and focused on the music and the lines she was going to sing.

“We lead to different lives

Just like two lines that never cross

And here we are together

Standing closer than we are

But we’re still standing here untouched

Too scared to make a move

We want so much to touch

and we can’t wait forever

We know it’s dangerous

for us to be together “

The music stopped and the blonde idol looked at the composer that looked at her from outside the recording booth.

“Jessica, take the last part again. I want it more powerful, alright?” Jessica heard Taeyeon’s order.

“Alright,” The idol answered and waited for the music to begin playing.

The music flowed out form the headphones and Jessica waited for the right moment to start singing.

“We know it’s dangerous for us to be together”

The idol sang it like Taeyeon had ordered her. The brunette composer held a thumb up and Jessica smiled and removed the headphones from her head before she went out from the recording booth.

“Tiffany, start working.” Jessica nodded towards the recording booth when she saw Tiffany still sitting on the couch outside. She got a disapproving glare from the red head as she stood up.

“Jeez, Jessica, just because you haven’t gotten anything lately you don’t need to lash out on every person around you.” Tiffany said before she walked inside the recording booth.

The blonde idol glared after the red head but Tiffany ignored it and positioned herself where Jessica had been standing before. The red head smiled at the composer and held a thumb up to say she was ready.

Jessica rolled her eyes at the red haired idol and instead focused her eyes on the lyrics of the rest of the song.

Tiffany’s voice filled the recording studio, the blonde idol still didn’t take notice of the other idol’s singing and just focused on her thing. She heard Tiffany’s part was coming to an end but just when the red haired idol was going to sing her last line she cracked. Jessica looked up from the lyrics sheet at the girl inside the recording booth that had an embarrassed smile on her lips.

“I’m sorry, may I do that part again?” Tiffany asked.

“Of course, Tiffany.” Taeyeon assured the idol and started the music from where Tiffany had done a mistake.

Jessica rolled her eyes and went back to looking through the lyrics again.

“She’s good.” Taeyeon commented.

Jessica looked up from the lyrics sheet at the composer, she rolled her eyes and leaned back in her seat.

“She got training.”

“So did you.”

A frown appeared on Jessica’s lips and she glared at the back of the composer. Like she could feel the murderous stare Taeyeon turned around in her seat and looked at Jessica.

“You’re also good, you know.” Taeyeon said and smiled.

Jessica continued to frown even though she just got complimented.

“If we weren’t friends I’d pull your hair out.” Jessica said and looked down at the lyrics sheet.

Taeyeon just smiled at the blonde idol and turned back to the idol inside the recording booth. Tiffany had finished recording and smiled at the composer that had averted her attention back to her.

“It was good, Tiffany. But can you sing the first part one more time please?” Taeyeon asked. Tiffany nodded her head and Taeyeon turned on the music again and leaned back in her chair again.

“After this you and Tiffany have to sing together.” The composer told the idol seated at the couch.

“I know.” Jessica answered with a sigh.

“Try not to fight too much. Keep it professional, alright?” Taeyeon turned to Jessica that clenched her teeth by the order.

“I’ll try.” The blonde girl answered. A smile formed the composer’s lips and she nodded approvingly.

“Good, get inside then.” Taeyeon said and turned her attention back to Tiffany that still was inside the recording booth.

“Good job, Tiffany. I want you and Jessica to try singing the part you’ll sing together now.” Taeyeon told the red haired girl.

The smile on Tiffany’s lips instantly faded when she heard what she had to do. Her eyes landed on the blonde haired girl that had entered the recording booth and took a spot beside Tiffany and put on another pair of headphones. The two idols glared at each other before they turned to the composer that watched them.

“You guys ready?” Taeyeon asked.

“Yeah, just get this over with.” Jessica said cynically.

The music turned on and the two idols focused on the part they were going to sing. Taeyeon sat outside and watched and listened to them. When they started singing she nodded approvingly how their voices sounded together, but the further they come into the song she noticed something was off and she frowned.

She stopped the music making the two girls singing stop as well and they looked questioning at her.

“This is a duet, not a song battle. Try to sing together instead of outshining each other.” Taeyeon told them. She got two frowns in answer and she sighed.

“Jessica you have better control over your voice than Tiffany has, try to match your voice with her instead of outshining her.” Taeyeon told the blonde idol.

“How am I supposed to match my voice with her when hers is all over the place?!” Jessica spat.

“You clean up her mess and support her in the areas she lacks. That’s what your voice is good for. And in that way your singing will flow together and not sound like a battle.” The composer said.

The two idols didn’t say anything and just glared at the composer. Taeyeon sighed and once again doubted the idea of this project the company had. She was wondering if she maybe should tell them about Jessica and Tiffany’s hate and how impossible it was for them to work together without fighting.

“Are you ready?” Taeyeon asked them. She got two nods in answer and she started the music.

Taeyeon heard exactly where it went wrong from the start, and she let out a tired sigh and stopped the music again.

“You’re still not singing together.” Taeyeon told them.

She got frustrated groans from the two idols and Taeyeon had to admit this was starting to frustrate her as well. She checked her watch and figured that she would probably be with these two for the rest of the night.

“You’re both good at acting, why can’t you act like you’re singing this with the love of your life?” Taeyeon advised.

She got disapproving glares from the two idols by her advice.

“It was a suggestion.” Taeyeon added to save herself from any harm the two idols might to do her.

Taeyeon turned on the music again and the two idols inside the recording booth began singing again. Hearing that it sounded even worse than before Taeyeon placed a hand over her face and let out a sigh, she however didn’t stop the music this time and just let them finish singing and talk to them afterwards.

The part came to an end and the composer looked up at the two idols. She sighed and shook her head.

“It sounds like I’m listening to two girls in a war. It’s still a duet, can you make it sound like that?” Taeyeon pleaded the two idols.

The two idols were silent, and it was frustrating the brunette girl and she let out a defeated sigh and slumped further down in her seat.

“Can you at least try to drop whatever hate you have for each other and sing this together? Please?” Taeyeon asked.

“Fine,” To Taeyeon’s surprise Jessica was the one that gave in. Taeyeon was used to Jessica being the stubborn one and not giving in, but hearing the blonde idol would try Taeyeon smiled and nodded.

“Good, we try it again.” Taeyeon said and got two nods in answer from the girls inside the recording booth. The music was turned on again and the two girls began singing.

It sounded better, but it still wasn’t how it should sound. Taeyeon figured they’ll have to work on that part for a long time until the two idols finally can get into some kind of roles where their hate for each other won’t be shown.


The recording took about six hours. Taeyeon had finally had enough of the two idols and said they should just call it a day and continue with the recording some other time. Jessica and Tiffany were overjoyed that they could get out of that recording booth they had been inside together, and they surely didn’t look forward to the next time.

Now the two idols had ended up sitting in the same car with their two managers sitting at the front. The red haired and blonde girl didn’t look at each other and just sat on each end at the back seat of the car while trying as hard as possible to not look at each other.

Jessica thought back to the recording, she remembered how Tiffany had looked at Taeyeon during the time and a smirk formed on Jessica’s lips. She glanced at the red haired idol that sat on the other end of the car and her lips continued to show that mischievous smirk.

“You like Taeyeon, don’t you?” Jessica asked.

Tiffany snapped her head towards her with her eyebrows furrowed.

“I do not.” Tiffany denied.

“Oh, please, it was so obvious with the way you looked at her!” Jessica exclaimed.

Jessica got her observation confirmed when she saw Tiffany’s cheeks having a pink hue on them. The blonde smiled triumphantly when the red head had been caught.

“Well, I can tell you now that Taeyeon doesn’t swing that way, she has a boyfriend.” Jessica stated.

She saw Tiffany’s lips forming a frown and Jessica continued to smile when she had been able to crush the other girl’s hopes.

“I was only looking, it’s not like I had a crush on her.” Tiffany said to defend herself.

“Sure,” Jessica nodded her head with a smirk still on her lips.

The two idols sat in silence through the car ride, Tiffany desperately trying to come up with a comeback towards the blonde. Her mind suddenly reminded her of an article she had read a few weeks ago and her lips formed a smile and she glanced at the blonde idol that was looking outside the window.

“So who’re all these unnie friends of yours? Are they your girlfriends?” Tiffany looked at Jessica to see the blonde girl’s reaction, and when Jessica snapped her head surprised to Tiffany’s direction the red head had to hold back a smile from her lips.

“You know there are articles about your friendship with them all over the internet. So do you sleep with them?” Tiffany continued to ask. The triumphant smile that had been on Jessica’s lips faded and a frown appeared. Tiffany felt very proud of herself that she had accidentally clicked the link the other day and read it through out of boredom.

“I don’t.” Jessica said and Tiffany could hear some disappointment in the blonde’s voice. Tiffany smirked.

“But you wish you did. You like older girls, don’t you? I bet you’ve asked them out but they’ve rejected you with “ah, but Sica, I only see you as a close dongsaeng.” or “I only see you as a close friend.” “Seeing how red Jessica’s face got Tiffany knew she had stepped on the blonde’s weak spot.

“So, it’s true that you’re an unnie wh*re.” Tiffany stated.

Tiffany barely had time to register what happened until she felt herself being pressed down into the car seat while someone was pulling at her hair. She screamed and tried to pry Jessica’s hands off of her but found it futile as Jessica was very strong even though she didn’t look like it.

“I was joking!” Tiffany yelled in hope of getting Jessica to calm down.

“Call me a wh*re again and I’ll make sure you go bald you stupid, sl*t” Jessica spat and finally released from her hold but made sure to push Tiffany down one more time before she went over to her end of the car and sulked.

Tiffany rubbed her sore head and sent a glare towards the blonde girl. She opened her mouth to say something but held it back as she thought it was stupid if she didn’t want Jessica to pull out her hair completely. The red head huffed a sigh and slumped down in her seat while she continued to rub her sore head. She thanked god that she didn’t had extensions or Jessica would probably be sitting with those in her hands now.


The songs for the album were recorded after many struggles and Taeyeon almost pulling her hair out in frustration over how the two idols never seemed able to sing together. The composer had almost been begging on her knees for the two girls to drop their hate for each other so they could record the song. And after a few fights between Tiffany and Jessica, and Taeyeon being so angry that she left the recording studio they finally had been able to record the songs the way the company had wanted them to sound like.

And now with the songs recorded the two idols had to take some photos for the album cover and photo book that would be in it. Jessica and Tiffany had dreaded this ever since they found out what was expected of them during this photo shooting.

The blonde idol that already was dressed in the clothes for the photo shooting huffed a sigh while she waited for Tiffany to get dressed in the clothes for the photo shooting. That they were doing more things together now was getting on Jessica’s nerves, as she rather be solo, or just simply just as far away she could from the other idol.

Jessica had had enough of Tiffany when they were recording the songs. And she knew that their hate had been frustrating Taeyeon as well, she made a mental note that she would apologize to her friend for her rather childish behavior.

The door to the changing room finally opened and Jessica straighten up in her pose when she saw Tiffany finally coming out, but she stopped in her action when she noticed Tiffany wasn’t wearing any shoes. Jessica furrowed her eyebrows in confusion as she remembered that both of them had to wear shoes for the first photo.

“Yah, stupid, where’s your shoes?” Jessica asked and nodded towards Tiffany’s bare feet.

“Someone took my shoes, idiot.” Tiffany spat back and let her eyes land on the pink Christian Louboutin pumps Jessica was wearing.

“Those are mine!” Tiffany exclaimed and pointed at the shoes on Jessica’s feet.

“They’re on my feet.” Jessica said and smirked.

“You’re supposed to wear the white ones!” Tiffany said and stomped inside the changing room and went back out and arrived with the white pumps Jessica was supposed to wear.

“But I’m wearing the pink ones now.” Jessica said and crossed her arms.

“The stylist took these out for you!”

“But I think pink fits me more.”

“You’re in no position to be deciding that! Wear these!”

“Don’t wanna.”

“Yah you stupid unnie wh*re wear these!!”Tiffany yelled.

The smirk on Jessica’s lips fell and a cold aura emitted from the blonde idol. Tiffany was taken aback by Jessica’s sudden mood change and she gulped nervously when she saw how angry Jessica got.

“What did you say?” Jessica asked acidly.

“Wear these.” Tiffany said not backing down even though she felt scared.

Jessica began moving towards Tiffany and the red head stood rooted to her spot. Even though she was scared of how angry the blonde idol seemed she was still not someone that would back down from a fight, she knew full well she was the one that had caused Jessica’s anger and she would be the one facing it as well. And so Tiffany stood with her chest high and not letting herself shrink in Jessica’s intimidating aura.

“Do you want a heel pierced through your eye?” Jessica asked when she stood a few inches away from Tiffany.

“You could try and we’ll see who’ll have a heel stuck in her eye.” Tiffany said and met Jessica’s intense gaze.

Jessica’s lips formed a hard line and the blonde idol bent down and took of her high heels, her eyes met Tiffany again and the two idols continued to stare intently at each other. Tiffany stopped herself from gulping and continued to stare into Jessica’s burning eyes.

The red head could see how Jessica placed one of the shoes in her right hand, and the hand gripped tightly around it. But Tiffany continued to stand still in her position even though the threat was very obvious this time.

“I wonder how many fans you’ll have left if you lost one of your eyes?” Jessica asked in a low voice.

Tiffany clenched her teeth. She held back the urge to gulp and instead tightly held on to the white high heels in her hands.

“Maybe you should think about how many fans you’ll have left if I punched out your teeth instead.” Tiffany hissed and tilted her head to the side.

She could see Jessica’s jaw tense, and she couldn’t help but let a smirk appear on her lips. Her eyes could see Jessica’s hand moving, and her body tensed in preparation to dodge the incoming attack.

“Girls, girls, what are you doing?” A voice made the two idols break there intense stare and turned towards the photographer that had come to check up on them.

Both Jessica and Tiffany relaxed and moved away from each other when the photographer came up to them. He looked back and forth between the two girls that smiled warmly at him.

“What are you waiting for? Put on your shoes and we’ll start.” He ordered them and pointed at the shoes the idols had in their hands.

Jessica and Tiffany looked down at the shoes in their hands before they looked up at each other again. They both sent glares towards each other.

A smirk appeared on Jessica’s lips and she started walking ahead with the pink shoes in her hands. Tiffany stared wide eyed after the blonde when she realized Jessica wouldn’t give the shoes to her and she frowned. She lifted one of the white shoes in her hand and threw it towards the blonde.

The shoe hit Jessica in her back and the blonde turned around and stared furiously at Tiffany that glared at her.

“You forgot your shoes, idiot.” Tiffany said and threw the other shoe towards Jessica. Jessica now managed to move away before the shoe hit her and she sent a glare towards the red head to let her know how much she disliked her behavior.

“You wanna die, Hwang?” Jessica hissed.

“Bring it on banana hair.”

Jessica scowled and looked down at the pair of shoes in her hands and the pair that was lying on the floor. The blonde huffed a sigh and finally dropped the pink shoes and picked up the white ones before she went over to the photographer.

Feeling victorious that she finally got the shoes she wanted Tiffany happily skipped over to the shoes Jessica had left and put them on before going the same way the blonde idol had done. Jessica had already positioned herself I front of the camera and Tiffany hurriedly went over to her side to not make the photographer wait any longer.

“You’re seriously slow.” Jessica stated when Tiffany had stopped by her side.

“Shut up.” Tiffany hissed and turned to the photographer. The two girls just stood beside each other while making poses and waited for the cameraman to snap a photo. But nothing happened.

“Girls, I was told this was supposed to have a couple theme, can’t you hold hands or something?” The photographer asked.

The two idols’ eyes widened and they looked down at their hands. It took them a lot of determination to keep their professionalism up and reach out towards each other and hold hand. With professional smiles they turned back to the camera while trying not to make it obvious that they were trying to break the other girl’s hand by squeezing it hard.

“Good! Just stand a bit closer.” The photographer said. Both Jessica and Tiffany sidestepped to get a bit closer to each other and continued to smile at the camera.

“Tiffany-sshi, stand a bit closer to Jessica-sshi and place your head on her shoulder.” The photographer ordered.

Both girls tried hard to not sigh in frustration or make it obvious how much they detested this. But both of them fulfilled the orders and stood close to each other while holding hand and Tiffany had her head leaning against Jessica’s shoulder.

The photographer took a few pictures and the girls changed position. They let go of their hands and eyed each other like they wondered what would be okay to actually do. Jessica clenched her teeth and threw away her whole dignity to show her professionalism. She wrapped her arms around Tiffany, feeling the red head tense in the awkward embrace, and she sighed inwardly.

“Good, good!” The cameraman’s approving voice echoed in the studio.

“Jessica-sshi, can you stand a bit closer to Tiffany-sshi please?” The camera man asked.

Jessica shifted her pose a bit for her arms to wrap better around the other girl. A grin appeared on Tiffany’s lips and she leaned closer to Jessica’s ear.

“Hold me tight like you hold your unnie friends.” Tiffany whispered for only Jessica to hear.

Jessica clenched her teeth, and to Tiffany’s surprise she felt Jessica press her closer to her. Tiffany’s eyes widening slightly upon feeling her body pressed so close to Jessica’s. But she caught herself and relaxed to prepare herself for the photographer to snap a photo of them.

He took a few photos and Jessica placed her chin on top of Tiffany’s shoulder while she continued having her arms around Tiffany in a back hug. Tiffany placed her hands on top of Jessica’s, and to Jessica’s surprise she felt the hand that wasn’t shown to the camera being pinched by Tiffany’s fingers.

The blonde idol tried her best to not show it hurt and continued to stay professional in front of the camera. Tiffany was a bit impressed that Jessica hadn’t had any reaction towards her little abuse.

After the photographer had taken some photos Jessica released her arms around Tiffany and held out her arm towards the other idol like she wanted Tiffany to link her arm with hers. Tiffany looked questioning at her like she didn’t understand what she was doing.

“Oh, that’s great!” The camera man’s approving voice made the two idols turn their heads towards him before they turned their attention back to each other.

Getting the hint of what Jessica was doing Tiffany linked her arm with her and they leaned their heads together while smiling happily at the camera.

The cameraman happily snapped a few photos of them in that position before they changed it again. This time Tiffany wrapped her arms around Jessica’s neck and Jessica reflexively leaned away from the red head that she thought was getting way to close.

“Jessica-sshi, stand still!” The photographer ordered her.

Jessica stopped and let Tiffany lean closer to her. She could see the red head was trying hard to hold back a smirk, and she fought the urge to punch that grin out of the other idol’s face.

The blonde idol relaxed and let the photographer snap a few photos of them in that position. When Tiffany finally let go Jessica let out the breath she had been holding the entire time. She could see that Tiffany was smiling triumphantly at her and she promised she would come up with something to get back at her.

An idea came up in Jessica’s head and she smirked when she could already imagined Tiffany’s surprised state. The blonde grabbed a hold of Tiffany’s wrist and dragged the girl closer to her. When their bodies collided with each other Jessica placed one hand at Tiffany’s back to hold the other girl in place while the other hand was placed at Tiffany’s upper arm, and the blonde leaned closer like she was going to kiss her.

Wide eyed Tiffany leaned away from the incoming blonde, but when she felt Jessica’s nails dig into the flesh of her upper arm she stopped and let the blonde lean in to stop an inch away from her face. She saw the blonde idol smirking upon the close proximity they had.

“This is how I hold my unnie friends.” Jessica whispered to her.

A frown appeared on Tiffany’s lips and she placed her arms around Jessica’s shoulders and tried to stare lovingly at the person she hated.

“And I thought you only were between their legs.” Tiffany said and raised an eyebrow.

She saw the anger build inside the blonde and Tiffany held back a smirk and tried to smile lovingly at her instead for the photo shoots sake. A few pictures were taken and she felt Jessica wanted to release her but she held the girl back.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot that they only saw you as a friend so I guess you never come that far with them.” Tiffany whispered to Jessica before she released the blonde girl.

She could see the burning anger inside Jessica’s eyes, and Tiffany continued to smirk when she realized she had managed to step on the blonde’s weak spot again.

“Okay girls, shall we try taking a few solo shoots now? Jessica-sshi you can start.” The photographer said.

Tiffany was so happy that it was suggested. She wasn’t sure if the two of them would be able to stand that close now when she had angered Jessica. And to spare herself from any harm she would rather be as far away from the blonde she was sure would do anything to hurt her now.

Tiffany happily skipped away from the blonde and looked behind her at Jessica when she had gotten behind the camera. She saw Jessica send her a glare and she smirked before she took a seat at one of the chairs behind the camera and watched the blonde idol continue on with the photo shooting.

Through work and hate we'll love part 2

The idol could see her manager come into the hair-saloon through the mirror reflection while her hairstylist was busy fixing her hair. She didn’t bother much about the man but gave him an appreciating glance when he put a coffee cup in front of her.

Being in much need of caffeine to get her body moving in the early morning Jessica picked up the cup and took a sip of it. In the mirror reflection she could see her manager read through her schedule for the day.

Seeing the long list of things to do this day she sighed and hoped she at least would get home earlier than what she had done yesterday. She was in need of catching up with sleep.

She closed her eyes and the image of her manager and stylist disappeared and got replaced by darkness. Her head lolled to the side and in her half-asleep state she felt the coffee cup she still had in her hand being taken away from her, but it didn’t make her open her eyes.

“Jessica the PD of this new show I talked about yesterday called, he wants you on that show.” The voice of her manager made her flutter her eyes open. She looked at her manager through the mirror, a sigh left her lips and she grabbed the cup of coffee that had been placed in front of her.

“Tell him to call Tiffany and ask her if she wants to be in that show first.” Jessica said. Her manager remained silent and immobile and she met his gaze when he didn’t seem to do anything.

“Go do it.” Jessica ordered him and he hurriedly went out of the hair-saloon. Jessica sighed once again and took a sip of her coffee.

“That’s the fourth time you tell him to do that. Why do you want Tiffany to take all your spots?” Her stylist appeared behind her. Jessica looked up at the woman; she slightly shook her head and took a sip from her coffee.

“It’s because you went and talked to Tiffany’s stylist about my secret!” Jessica snapped and glared at her stylist through the mirror. The stylist looked both shocked and surprised upon Jessica’s outburst.

“What do you mean?” The stylist asked carefully. Jessica sighed once again.

“Tiffany overheard your conversation with her stylist a few weeks ago, and now she knows my secret, and she used it to blackmail me!” Jessica said angrily. The stylist looked confused.

“But I thought you and Tiffany was friends, I thought you both knew that you are swinging the other way.”

“Like hell I’d be friend with–“ Jessica stopped when she thought about what her stylist had said.

“Is Tiffany the same as me?” Jessica asked. Her stylist nodded her head.

“I thought that because you had the same interest you’d be friends.” The stylist said a bit carefully. But Jessica didn’t hear her as she had started to think up a plan to get back at Tiffany for blackmailing her. A smile appeared on Jessica’s face. She hasn’t felt this energized for a long while.


The red-haired woman bowed to the staff members before she turned to follow her stylist and manager to her locker room. A bright smile was on her face and she continued to bow her head to people she met on her way to the locker room.

When she finally entered the locker room she let out a relieved sigh, only to gasp in shock when she noticed someone was already in the room.

The blonde girl that sat on the couch in the room turned to Tiffany with a smile on her face. She lifted up a bottle of water and took a sip of it. A displeased expression was on Tiffany’s face upon seeing the blonde girl there.

“What brings you here, Jessica?” Tiffany asked. She turned to see where her stylist and manager went off to, but she noticed that she was alone with the blonde in her locker room. A frown was shown on Tiffany’s face and she turned back to Jessica.

“What brings me here?” Jessica echoed what Tiffany just had said while she swirled the water bottle’s content around. “I heard something interesting, and I thought I could come here and talk to you about it.” Jessica said and turned her head to where Tiffany was standing.

“What may that be?” Tiffany asked and crossed her arms over her chest. A grin appeared on the blonde’s lips and she stood up from her seat on the couch and made her way to where Tiffany was.

She stopped a bare inch away from the other girl. A grin was still on her lips while Tiffany’s expression remained blank. The blonde girl leaned closer to Tiffany; her grin growing wider.

“Seems like I’m not the only one liking girls.” Jessica whispered into Tiffany’s ear. When she leaned back she caught Tiffany’s shocked expression. She flashed Tiffany a smile.

“How did you find out?” Tiffany asked the blonde girl that now had turned her back on her and was making her way to the couch.

“I overheard a stylist.” Jessica said and looked Tiffany’s way. The corners of the other girl’s lips were turned downwards; seeing the displeased expression on Tiffany’s face made Jessica smile.

“Let’s make a deal, Hwang. You don’t tell my secret, and I won’t tell yours. Okay?” Jessica spoke now seriously. Tiffany didn’t say anything and just watched as Jessica made her way towards hers.

“We won’t mention this to anyone, and the secret will be kept between us, okay?” Jessica said. Tiffany scoffed and turned her head the other way. Feeling victorious Jessica walked towards the door of the room and put her hand on the doorknob before she once again turned back to Tiffany.

“You do know how it goes for people like us in this business. And if you spill my secret, I’ll drag you down with me.” Jessica warned before she exited the room.

The locker room door closed and Tiffany sent a glare towards the door like it was Jessica she was looking at. A curse slipped the idols lips and she kicked the air before she made her way to the couch and slumped down on it while releasing a frustrated groan.


The blonde idol released a tired sigh when she had entered the car. She heard her manager start the engine and the car began moving to the next stop. Her eyelids got heavy and she let them fall down, her world become completely dark.

“We’re here.” Her manager’s voice was what woke her up twenty minutes later. It was strange as it felt like she just had closed her eyes one second ago. A yawn escaped her lips and she exited the car; greeting her fans on the way to the entrance of the record building.

Jessica felt herself being led by her manager while her stylist was following them while trying to fix Jessica’s hair. Being too tired to protest to anything Jessica let herself being led into a room which her manager and stylist followed her into. She took a seat on one of the chairs while her stylist appeared in front of her and began touching up her make-up a bit.

“Jessica do you need anything before the show?” Her manager asked.

“Give her something to wake her up.” Jessica heard her stylist answer for her. Jessica felt her head lolling to the side as she was too tired to keep it straight.

“Come one Jessica, you can’t sleep now.” Jessica felt light slaps against her cheek; making the idol open her eyes.

“Unnie I’m so tired.” Jessica whined and felt the hair-stylist starting to work on her hair instead.

“I know, I know. But it will go fast.” The stylist assured her. Jessica furrowed her eyebrows and tried to open her eyes.  She caught her tired face in the mirror; she thought she looked worse than what she had done when she had woken up this morning.

Jessica sighed and closed her eyes while her hair-stylist fixed her hair and her make-up artist tried to fix her make-up. She listened to the chattering from the staffs that was in the room, everyone seemed to be busy with their things.

“Hello!” The loud voice made Jessica snap open her eyes and she stared wide eyed at the reflection that showed the red-haired girl that had entered the locker room.

A frown appeared on Jessica’s lips upon seeing the other idol, and the smile that had been on Tiffany’s lips instantly faded when her eyes landed on Jessica’s form. The two idols glared at each other through the mirror reflection.

“Oppa, I thought I’d get my own locker room?” Tiffany turned to her manager that walked past her.

“Sorry, Fany, but the Leg Goddesses just got added to the show and they were put in the locker room you were supposed to be in.” Tiffany’s manager explained.

“Oh,” Tiffany frowned and glanced at Jessica again. The blonde just rolled her eyes and focused her attention on the red bull that had been placed in front of her.

Tiffany didn’t mind Jessica and took a seat beside her in front of the other mirror. Tiffany’s make-up stylist and hair-stylist started working on her hair and make-up once the idol was seated.

Jessica and Tiffany kept sending icy glares towards each other while they sat beside each other. If they had been alone they’d probably be wrestling on the floor by now. But the two girls kept their cool and didn’t let any of their hate towards the other girl come to the surface so it was shown.


The show was finally over and Jessica arrived back at her shared locker room with Tiffany. The idol slumped down in one of the chairs in the room while letting out a tired sigh, she wanted to get out of her stage outfit as fast as possible.

Her ears picked up the sound of Tiffany’s voice as the red-haired idol was busy thanking the staff and the other artists that had been on the show on her way back to the locker room. Jessica rolled her eyes at Tiffany’s politeness.

When Tiffany had made sure she thanked everyone she finally returned to the locker room. Jessica observed the red head as she walked back to the seat she had been sitting in before they had gone up on the stage.

“Won’t I get a thank you?” Jessica asked sarcastically.

Tiffany sent a glare towards the blonde and shook her head.

“No,” Tiffany simply stated.

“That’s very discriminating.” Jessica said and turned her chair around to check what her manager was doing.

She heard a scoff from the red-haired girl which made her turn back to her.

“You don’t even deserve a thank you.” Tiffany said with a small smile on her lips. Jessica raised an eyebrow at the other girl when Tiffany turned to look at her.

“You don’t respect me so I don’t respect you.” Tiffany simply stated.

Jessica opened her mouth in shock. “Oh, honey, you must live in a very delusional world if you think everyone out there respects you.”  

“Well, the difference between them and you is that they don’t show that they don’t respect me.” Tiffany said.

Jessica laughed by the statement. “Well, I don’t really like to fake things.”

Tiffany sent a glare towards the blonde while Jessica just smirked at her. Tiffany ignored her and turned her attention to her cellphone while Jessica was ordered to get ready for her next schedule.


Jessica followed her manager into her record company building. She wondered what her producers and the CEO suddenly wanted to talk to her about. She didn’t remember her manager mention anything about a new album or anything of that sort.

Still trying to figure out all the reasons why she would be called to this meeting she followed the man that walked in front of her. She noticed him halting in his steps and greeted someone, her eyebrow raised and she moved to see who it was.

Another man with a red-haired girl by his side was standing in front of her. A frown appeared on Jessica’s lips upon seeing the other idol with her manager.

“You’re seriously everywhere I am, aren’t you?” Jessica asked.

“If I didn’t have businesses in the same place as you I’d rather be as far away from you as I can.”  Tiffany replied acidly.

Jessica scoffed by the red head’s remark. “I might need to report you for stalking me, I’m starting to get creeped out.” Jessica said and smirked.

Tiffany rolled her eyes. And Jessica turned to follow her manager. What she didn’t notice was that Tiffany with her manager was walking the same way as them. It wasn’t until Jessica reached the elevator and she noticed that Tiffany had gone the same way that she thought it was strange.

The two idols that stood beside each other while waiting for the elevator sent each other a glare. When they had enough of the other girl’s face they turned away from each other while letting out an annoyed humph.

The elevator finally arrived and the two idols stepped inside. Jessica made sure to stand in the front of the elevator. Not even thinking about if Tiffany might be stopping on an earlier floor than her.

Finally reaching the floor she was supposed to get off on Jessica stepped out together with her manager while Tiffany and her manager followed close behind. Noticing the other idol walking the same way as her Jessica furrowed her eyebrows and glanced behind her at Tiffany that just shoot her a questioning look.

Jessica didn’t bother to answer the red head and focused on following her manager towards a conference room. The blonde idol and her manager entered the room and greeted some people that already were inside, behind Jessica and her manager came Tiffany and her manager in and they repeated Jessica’s and her manger’s action in greeting the people inside.

The two idols took a seat by the table with their managers by their side. They ended up sitting opposite each other and both of them took the time to send each other a disapproving glare before they turned their attention elsewhere.

“Oppa, you sure this is where we’re supposed to have our meeting?” Jessica asked her manager in a whisper. She got a nod in answer from the man and Jessica frowned and glanced at the red head opposite her before she turned back to him again.

“But why is Tiffany here then?”

“You’ll find out soon.” The manager replied tiredly.

Jessica frowned and crossed her arms while she slumped further down in her seat. She could feel something was up with her manager. She glanced at the man that was busy doing something on his phone. She knew he wouldn’t spill any secret to her right now and so she glanced at the other people in the room.

They had documents and pictures in front of them by their seats. Some were conversing with low voices while keeping their heads close to not let anyone else in the room hear. Jessica thought it was strange.

She tried to get a look at the documents that were on the table, but she could only vaguely see what was on the photos. The photos looked like concept pictures she was usually showed before she was going to do a comeback with a new song.

The blonde idol furrowed her eyebrows thinking it was strange. She glanced at Tiffany that had her head bent down with her eyes focused on her phone. The blonde rolled her eyes at the other idol. The polite and perfect Tiffany was playing with her phone right before a meeting.

“Ah, you’re all already here. I’m sorry I made you wait.” The CEO walked in and everyone in the room stood up and bowed towards him. Jessica watched as a familiar coordinator, her and Tiffany’s stylists together with two other people had come in the room together with the CEO.

“It’s good to see you here.” The man said and smiled at them. He looked at the two idols in the room, nodding approvingly about their presence.

“Thank you Tiffany-sshi for being able to come as well.” The CEO said and smiled at the red head. Tiffany beamed at him and bowed her head while thanking him. Jessica wanted to roll her eyes at the sight but refrained from doing so.

“So, I bet you’re curious why I’ve brought you here.” The CEO continued and looked directly at Jessica like he knew of the blonde’s curiosity. Jessica didn’t say anything and just waited for him to go on.

“Well me and some colleagues did a little survey, and we discovered something really interesting and we’d like to try a new project.” The CEO explained and looked at the people that had been in the room when Jessica and Tiffany had arrived.

“We’ve noticed that the public give really good response when seeing you two together. So we’ve thought of making a duo project of the two of you.” The CEO said with a smile.

The people around the two idols gave approving nods to the idea but Jessica and Tiffany remained silent. They glanced at each other before they turned back to the man. He continued to smile at them while the two of them looked skeptical about the idea.

“I’m not really sure about this.” Jessica voiced out her opinion.

“Oh, but you’ll be sure. You see, we’ve already decided on a track list for an album you’ll start recording with Taeyeon next week. Hyoyeon is already in the making of the choreography and your stylists have already put up a concept. This will be perfect.” The CEO assured them.

Jessica felt a headache build up. Never in her idol life had something been decided so quickly. She felt like the company knew about her and Tiffany’s hate towards each other and therefore decided everything behind their back just to avoid the two idols interference.

“May I ask what the concept is?” Tiffany asked.

The CEO beamed and turned to the coordinator that sat beside him.

“I was thinking the forbidden love would fit.” The coordinator said with a smile.

Jessica closed her eyes while she let the words sink in. She could feel the irony of the whole concept, and it disgusted her, and she could already imagine what was needed of her.

“Your title track will be about secret love, and how you can’t let the world know about it. So the concept will be very fitting.” The CEO said.

“Will this require me and Jessica-sshi to act like lovers?” Tiffany asked a bit carefully and eyed the blonde idol that was rubbing her forehead while she tried to let her brain get things straight.

“Yes, it will.” The CEO said.

Jessica glanced Tiffany’s way and the red haired idol turned and met her gaze. They briefly looked at each other, but in that short eye contact both of them had already conveyed their feelings about how much they hated this idea and would rather jump in front of a bus than act like lovers.

Jessica sighed. She knew she couldn’t refuse to not do this project. It said in her contract that she had to follow the company’s orders. And Jessica felt like this one time thing might be worth doing instead of throwing away her whole idol life.

She just had to figure out a way to work with Tiffany without them killing each other.

Through work and hate we'll love part 1

The idol waved her hand to the fans she passed by as she walked to the recording studio. She had a smile as she walked past the crowd of people that shout her name. Some of them had their hands outstretched towards her to grab the gifts they had prepared for her, and she took them and muttered a ‘thank you’ before she continued to walk.

The roar of another crowd of people made her turn her head the other way, her eyes caught a girl that looked the same age as her. The girl was waving to the crowd of people that had just let out the roar. A smile was donning the other girl’s lips as she signed something one of the fans held out towards her.

When the other girl turned it met with the other girl. Both of their smiles instantly fell as they saw each other. But they caught themselves as they remembered they were in the public and smiled at each other.

“Tiffany-sshi.” The blonde girl said and nodded towards the girl that had arrived later than her. The red-haired idol smiled at her and nodded towards her as well.


The two girls held their gazes for a few seconds before they finally turned to make their way into the recording studio. They waved to the fans that stood outside while they had smiles plastered on their pink lips.

“What are you doing here?” Tiffany turned to the blonde idol once they had gotten inside and away from the eyes of the fans.

“I’m doing a recording, what are you doing here?” Jessica asked and narrowed her eyes at the red-haired idol.

“I’m here to talk to one of the producers.” Tiffany said and whipped her red hair back.

Jessica raised an eyebrow at the other girl. She nodded and turned on her heel to make her way towards the place she was expected, Tiffany did the same and walked the other way the blonde was walking.

Jessica glanced over her shoulder at the other girl. She shook her head and let out a sigh while she followed her manager that led the way.

Tiffany Hwang.

Jessica shook her head by the thought. She had known Tiffany ever since she entered this industry, and that the both of them entered at the same time and through the same thing would make people think that they would stand close to each other. But the two girls had grown up as rivals.

Both of them had had their first appearance to the public through a drama as child actresses. And ever since that time both their popularity had grown and they later debuted as solo idols. Jessica didn’t even remember when they started hating each other, they had just never gotten along.

Jessica dismissed her thoughts about the other girl and their past. She followed her manager into the recording studio where people were already waiting for her. She bowed towards them, and sat down to discuss the songs she was going to record.


Camera flashes dazzled the blonde idol, but with her professional smile she had trained to maintain for so many years she smiled at the photographers. She made sure she had turned to every angel of the room before she sat down together with the rest of the casts of the drama she had filmed.

“Jessica! Jessica!”

Her fans that were further in the back of the room shouted her name. She smiled at them and gave them a small wave. The shouting only grew louder and the idol turned to one of the others of the casts that sat beside her.

“You have so many fans.” Her co-star commented. Jessica only smiled and gave a small nod.

“I have worked my way up to get all those fans.” Jessica stated and let her eyes travel back to her fans that were shouting and waving to get her attention. She smiled and turned to the reporter that had started to ask the actresses and actors question.

Jessica knew how these occasions usually went. And that this one went like the other press conferences she had done over the years as an idol wasn’t much surprising for her. When it came to an end she waved to her fans before she went to her car that stood outside and waited for her.

“Jessica! Jessica I love you! Jessica please marry me!” Her fans continued to shout after her as she went to her car. She smiled at them and waved while her manager dragged her to the backseat of the car. She got pushed inside and didn’t had the chance to say good-bye to her fans, which left her with a frown on her lips.

When she turned to say something to her manager that had taken a seat in the front seat she startled jumped as a familiar but unexpected person sat beside her in the backseat. The person smiled because of her reaction, but Jessica didn’t return the smile.

“Oh f*ck, don’t scare me like that.” Jessica said and held her hand over her raising heart while she looked at the female that sat beside her with a smile still on her face.

“Omo, the great Jessica even uses swearwords. Too bad I don’t have a recorder with me or I could show your fans your true side.” The female with red hair commentated. Jessica turned to the girl with a raised eyebrow.

“What do you want, Tiffany?” Jessica got straight to the point. She didn’t know why this girl was here, in her car, or how she even had the chance to get inside the car.

Tiffany smiled and crossed her leg over the other while she looked at her well-manicured nails.

“Isn’t it great to get all the roles, all the composers, and all the songs that I want?” Tiffany started while her eyes remained on her nails.

Jessica looked at her with a confused expression.

“You even get to play in a drama wit my deal guy.” Tiffany continued and turned to face Jessica. Jessica’s expression softened as she now knew where this conversation was headed.

“You know full well that I’m not the one that search for those opportunities, they come to me.” Jessica said and smirked. A scoff came from the red-haired girl and she leaned back in her seat.

“But you’re able to reject them, aren’t you?” Tiffany said and looked at the blonde beside her. Jessica furrowed her eyebrows.

“Yes, I am. But if I did I wouldn’t have any other way to earn money.” Jessica said still with her eyebrows knotted together. A smile appeared on Tiffany’s lips and she nodded her head.

“I know. But, you’ll get a chance to reject them now.” Tiffany said and moved to get closer to the blonde idol. Jessica looked questioning at the girl that continued to inch closer to her.

“You do know that my stylist and your stylist are friends, right?” Tiffany asked while she now pressed her body against Jessica’s. Worried Jessica glanced at her manager that seemed oblivious to what was happening in the backseat. The blonde girl looked back at the red head while she nodded her head in answer to the question.

“I heard them talk the other day. I heard your stylist say something like ‘Jessica is chasing after this girl, it’s really problematic for her managers and her other staffs as they have to cover up for her.’” Tiffany mimicked the way Jessica’s stylist talked. The blonde idol widened her eyes in shock when she heard what information Tiffany had gotten her hands on.

“So, if you still want this to be a secret,” Tiffany whispered into Jessica’s ear while she stroked her hand up and down Jessica’s denim clad leg. “I suggest you to not take away things that I want, alright?” Tiffany stopped stroking her hand and leaned away a bit to look at Jessica’s face.

Jessica didn’t say anything and with clenched teeth, she glared at the red-haired girl beside her.

“Do we have a deal?” Tiffany asked when no answer came from Jessica.

“Yes.” Jessica spoke through her gritted teeth while she turned her head forward. She had never in her life been blackmailed and that it happened now, and it was this girl that did it to her angered her.

A smiled appeared on Tiffany’s lips and she moved away from Jessica completely. She looked at the now angry girl with a triumphant smile on her face.

“Good.” Tiffany chimed and turned to the manager that had seemed oblivious to what had happened in the backseat. Or more to say, he was used to that kind of activities in the backseat, and had learned how to block it out.

“Oppa, can you drop me off at the studio that’s a few blocks down this street?” Tiffany asked the driver. When she got a nod in answer she turned to Jessica still with a smile on her face. Jessica now sat with her arms crossed and a frown on her lips.

“Remember what I said, Jessica. If you don’t do as I say the secret is out.” Tiffany said in a serious tone.

Jessica turned to meet Tiffany’s gaze. The two idols stared into each other’s eyes for a while, when Jessica turned away, Tiffany smiled mischievously.

“We’re here.” The manager said. Tiffany turned to him with her sweet eye-smile instead and got ready to go out of the car.

“Thank you.” Tiffany thanked the manager before she exited the car.

Jessica could see how the red-haired idol walked to the studio while greeting some of the people that stood outside. Tiffany stopped and wrote autographs to some of her fans before she continued her way into the building.

Seeing the idol was in safety Jessica’s  manager finally began driving the car again. The blonde idol let out a frustrated sigh and slumped further down in her seat.

“Girlfriend problem?” Her manager spoke up from the front seat.

“No.” Jessica said annoyed. “Don’t ever associate her like my girlfriend.” Jessica added and looked out the window while she thought about the red-haired idol that had found out her secret.

“Drive me home.” She ordered her manager while she let her head lean against the window.

She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes as she tried to forget about what her rival had found out about her. If she could she would sew Tiffany’s lips close so the red-haired idol wouldn’t be able to utter her secret to anyone.

Jessica huffed an annoyed sigh and tried to catch up with her sleep instead and left her problem with Tiffany for tomorrow

Movie night interrupters

A sigh left Jessica’s lips and she slumped further down into her seat on the couch while her eyes remained on the big TV screen in front of her. She lazily moved her feet under the blanket she was sharing with the girl beside her.

The girl yawned and glanced at the girl that sat beside her. From the looks of it it seemed the girl was about to fall asleep, and Jessica hoped it was for the same reason she couldn’t sit still and concentrate at the movie.

Jessica shifted her eyes to the other girls that were watching the movie. All their eyes were glued to the screen, their eyes wide like they couldn’t miss any second of it. The sight made Jessica roll her eyes and she shifted her attention back to the TV. The boring movie still hadn’t ended and she was feeling so restless and bored.

A yawn from the girl beside her made Jessica turned her attention back to her. She carefully nudged the girl’s side, earning her attention in the process and she motioned for the girl to come closer.

“Please, Taengoo, let’s do something funnier than watching this movie for the sixth time.” Jessica begged the older girl.

Taeyeon looked at the other girls that were immersed in the movie before she turned back to Jessica that seemed to share her thoughts about the movie.

“What should we do then?” Taeyeon asked in a whisper.

“I don’t know. Anything.” Jessica said.

Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows in concentration while she thought of something that could let them escape from their boredom.

The older girl glanced at Jessica, she movie further down under the blanket until she was at the same level as Jessica. The younger girl moved her head closer to Taeyeon as she leaned in to whisper her suggestion to her.

“Let’s make-out.” Were the words that entered Jessica’s ear.

“Here?!” Jessica’s voice came out louder than what she wanted.

“Ssh!” The second oldest get annoyed hushes from the other girls that were enjoying the movie more than what Jessica and Taeyeon did. Jessica looked apologetic at Tiffany that sent her a glare while hugging her Totoro plushie.

After being silenced Jessica turned to Taeyeon that was holding in her laughter. Jessica lightly shoved the other girl before she leaned closer to her again.

“Seriously?” Jessica asked again to confirm Taeyeon was serious about her suggestion.

“Why not? The other girls shouldn’t get bothered about it as they should be focusing on the movie if they think it’s that interesting.”

Jessica considered the option for a while. She glanced at the other girls that seemed too busy to notice anything that would go on around them. The younger girl turned her head towards Taeyeon, giving the older girl a nod.

“Okay.” Jessica said, not sure if this was the right way to handle boredom.

“Okay.” Taeyeon said, giving one last glance to the TV screen before she turned back to Jessica.

Jessica only had time to register Taeyeon’s face in front of her, before she suddenly felt Taeyeon’s lips invade hers. She was taken aback by the kiss that was so sudden that she had to push away Taeyeon momentarily to get into the mood of this whole thing.

“Woah, easy, Taeyeon. My lips won’t run away.” Jessica said as she tried to put her mind into all this.

“Ah, sorry.” The older girl apologized.

Jessica glanced at the other girls to see if they had accidentally earned their attention. To her relief their eyes were still glued to the TV screen and she could turn back to the older girl.

With her eyes now locked with Taeyeon’s Jessica wrapped her arms around Taeyeon’s neck and slowly brought the older girl closer to her. She closed her eyes and felt Taeyeon’s soft lips press against hers.

She felt herself getting pushed down and Taeyeon was hovering on top of her while holding herself up by placing her hands on Jessica’s sides. Jessica licked Taeyeon’s bottom lip, asking for entrance which the older girl quickly permitted.

Jessica never knew that Taeyeon’s suggestion would be this entertaining. The sound from the TV was a distance sound and all Jessica could think about was how Taeyeon’s warm tongue was massaging her own.

“What the hell are you two doing?”

Jessica’s spell was broken by Sunny’s voice.

“Yah, get a room if you’re going to engage in that kind of activity!”

Jessica felt Taeyeon pull away, and she was feeling disappointed that they had stopped.

“We don’t want to see it!” Sooyoung said and Jessica heard a thud when Taeyeon’s head was hit by a pillow.

Taeyeon was frowning on top of her, and Jessica could only look sympathetically at the girl.


Jessica’s ears tuned in to the conversation the three girls had that sat in front of her. Her eyes left her cellphone and she looked at the girls that were talking excitedly about the thing that had caught Jessica’s interest.

The girl with the cellphone got up from her seat and walked to the three girls to join their discussion. She took a seat beside Sunny and the girls continued to talk to each other like they hadn’t noticed the girl that had joined them. Jessica looked back and forth between the girls that talked without recognizing her presence.

“I also wanna participate!” Jessica said excited.

The three girls stopped talking and looked questioning at Jessica like they just had noticed her presence.

“I also wanna join you for a movie night.” Jessica said and smiled.

The three girls exchanged looks before they looked back at Jessica. Sunny sighed and Jessica looked questioning at the girl for her reaction.

“Sica, the thing is, after what happened during the last movie night we’ve decided to ban you and Taeyeon from our movie nights for the rest of the year.” Sunny said and sighed.

“What?” Jessica looked from Sunny at the other two girls.

“Sorry, Jessi. That’s just how things are.” Tiffany apologized.

“Whose idea was this?” Jessica asked and looked at Yoona.

“Everyone’s idea.” The younger girl said.  

Jessica looked at the three girls in disbelief. She couldn’t believe they had decided on such a thing without her and Taeyeon knowing about it.

“You can’t just ban us!” Jessica exclaimed.

The three girls shook their heads, and Jessica’s mouth hung open in shock. She stood up from her chair, her finger pointing at the three girls.

“I’ll remember this.” Jessica said and turned around. Her eyes landing on the innocent maknae that was sitting on a chair in the corner of the room while reading a book.

“Not even you are going to be spared, Seohyun!” Jessica shouted to the younger girl before she marched out of the room.

Seohyun looked confused up from her self-improving book she was reading. Her eyes landed on the three older girls that were still in the room, they all shrugged their shoulders to the youngest questioning look.

“Jessica is just a bit grumpy.” Sunny explained.

Seohyun furrowed her eyebrows and looked towards the door the grumpy unnie just had left through. Not thinking it was worth being bothered about it for long Seohyun brushed it off and returned to her book, mentally writing down to ask Jessica about it if it turns out the older girl was still acting grumpy later on.


Taeyeon chuckled and leaned back on her hands while her eyes looked at the younger girl that just had told her about them being banned from the group’s movie nights for the rest of the year. She shook her head still thinking it sounded crazy.

“It’s true!” Jessica said when she saw the doubt in Taeyeon’s face.

“Why would they ban us?” Taeyeon asked.

“I told you. It’s because of what we did last time.” Jessica said.

Taeyeon chuckled and lied down on the bed on her back. She looked at the girl that was still sitting cross legged beside her. Another chuckle escaped the older girl’s lips and she put her hands behind her head.

“Then the rest of the group are banned from Taeyeon and Jessica’s awesome make-out sessions.” Taeyeon said.

She heard giggles coming from the girl beside her, and Taeyeon watched in amusement how Jessica giggled by her statement.

When Jessica had recovered from her fit of giggles she lied down on her stomach beside the older girl. Jessica started playing with her nails while Taeyeon stared up in the.

Laughter was heard from the living room, and Jessica turned around to look at the wall behind her which was the one separating her and Taeyeon from where the other group members were currently enjoying a movie night together.  

An idea appeared in the girl’s head and a mischievous smirk appeared on her lips. She glanced at the older girl beside her that was relaxed and stared up at the ceiling like it was the funniest thing to do in the world.

“Ah, Taeyeon!” Jessica suddenly shouted startling the girl beside her. Taeyeon looked questioning at her and Jessica continued to smirk.

“Ah-ah Taeyeon, please don’t tease!” Jessica continued to shout and suddenly stood up from her seat on the bed.

“What are you doing?” Taeyeon hissed when she saw Jessica leaning against the wall beside her bed.

“I’m entertaining myself.” Jessica said and smirked mischievously.

“Taeyeon faster, faster! Ah, right there!” Jessica faked moaning and started to punch the wall.  

They heard the laughter from the other side had stopped, and Jessica snickered by her accomplishment and turned to the older girl beside her that still looked at her like she couldn’t believe what she was doing.

“C’mon, we shouldn’t only be the ones getting punished.” Jessica urged the girl.

Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows. “But Seohyun will hear.”

“Oh, c’mon. Seohyun’s probably already corrupted by living with us all these years. She should be used.” Jessica said her last words while punching the wall even harder.

“Ah, Taeyeon! I’m about to com– “ Jessica stopped with her fist against the wall when the door to the room suddenly slammed open.  

Both Taeyeon and Jessica looked wide eyed at Sooyoung that stood by the door, looking completely furious and embarrassed at the same time. Jessica slowly looked at Taeyeon and exchanged looks with the other girl before they turned back to the taller girl at the door.

“What. The. Fcuk. Are. You. Two. Doing.” Sooyoung spoke through gritted teeth.

“Uuh.” Taeyeon and Jessica looked at each other again before they turned to the furious girl.

“Practicing +18 scenes?” Jessica said and smiled innocently.

Sooyoung slammed the door shut behind her, startling the two older girls. They watched with horror as she walked up to them, and both Jessica and Taeyeon curled up on the bed to make themselves as small as possible like it would make them invincible for the younger girl.

“We have neighbors! I’m pretty sure they could hear you moaning on the bottom floor!” Sooyoung shouted and pointed at Jessica.

“Well, at least they get to hear something pleasant.” Jessica said and looked at Taeyeon that nodded agreeing.

“This is not a joking matter! You’re still an idol for God’s sake!” Sooyoung shouted at the older girl that took this so lightly.

“Jeez, calm down, Soo. It’s not like it’s only my fault. If you guys hadn’t banned us from the movie nights I wouldn’t even have considering doing something like this.”

The taller girl crossed her arms and looked doubtful at Jessica. Jessica sighed defeated.

“Okay, I’d have considered it, but it would have been less of a chance that I’d do it.” Jessica admitted.

Sooyoung sighed and put her hand against her forehead and rubbed it a bit before she let it fall down to her side again. When she looked at Jessica again, she looked at the girl with pleading eyes.

“Just, be quiet, all right?” The taller girl asked.

The smirk on Jessica’s lips didn’t go unnoticed by the two girl that watched her.

“Ah, Sooyoung! I didn’t know you were that good!” Jessica shouted and faked a moan.

The taller girl jumped at the older girl while blocking her mouth. Jessica laughed and Taeyeon tried hard to separate them from each other as Sooyoung now tried to strangle Jessica.

“Ah, Sooyoun– “ The three girls halted in their actions as the door to the room opened once again.

Tiffany stood in the door with her arms crossed. Her angry face made Taeyeon quickly release her hold on Sooyoung, and Sooyoung quickly got off Jessica and sat down beside Jessica on the bed.

Tiffany marched up to the girl that lied between Sooyoung and Taeyeon. The two girls shifted their attention from Tiffany to Jessica that seemed like she wanted to sink through the bed and hide under it to get away from Tiffany’s deadly glare.

“You,” Tiffany grabbed a hold of Jessica’s collar and dragged the girl towards her. “need to find other things to occupy your bored life.” Tiffany said to the other girl before she started dragged Jessica out of the room.

“Taeyeon help me!” Jessica shouted after the oldest girl that was still lying on the bed with Sooyoung.

“Sooyoung take Taeyeon with you!” Tiffany shouted from the hallway.

Taeyeon didn’t even have time to react before she felt an arm around her body and she was also dragged out of the room and away from the bed she had enjoyed her relaxing time on.


Jessica pouted from her seat on top of Tiffany’s lap. She glanced at Taeyeon that had been seated on the other couch between Sooyoung and Sunny, the older girl still had Sooyoung’s arm around her, preventing her from moving anywhere.

Jessica also had a problem with moving from her seat. Every time she made a small movement on Tiffany’s lap the younger girl slapped her hard on her thigh and wrapped her arms tightly around Jessica’s waist to prevent Jessica from leaving.

A sigh escaped Jessica’s lips and she looked at the TV screen. The positive thing was that she and Taeyeon could join the movie night, the negative thing was that the movie was boring, and the person that usually accompanied her in her boredom during boring movie nights was seated far away from her to keep them from interrupting the other girls that enjoyed the movie.

Jessica leaned back against Tiffany, trying to push the girl into the couch cushion. A slap landed on her thigh and she yelped in pain. She rubbed the sore spot with a pout on her lips. She glanced at Taeyeon that looked at her sympathetically.

The two oldest members smiled at each other across the room. Taeyeon gave her a nod which made Jessica smirk. She glanced at Tiffany that had her eyes glued to the TV and at Hyoyeon that was seated beside them, the blonde girl also was very immersed in the movie.

Jessica met Taeyeon’s gaze again, both of then having smirks on their lips.

“Ah, Taeyeon! I’m going to die! You’re so far away from me!” Jessica suddenly shouted dramatically.

Taeyeon burst out laughing and the two girls earned slaps from the people they were sitting beside. Jessica also started laughed and the other girls sighed in annoyance from the disturbers that couldn’t be kept calm even though they had separated.

Taeyeon and Jessica knew they would be dubbed at the group’s movie nights interrupters. And they didn’t mind at all.


A night for two

A night for two

The music blared loud, the bass making the whole body vibrate. Lights shone in the roof of the club, lightening up the people dancing in the middle of it.

Taeyeon's eyes was set on one girl on the dance floor, the girl that had been dancing with both guys and girls was now dancing alone while she tried to get Taeyeon out on the dance floor to dance with her, but Taeyeon didn't move and continued to stand by the bar, gripping tightly on her glass while she watched the girl sway her hips to the rhythm of the music.

"That girl has been trying to get contact with you for the last fifteen minutes now. Shouldn't you answer her in some kind of way?" Yuri that stood beside Taeyeon asked by leaning close to Taeyeon's ear to make sure Taeyeon heard.

"I don't feel like dancing." Taeyeon answered Yuri's question. And like the girl on the dance floor heard what she had said too she stopped dancing and started making her way towards Taeyeon.

"Wow, she looks good. Make sure to get this one Taeng." Yuri said and winked.

Taeyeon shoot her friend a weird look, but when the girl stopped in front of her she turned to the girl with a smile. The girl smiled back and grabbed the glass Taeyeon was holding and drank the drink in one go. Taeyeon looked at the girl with her mouth hanging open in shock. The girl gave back the now empty glass to Taeyeon with an innocent look on her face.

"I see you've already finished your drink, let me buy you another one." The girl said with a smirk and left Taeyeon to gape after her.

When the girl was out of sight Taeyeon turned to Yuri that looked after the girl with the same incredulous expression Taeyeon did. The taller of the two friends turned to Taeyeon and burst out in laughter.

"Have fun. I see you've got someone to spend time with now." Yuri said and patted Taeyeon's shoulder before leaving the shorter girl.

"Yuri!" Taeyeon called after her friend but her voice just drowned in the sound of music. When she couldn't see her friend anymore she turned and saw the girl returning with two drinks in her hand. The girl smiled when she saw Taeyeon and handed the waiting girl one of the drinks.

"This place is crazy, I thought I wouldn't find my way back to you." The girl said and took a sip from her drink. Taeyeon nodded and sipped her drink as well.

"Where did your friend go?" The girl asked and looked at the empty spot beside Taeyeon. Taeyeon shrugged her shoulders while swallowing the liquid in her mouth.

"I think she found someone interesting to entertain." Taeyeon answered. The girl nodded her head.

They stood in silence while sipping on their drinks. The girl moved her body left and right after the music while Taeyeon watched her. Some guys came to ask her to dance but the girl rejected them and continued to stand by Taeyeon's side even though Taeyeon was the least funniest person at that place.

"I'm Jessica." The girl broke the silence between them and introduced herself.

"I'm Taeyeon." Taeyeon said. Upon knowing her name the girl smiled widely.

"Hey Taeyeon, let's leave this place." Jessica said excited. Taeyeon looked at the girl with a raised eyebrow. The girl continued to smile at her.

"Come on. We're leaving." The girl grabbed Taeyeon's half emptied glass and put it on the bar counter behind them.Taeyeon felt Jessica's hand grab her now empty hand and the next second she was being dragged through the crowd of people in the club.

When they got out of the club the fresh and cooling air came like a splash of cold water into Taeyeon's face. Jessica continued to drag her to the other side of the street where they stopped. Jessica had now let go of Taeyeon's hand and was turned towards the rather dazed girl.

"Do you have a car?" Jessica asked.

"Uh... I guess I have." Taeyeon said and looked questioning at the girl that smiled.

Taeyeon noticed how Jessica seemed to get closer to her, and frozen to her spot Taeyeon saw the other girl coming closer and closer to her. And like a spell Taeyeon's eyes were staring into Jessica's mischievous ones. Jessica was now so close that Taeyeon could feel the girl's breath brush against her face. Feeling nervous Taeyeon gulped and averted her gaze to Jessica's lips that was formed into a sly smirk.

Taeyeon could see in the corner of her eyes that Jessica raised up her hand. Seeing something in the hand Taeyeon turned to see what it was. She saw a set of keys, a very familiar set of keys. And like the spell was broken Taeyeon started to pat her jeans pockets in search of her keys. The act that probably looked ridiculous brought Jessica to laughter which made Taeyeon turn her head towards the laughing girl.

"Let's go to your car Taeyeon-ah." Jessica said with her sweet voice and hooked her arm with Taeyeon's and they began walking towards Taeyeon's car that were parked a few blocks away.


What Taeyeon didn't know, or think, when she let Jessica drive was that she would end up at McDonalds. Taeyeon had imagined Jessica would bring her to a more private place for them to be, but no, Taeyeon had been brought to McDonalds where she was currently watching Jessica eat her McChicken. The eating girl had a satisfied smile on her face while she was chewing on a bite from her chicken burger.

"You sure you don't want anything?" Jessica asked and took a sip from her chocolate milkshake. Taeyeon shook her head with a reassuring smile on her lips.

"You sure? I can go buy it for you if you change your mind." Jessica offered.

"Yes, I'm fine. Really. But thank you anyway." Taeyeon assured the girl.

The girl shrugged her shoulders and continued to eat while Taeyeon watched her. Taeyeon had never experienced anything like this before. Usually when she met someone they went straight to a hotel or to Taeyeon's apartment. But now she was brought to watch someone eat.

Taeyeon let out a sigh and propped one of her elbows up on the table and continued to watch Jessica eat. The girl had now begun eating her fries. Jessica looked questioning at Taeyeon; Taeyeon just smiled at her and motioned for her to continue to eat.

Jessica dipped one of her fries into the sauce she had bought. She brought up the fry towards Taeyeon like she wanted Taeyeon to eat it. With an eyebrow raised Taeyeon looked at the fry that had been dipped in the curry sauce.

"C'mon, eat it." Jessica said and continued to hold the fry in front of Taeyeon's mouth. Taeyeon slowly opened her mouth to let the girl feed her.

Jessica missed Taeyeon's mouth and some of the sauce got stuck on Taeyeon's cheek. Taeyeon ate the fry and proceed to remove the sauce with the back of her hand but someone stopped her. When she looked to her side she noticed Jessica had taken a seat beside her.

"You'll get dirty by doing that." Jessica gently said and placed her free hand on Taeyeon's cheek. Taeyeon stared at Jessica's eyes that were focused on her cheek. She felt Jessica’s gentle hand wipe away the sauce with a napkin. When her cheek was clean Jessica smiled at her and placed the used napkin on the table and took another fry and tried to feed Taeyeon with it.

"I won't miss this time." Jessica assured with a smile. Taeyeon opened her mouth and let Jessica feed her, and like Jessica had promised the fry entered her mouth from the start. Jessica let out a happy giggle and ate one fry herself.

When Taeyeon had finished swallowing the fry, Jessica fed her another one, and that kept going on until Jessica's fries was finished. When they had finished the fries together Jessica let out a happy laugh again and grabbed her milkshake and drank a sip from it. Taeyeon watched as the girl swallowed gulp after gulp from the cold liquid. Her eyes were focused at Jessica's lips that was sucking from the straw.

"Want a sip?" Jessica asked and held out the milkshake for Taeyeon to taste. Jessica turned the straw around for Taeyeon to take. Taeyeon looked at the straw and up at the brown orbs that were looking at her. "It's good." Jessica said and put the straw inside Taeyeon's mouth that had been slightly open. Taeyeon drank a few gulps of the milkshake while her eyes were still on Jessica that watched her with a satisfied grin.

"Was it good?" Jessica asked when Taeyeon had finished drinking.

"Yes." Taeyeon said and nodded her head. She watched Jessica's hand that grabbed the half eaten chicken burger. The girl brought it up towards her mouth and ate a bite from it before she held it out towards Taeyeon to eat.

"Take a bite, it's good." Jessica said with her mouth full. With uncertain eyes Taeyeon looked from the burger and up to Jessica's eyes that still looked at her. Reluctantly Taeyeon took a bite from the chicken burger. When she retreated from it a giggle escaped the girl that had fed her. "You've got sauce here." Jessica said and pointed at the corner of her lips. 

Taeyeon swallowed the content in her mouth and raised her hand to wipe away the sauce from her face but a hand stopped her again. The hand held her gently but it was still a strong grip that made her unable to move the hand. Jessica shook her head disapproving.

"You didn't listen to what I said about that before, did you?" Jessica said and leaned closer to Taeyeon's face.

Taeyeon's eyes widened when she felt Jessica's tongue lick the sauce away from her lips. The warm and wet tongue moved away from the corner to her lip and licked her bottom lip instead. Without thinking Taeyeon opened her mouth and Jessica's tongue entered and they were engulfed in a heated kiss.

They parted when the oxygen became a need for both of them. Jessica gave her a sweet smile before the girl stood up from her seat. Still dazed by the kiss Taeyeon looked up at the girl that was standing up by the table now. Jessica had grabbed the rest of the chicken burger and was eating from it.

"Thank you." Jessica said with a smile and turned around. Taeyeon watched the girl walk to the exit still munching on the chicken burger.

When the girl was out of sight Taeyeon smiled and leaned back in her seat. She felt her lips and stared at the empty seat in front of her. A giggle left her lips and she stood up to leave as well. That's when she noticed something strange, something was missing.

Panicked Taeyeon started to feel all her pockets. When she realized what just had happened she groaned and slumped back down in her seat; frustrated by what just had happened.

The damn girl robbed me on my wallet, my cellphone and my car. Taeyeon thought and let out a long sigh.


"So, what happened to you yesterday? I saw you leave with that girl." Yuri said and wiggled her eyebrows. She and Taeyeon had met up at a cafe the day after they had went to a club. Mentioning the night Taeyeon swallowed the coffee she had in her mouth and let out a sigh. 

"I got fed, kissed and robbed." Taeyeon replied with another sigh.

Follow Me
You noticed her playing with the ring on her finger beside you on the bed. You propped up your head on your hand and watched how she nervously took it off and on. A smile appeared on your lips and you brushed away the bangs away from her eyes and she startled looked up at you. You gave her a reassuring smile and took one of her hands and intertwined your fingers.

“What’s on you mind?” You asked and sees her avoiding your gaze by lowering her head to your hands. She continued to stare at the ring on her finger.

“Is this really right?” She asks not looking you in the eyes. A frown appear on your lips and you let go of her hand to place your index finger under her chin and tilt her head up to look her in the eyes.

“No, in other peoples eyes this isn’t right. But I don’t care what they think, I only think about you.” You says and plants a kiss on her lips which she doesn’t respond to. You break the kiss and looks at her uncertain eyes.

“What about-”

“Don’t think about her now.” You silence her with putting your finger on her lips. You remove the finger and plants another kiss on the lips.

“It’ll be okay as long you follow me.” You says and beamed a smile. And uncertain smile appears on her lips again and she leans her head against your shoulder. You resume stroking her hair and leans your chin on the crown of her head.

Minutes passes and you closes your eyes, enjoying the moment and the presence of the person in your arms. You opened your eyes to glance at her from time to time and always catches her staring at the ring on her finger. After a third time you see it you close your eyes and slide further down under the blanket and brings her with you. She doesn’t fight back nor make any sign that she doesn’t want it when you kisses her lips and continues trailing kisses down her neck. You hear a satisfied sigh escape her lips and you feel her wrap her arms around your shoulders. You can feel her take off the ring and you see her placing it on the bedside table and you resume with the exploring of her body.


The sound of people chatting and the cluttering noise of utensils hitting plates was surrounding you as you tried to read the menu in your hand. Turning a page you came to the page of different steaks. Finding something that would suit your taste you look up at your company. Two women was sitting in front of you, both focusing on the menu's in their hands. One woman was blonde and sat right in front of you while the other had jet black hair and sat to your in front of you to your left. You guess they’re not done deciding and turns to the page of the restaurants wines.

“What are you gonna eat Jessi?” You hear the woman with jet black hair ask. You look up and sees the person sitting in front of you turn her head to the person beside her.

“I don’t know, do you have any thoughts?” The questioned person asks. You meet her gaze for a brief second before she quickly turn it away from you and looks down on her menu again. You smirks and looks down on the wine list again but continues to listen to the women’s talk.

“I heard the chicken was good here, what do you say about that?”

“Yeah, sounds good.” You could see her smiling at the person beside her as you glances at ver the top of the menu. A smile appear on your lips and you continued staring at the wine list.

“Have you decided what to eat, Tae?” The woman sitting to the left in front of you asks. You look up from the wine list and notice the person in front of you staring at you, you look to the woman to the right of her and smiles at her.

“I’m gonna eat a steak.” You answers with a smile. “I was just looking over the wine list.” You say and points at the menu in your hand. The woman nods her head.

“Oh, right. Do you have anything in mind?” She asks and turn up the page with the wine list as well.

“I was thinking of something red, is that okay with you?” You look up at the person in front of you that was looking at the wine list the woman beside her was showing her. She notices your stare and looks up at you but quickly looks away as she met your eyes. You stopped yourself from smirking at the obvious action.

“Red is fine with me too, what about you Jessi?” The jet black haired woman asks the person in front of you. You look at her as it seems like she hadn’t heard the question.

“Jessica.” You say which made her snap out of her train of thought and she looks at you startled.

“What?” She asks and looks back and forth between you and the woman beside her. The woman beside her chuckles at her confused state and you smile.

“Are you getting tired, baby?” The woman asks her and strokes her cheek with the back of her hand. You see them exchanging smiles and you turn your head back to the wine list.

“Yeah, maybe. What did you ask Fany-ah?” She asks the woman beside her. You glance up at her and stare at her as she’s being showed the wine list again.

“Me and Taeyeon wondered if red wine is okay with you.” When the woman mentioned your name the woman in front of you looked at you and you couldn’t help but smirk when she looked down at the wine list again. A small blush appeared on her lips when she had made eye contact with you.

“Uh... wine.. yeah... red is okay with me too.” She says and lightly shook her head. You held in a chuckle and continued to observe her.

“I think you’re working too much. You’re acting really weird right now.” The woman beside her says and fixes the woman’s bangs. She smiles a crooked smile at the woman and you raised your eyebrow in amusement.

“So red wine it is?” You asks which breaks the two women’s interaction. The jet black haired woman smiles at you and nods her head.

“Yeah, red it is.” She says and places her hand on top of the blonde’s hand that was lying on the table and intertwined their fingers. You look at the hands on the table before you look up at the woman in front of you, she was looking to her left, out of the window. You could see the guilt in her face and you turned to the waiter that came to your table, only catching small glances at the blonde woman in front of you.


You awoke by the sound of your cell phone that was lying on the bedside table. You rubbed your left eye and turned on the lamp and grabbed the phone. You saw the caller ID and broke into a smile when you saw her name, you answered and pressed the device against your ear and laid down on your pillow again.

“Hello?” You said. You heard the grogginess in your own voice as you spoke.

“Taeyeon.” You heard her desperate voice on the other side of the phone. You smirked and turned to lie on your back.

“Yes?” You asked asked. You could only hear her breathing on the other side. She let out a heavy sigh.

“Can you... come over?” She asked a bit hesitant. You lifted an eyebrow in amusement.

“Are you alone?” 

It was silent on the other side. You waited as she seemed to figure out an answer for your question. You moved the cell phone to your other ear and continued to wait for her to say something.

“She won’t be home until a few hours. Can you come over?” She replied after a few seconds of silence. You smirked when you heard her answer.

“Let me get dressed and I’ll be there in ten minutes.” You replied and hung up the phone. 

You quickly got dressed and drove over to her place. She opened the door for you even before you could ring the bell, you guessed she had seen you coming. You got inside and took off your coat and she led you to the living room where the both of you took a seat on the couch.

She wasn’t wearing anything fancy. She had her blonde hair in a messy bun and light make up on. She was wearing a over sized sweater and  pair of denim shorts. You smiled at her from across the couch and she looked away, still not daring looking at you. You could see guilt in her face, probably because she had been the one calling you.

“Did you feel lonely?” You asked and leaned on the armrest behind you. She looked towards you, her eyes casting downwards towards her feet.

“A bit.” She replied. You smirked.

“Why did you want me to come over?” You asked and tilted your head to the side. You knew she thought you looked cute in that pose. 

You could see she looked ashamed and couldn’t meet your eyes. You smiled and moved closer to her. She carefully looked you in the eyes and you beamed an assuring smile.

“Don’t worry. Just follow me and everything will be alright.” You said and placed your hand under her chin and leaned closer. You lips touching hers and you could feel her kissing back, a bit hesitant, like it was her first time kissing. You smirked by the thought and kissed her more passionately, placing your other hand behind her head and bringing her head closer to yours.

You found your other shoe under the bed and laid down on your stomach to be able to reach it. You wondered how it had been able to get there, you figured one of you had probably accidentally kicked the shoe when you were busy with each other. When you got your shoe you put it on and straighten up again, brushing of the dust from your pants and straighten out the wrinkles on your shirt. You looked into the mirror to fix your hair but decided that even though it was a bit messy it still looked good.

You turned to the girl sleeping on the bed, a smile appeared on your lips and you walked closer to the girl with the princess like features. You grabbed the blanket and pulled it further up her body and tucked her in. When you were done you smiled once more and leaned down to plant a kiss on her forehead, not your place to do, but you did it anyway.

Her eyes fluttered open and looked surprised back at you. You smiled at her and patted her head before turning to leave. You felt a grasp on your wrist and you turned around to see her holding you back. You smiled again and tried to remove her hand from your wrist but she just tighten her grasp.

"Don't go." She pleaded. 

"Don't ask me to stay." You said. You felt her grip loosening and her hand slipped down and landed with a thud on the bed. She turned her head away from you and you watched her hurt expression. You let out a sigh and turned around and placed your hand on her cheek and turned her face to face yours.

"Don't ask me to stay right now. You know I'd give in." You say and kisses her lips. She doesn't respond but you could see in her eyes as you break the kiss that she didn't want you to stop. You smile and turn to leave again. Waving at her before exiting her room and leaving her place.


You wiped the small drops of waters on the counter. The cloth moving smoothly over the bar counter. You took away the ashtrays and placed out empty ones and placed the other ones in among the used glasses. You nodded towards a customer that left before you went back to place the newly washed glasses in the shelves behind you.

The sound from the bell when a someone entered the small bar made you turn around to greet the customer. A familiar woman with jet black hair had arrived and you broke into a smile when you saw her. She smiled too and walked to one of the bar stools by the counter and took a seat. You placed the glasses you were holding in your hands before you turned to the newly arrived customer.

“Hello.” You greeted the jet black haired woman.

“Hello.” She greeted with a smile and took off her pink scarf and pink gloves and placed them on the counter. You leaned your elbows on the counter and watched her unbutton her coat.

“Do you want something to drink?” You asked her.

“Yes, give me a gin and tonic.” You nodded and turned around and grabbed a long glass to prepare the said drink. You could feel her watching you and when you placed the glass in front of her she looked at you intently.

“Tae.” She called your name and you looked up at her face as she sat there across the counter in front of you. She smiled at you.

“Have you talked to Jessi lately?” She asked and grabbed the class you had placed in front of her. You shook your head, you always shook your head when she asked questions like that.

“No, why?” You took the cloth that hung at the side of the sink and  and began wiping the counter beside her. She took a sip of her drink before placing the glass down on the counter with a small clink. You looked stopped wiping the counter and looked towards her.

“She’s been acting a bit weird.” She said sadly. You shrugged your shoulders and went to attend another customer that just had arrived. When you had finished that customer’s order you went back to your friend since High School.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with her. Maybe it’s work?” You suggested. You leaned against the counter and watched your friend drink her drink in a slow manner. A sigh left her lips as she lowered the glass from her lips.

“Maybe.” She said sadly.

You didn’t say anything else, neither did she, and you continued on with your work. Taking a few glances at your friend that looked sullen by the other end of the bar counter. You probably knew deep inside what was wrong, but the worst thing was that you weren’t even feeling guilty. You turned away from the jet black haired woman and turned to another customer that told you a story about his grandson that had won a competition in school and he was so proud of him. You smiled at the man, and felt that you really enjoyed life at the moment.


You looked at her back as she sat on the edge of the bed with her back turned towards you. She was wearing one of your white shirts, her messy blonde hair was hanging loosely over her shoulders and covered a bit of her back.

You could see her head was bent down, she was looking at the ring on her finger again. Her thumb was stroking the gold band with the five diamonds around her left ring finger. Just by watching you could almost feel the cold diamonds against the skin of her thumb.

“Taeyeon.” You heard her low mumble and you looked up at the back of her head. Her head was still bent down as she looked at her hands that was clasped together in her lap.

“Hmm?” You replied.

“Do you love me?” She asked. You could catch a bit hesitant in her voice. You smiled and sat up to move closer to her. You sat down behind her and wrapped your arms around her and placed your chin on her shoulder. You could smell the strawberry scent from her shampoo. You nuzzled closer to her neck and breathed in the scent.

“I love you.” You whispered into her ear. You could feel her shiver in your arms and you couldn’t help but smirk against the skin of her neck.

“What if Tiffany finds out?” You heard her ask. You opened your eyes and moved away from her neck and looked at the side profile of her face. Her eyes was still focused on the ring on her finger. You followed her eyes to her finger and looked at the ring.

“Don’t worry, as long as you follow me it’ll be okay.” You said confidently and kissed the side of her head. You felt her relax in your arms and saw her remove her ring for the second time this night.


You took the plate with pasta and carbonara you just had made and made your way to the living room. You were alone this night and the sound from the TV worked as a substitute for company. A drama show was showing and you took a seat on the couch and watched the show, not understanding what it was about as you didn’t usually watch drama shows but didn’t bother to lean forward to the coffee table to grab the remote and change channel. 

You continued watch the show while you ate the pasta, enjoying the taste to the fullest while your eyes didn’t leave the TV screen as the main characters, or so you thought they were, were in the middle of kissing. You felt your lips missing something, and it wasn’t the feeling of slurping up pasta.

The sound of the door bell made you switch your attention from the TV to the door. You finished chewing the pasta you had in your mouth before you placed the now half filled plate on the coffee table in front of you and stood up as you made your way to the door, wiping your mouth to get rid of any traces of the carbonara sauce that might be around your mouth.

The door bell rang again just when you had come to the door and you unlocked the door and opened it only to see a familiar face on the other side. The girl on the other side of the door stared at you for a long minute without saying anything. You noted her heavy breathing and her red and puffy eyes. Just when you were about to ask her what was wrong she threw herself at you and crashed your lips together in a passionate kiss. You could feel something was different about her, and the way she was kissing you.

You broke the kiss and now you were also panting and she was continuing to breath heavily. You stared each other in the eyes for a long minute, you tried to search her eyes for answer, and found sadness and a glint of hope in her eyes. You opened you mouth to ask her something again but got taken aback when she suddenly embraced you in a tight hug. You exhaled slowly and wrapped your arms around her shaking body, slowly rubbing her back in a calming manner..

“It’s over.” She whispered in your ear. You raised an eyebrow even though she couldn’t see it, wondering what she was talking about.

She broke the hug and looked at you with a sad smile. A tear ran down her cheek and you wasn’t sure if it was a happy or sad tear, but nevertheless you brushed it away with your thumb. She grabbed your hand and held it against her cheek, that’s when you noticed, the ring on her finger was missing.

“I’ll only follow you from now. Cause it’s where my heart is.” She said with a smile. You couldn’t help but break into a smile as well and leaned forward to capture her lips in a kiss which she returned, now without hesitance and guilt. 

Untie Me
After exhausting hours of dance practice the nine girls finally left to go and change clothes in the dressing room. Some of them letting out sigh of relief when the dance routine was over and they could return to their dorm to rest.

The all entered the dressing room and everyone prepared to get changed to leave early and head back to the dorm and wash up there instead. Some girls just plopped down on the benches in the dressing room because they were too tired to even move. The youngest one of them gave the over exhausted girls water bottles to drink and they kindly took the water bottles they were given.

When some of the members had beginning to leave the oldest one of them that was one of them that had been too exhausted to move finally stood up to change into other clothes. She didn't want to make the other members wait for her and she quickly removed her sweaty tank-top and proceed to change out of her sweatpants but a obstacle was in the way. She couldn't untie the knot on the strings to her pants.

She heard the other members behind her starting to pack up and the other members that had sat down with her also started changing and taking their things to leave. She frowned when she still hadn't been able to untie the knot and she heard the members that were still there putting on their shoes.

"You okay Taeng?" Taeyeon heard Sooyoung ask from the door. Taeyeon looked up from her pants at the taller girl.

"Yeah, you can go ahead, I'll be there." Taeyeon said and thought she would take care of her pants later and put on a clean shirt instead and took her jacket and bag and left the dressing room with Sooyoung that had been waiting for her outside.

Even when she was seated in the van on their way to the dorm Taeyeon still tried to untie the knot on the strings to her pants. If she didn't untie the strings she wouldn't be able to get out of the pants, and to add to her misfortune she need to go to the toilet because of the amount of water she had drunk during their dance practice and afterwards. She cursed her small bladder.

When they had arrived at the dorm she still hadn't been able to untie the knot. And now it felt like her bladder was about to explode but she was determined she would be able to untie her pants before an accident occurred. She told the members they could wash up before her while she still fought with the strings on the pants.

"Why did I tie it so hard?" Taeyeon mumbled to herself while she now with shaky hands tried to untie the knot. She was standing up with her legs crossed and biting on her lower lip to hold herself better.

She was so occupied with trying to untie the knot that she didn't notice another person entering the living room. The person that had just got out of the bathroom eyed the leader that was standing in a very odd pose by the window with the back towards her.

"Taengoo-ah, what are you doing?" The person asked.

Taeyeon jumped up surprised by the person that called her and she turned around and faced the second eldest of the group. She was still standing with her legs crossed and held her tied strings in her hands. Jessica eyed Taeyeon's appearance before her eyes landed on the tied strings Taeyeon held onto. A smirk appeared on her face and she walked closer to the kid leader.

"Having problem?" Jessica asked with a smirk and reached her hands towards Taeyeon's pants.

"No!" Taeyeon lied and stepped away from Jessica. Jessica just looked at her amused.

"It looks like you have problem. Aren't you going to change out of the pants?" Jessica asked and pointed at the pants she knew full well that Taeyeon had worn during their dance practice.

"I was on my way." Taeyeon mumbled and turned away from Jessica and once again tried to untie the knot. Jessica watched the slightly shorter girl with much amusement.

"Or maybe you're gonna shower with the pants on. But there will be problem if you need to go to the toilet though..." Jessica said with a teasing voice. Taeyeon turned towards her, droplets of sweat had appeared on her forehead due to her struggles to untie the strings. Jessica saw Taeyeon's exhausted face and smiled.

"Need help?" Jessica asked with a more gentle voice. Taeyeon looked down on her pants and at Jessica, feeling she couldn't hold herself much longer she turned towards Jessica and stepped closer.

"Untie me, please." Taeyeon begged and looked away from Jessica embarrassed.

Satisfied with the response the second born proceed to untie the knot Taeyeon had been struggling so much with the last hour.Taeyeon watched as Jessica's fingers tried hard to untie the knot on the strings.

"You know Taengoo, if we can't untie this we might need to cut it off for you to get out of the pants." Jessica said when she also found it difficult to untie the knot.

"What?" Taeyeon asked shocked. The fear of cutting her favorite pants washed over her.

A smirk appeared on Jessica's face and she looked up at the older girl's face. "Just kidding." Jessica said and showed Taeyeon the strings she finally had managed to untie. A relived sigh escaped Taeyeon's lips.

"Finally." Taeyeon said and looked at the strings that were no longer tied together.

"Go to the toilet now before an accident occur here." Jessica said and patted Taeyeon on the shoulder.

"Okay, thanks Sica." Taeyeon said and gave Jessica a kiss on the cheek before she hurriedly went to one of the free bathrooms. Jessica looked after the girl with a satisfied grin plastered on her face.

"I'm always good at these things." Jessica said to herself and with a wide smirk she took a seat on the couch and switched on the TV. 

Lip balm
The girl looked at the reflection of her lips in front of her. She brought up her hand and felt her dry lips with her fingers, feeling the chapped lips she frowned and put down the mirror and looked around at the scattered things on her bed. Not finding the thing she was looking for among the things on her bed she stood up and started looking for it among the other things in the room. Still not finding it she let out a sigh and turned to the other person that was in the room.

"Sunny have you seen my lip balm?" Taeyeon asked and looked at the messy floor of their room. Sunny paused the game she was currently playing on her Nintendo DS and looked at the girl that stood in the middle of the room.

"No, I haven't seen it. Isn't it in your bag?" Sunny said and returned to play her game.

"No, I've already looked in all of my bags." Taeyeon said and scratched her chin.

"Maybe you put it somewhere else." Sunny said not turning from her game she was immersed in.

"I'm sure I put it here." Taeyeon said and picked up the bag that was lying on her bed and looked through it again. Not finding it this time as well she tossed it on the bed again and let out a sigh. She bent down and looked under her bed, not finding the item she was looking for there she stood up and looked around in the room again.

"You can use mine if you want to." Sunny offered when she noticed Taeyeon was still looking for the lip balm.

"No, but thanks any way. I'll go and see if I maybe put it somewhere else." Taeyeon said and smiled at Sunny. The taller of the girl's left the room to continue to search for the required item.

Taeyeon left her bedroom and walked towards the bathroom to see if she maybe put it there. She searched among all the cosmetic things and other things that was in the bathroom without finding her desired lip balm. A frown appeared on her face as she left the bathroom. On her way out she bumped into the Dancing Queen of the room. The other girl noticing something was off with there beloved leader.

"Something the matter?" Hyoyeon asked upon seeing Taeyeon's expression.

"I can't find my lip balm." Taeyeon mumbled.

"I see, isn't it in your bag where you always put it?" Hyoyeon asked.

"No, I've already looked around the whole room after it." Taeyeon said and her lips turned downwards.

"Oh, I'm sure you'll find it if you continue looking for it. I'll tell you if I see it." Hyoyeon said and patted Taeyeon on the shoulder. Taeyeon nodded her head and continue her to look for her lip balm around the large dorm. 

She went to the other bathroom to look for it only to notice the door to the bathroom was locked. When she listened closer she heard someone was in the shower, she lightly knocked on the door to see if the person in there would hear.

"Yes?" Taeyeon heard the voice of Yuri answer.

"Yuri-ah, it's me." Taeyeon said happily that Yuri had heard her knocks.

"Ah, Taeyeon-ah. I'll be done in a few minutes, can you wait?" Yuri asked.

"Yes, Yuri-ah actually I wonder if you've seen my lip balm in there?" Taeyeon said and focused her eyes on the door.

"Lip balm?" A confused voice of Yuri asked.

"Yes, you know the one with pink lid. The one from a Solution."

"Aah, that one." Yuri's voice said from the other side of the door. Taeyeon heard the sound of things moving inside of the bathroom.

"No, it's not here." Yuri answered after a while.

"I see, thank you." Taeyeon said after she had got her answer. The sound of the shower was heard again and Taeyeon walked towards the living room instead to see if her lip balm might be there.

The sound of the TV came form the living room and Taeyeon noticed two figures was seated at the couch, one was immersed in a book and the other was immersed in what ever the person was watching on the TV. Taeyeon walked over to the two girl's on the sofa.

"Have you seen my lip balm somewhere?" Taeyeon asked and stopped beside the couch. The two girls turned to Taeyeon when they heard her speak.

"No, I haven't seen it unnie. Don't you have it?" Seohyun answered.

"No, I've been looking everywhere." Taeyeon said and looked over to the other girl on the couch.

"Maybe you dropped it somewhere." Tiffany said and turned her head towards the TV again. 

"No, I had it yesterday when I came home and I haven't been out since then." Taeyeon said and frowned.

"I haven't seen it. Have you looked in your room?" Tiffany asked and didn't turn away from the TV.

"Yes, I've been looking everywhere in my room."

"Then I don't know where it might be." Tiffany said and shrugged her shoulders. Taeyeon let out a sigh and turned to the TV to see what Tiffany was watching. It was Eclipse, she was sure Tiffany must have watched that movie more than hundred times now. Taeyeon let out another sigh and turned to walk to the kitchen to see if the lip balm where somewhere there.

"I can help you look for it unnie." Seohyun offered and stood up from the couch.

"Nah, it's okay Seohyun-ah. Focus on your studies, unnie will look for it." Taeyeon said and smiled. Seohyun plopped back down on the couch and watched as Taeyeon made her way towards the kitchen.

When she entered the kitchen the smell of food filled her nosetrils. She noticed a tall figure was standing by the stove and another one was cutting vegetables. Taeyeon curiously made her way towards one of the tall girls in the kitchen and peered beside the person to see what she was cooking.

"Cooking food?" Taeyeon asked and turned away from the person to look for her lip balm. The person by the stove turned around and smiled upon seeing the short girl in the kitchen before she turned back to the stove.

"Yea, do you want some?" Sooyoung asked and continued with her cooking.

"No, I'm okay. Hey, have you seen my lip balm?" Taeyeon asked and started looking in the cupboards. The two girls in the kitchen turned towards her with questioning expressions.

"The one you got from a Solution?" Sooyoung asked and watched as Taeyeon started to look for it in the drawers.

"Yea, that one. Have you seen it?" Taeyeon asked and turned towards Sooyoung with hopeful eyes.

"No, sorry I haven't." Sooyoung said and turned back to the stove. Taeyeon's hopeful eyes disappeared and was replaced by a disappointed expression. She let out a sigh and closed the drawer she had just looked inside.

"Unnie's lips is really dry, look." Yoona pointed out and pointed at Taeyeon's lips. Sooyoung turned from the stove upon hearing what Yoona said and walked closer to Taeyeon to see how dry the lips actually were.

"You're gonna start bleeding if you don't do something about that." Sooyoung said and put her hand inside her pocket. Taeyeon watched what Sooyoung was doing with curious eyes. Sooyoung brought up another lip balm from her pocket and proceed to apply it on Taeyeon's lips but Taeyeon stopped Sooyoung by grabbing the taller girl's wrist.

"No, I want my own." Taeyeon said and pouted. Sooyoung and Yoona exchanged looks before they turned back to the older girl.

"Okay, suit yourself. Don't complain when you start bleeding and it stings whenever you eat." Sooyoung said and turned back to the stove. Taeyeon sighed and turned to leave the kitchen, her lip balm was no where.

When she came back to the living room Tiffany looked away from the TV when she heard an approaching person coming. "Tae I think Jessi has your lip balm." Tiffany said and turned towards the TV again. Upon hearing where her lip balm might be Taeyeon peaked her ears up and turned to Tiffany.

"Sica? Where is she?" Taeyeon asked and looked around the dorm like Jessica would pop out from behind a furniture.

"She went out with Hara I think." Tiffany absentmindly answered.

"Oh." Taeyeon said and felt disappointment fill her. She frowned and made her way towards the free seat on the couch and took a seat on it. She picked up her phone in her pocket and looked at the time and let out a sigh.

"When will she be back?" Taeyeon asked in a bored tone.

"I don't know. Why don't you call her?" Tiffany answered without looking away from the TV.

Taeyeon let out another sigh and looked at her phone. "I don't want to disturb her when she's out with her friend." Taeyeon muttered and placed her phone on her stomach. Tiffany glanced at Taeyeon beside her and let out a small chuckle upon seeing the sight. Taeyeon didn't seem to try to hide that she wasn't pleased with Jessica hanging out with another girl.

"Don't worry, I'm sure she will be back soon." Tiffany said to cheer up the distressed girl.

"Sure." Taeyeon muttered and focused on the movie shown on the TV.


The car stopped outside a familiar building and a girl with a cap that covered her face stepped outside of the car. The girl turned around to the car to say something to the driver before she left.

"Hara, thanks for the drive. And you've gotten better at parking now! Keep it up and you might be just as good as me." Jessica said to Hara that was driving the car. Hara smiled at the older girl before they said goodbye and Hara drove back to her dorm.

The girl with the cap turned around to walk to the entrance to her dorm but stopped when she heard the familiar messages tone of her phone. She looked at the phone that was in her hand and noticed she had got a messages from Tiffany. She opened to see what her sister-like friend had wrote.

From: Tiff
Hey, Jessi. TaeTae isn't that happy you hung out with Hara. She also missed her lip balm you brought with you. You better take care of her when you come back!

"Lip balm?" Jessica thought as she read the messages. She then remembered she had went to Taeyeon's room and taken the lip balm she had found in Taeyeon's bag before she had went out with Hara. A smile appeared on her lips and she put her phone in her pocket and continued her way towards the entrance and prepared for what she should do about Taeyeon when she came home.

When she had rode up the elevator to the floor where there dorm was located Jessica walked out and opened the door to the dorm and entered. The sound of chatting and a TV was heard in the dorm, a normal sound when you entered their dorm. Jessica took off her shoes and walked towards the living room. Hyoyeon, Tiffany and Yuri were not seated on the couch and was watching a drama together, or more Hyoyeon watching the TV and Tiffany was busy being tickled by Yuri.

The three girls on the couch noticed the newly arrived girl and turned their attention to Jessica that stood at her spot and waited for them to notice her. All of them greeted her with a smile but Jessica waited for one of them to answer her unspoken question.

"She's in her room." Tiffany said like she knew what Jessica was waiting for. Jessica smiled at her and made her way towards Taeyeon and Sunny's bedroom. She didn't knock before she entered the room and just opened the door.

The first thing that caught her eye was Taeyeon on top of her bed with her iPad in her hands. The older girl looked towards the person that just had come into the room but seeing who it was she resumed doing whatever she was doing on her iPad. Jessica ignored Taeyeon and turned to Sunny instead that was still playing on her Nintendo DS.

"Hi, Sunny-ah." Jessica greeted Sunny that was playing her game like the number of people in the room never had increased.

"Hi, Sica." Sunny replied but didn't turn away from her game. Jessica smiled at the other girl even though Sunny would most probably not notice it before she made her way towards the other girl in the room.

"Hi, Taengoo-ah. Did you miss me?" Jessica asked and took a seat beside Taeyeon on the bed. She leaned closer to get a hello kiss from Taeyeon like she usually did but Taeyeon turned her head away, instead Jessica kissed the grumpy girl on the cheek.

She leaned in to see what Taeyeon was doing on her iPad but the older girl turned the iPad away from her, Jessica looked at Taeyeon's face to glare at her but instead noticed Taeyeon's lips. They were dried and chapped, she suddenly remembered what Tiffany had said in her messages and a smile appeared on her lips. 

Jessica took off her jacket and looked for the lip balm that was in her left pocket. Finding the item she looked for she brought it up and held it up for Taeyeon to see it. "Taengoo-ah, I borrowed your lip balm when I went out. I hope you didn't mind." Jessica said and placed the lip balm beside Taeyeon.

Taeyeon turned from her the screen of her iPad to the item that just had been placed beside her. She looked from the lip balm to the girl that sat beside her and looked at her with a smile. Taeyeon took up the lip balm and looked at it before she looked at Jessica again.

"Do you know how much I've been looking for this? I've been suffering from dry lips ever since you went out with Hara! I could barely speak because I was afraid my lips would start bleeding." Taeyeon scolded.

Already expecting that reaction from Taeyeon Jessica didn't seem to get affected by it. She looked at the mad girl in front of her and tried to surpress a smile that was about to appear, she didn't think it would be good to smile in this kind of situation.

"I'm sorry. You must've suffered a lot, but you could have just taken someone else's lip balm in the meantime." Jessica said and caressed Taeyeon's cheek. Taeyeon turned away from Jessica and crossed her arms.

"I wanted mine lip balm, not someone else's." Taeyeon barked.

Jessica pouted and looked at the lip balm in Taeyeon's hand. She looked towards Sunny that was still immersed in her game and didn't seem to take notice of the bickering couple in the room. Jessica turned back to Taeyeon and looked at her with a guilty expression.

"But Taengoo-ah, because I've made you suffer so much let me help you with your dry lips." Jessica said and took the lip balm from Taeyeon's hand and opened the lid to it. She put some on her finger and brought it towards Taeyeon's lips.

"No! Who knows where this finger have been? Huh?" Taeyeon said and grabbed Jessica's finger. Jessica looked at Taeyeon with an amused expression.

"Yeah, who knows what body parts this finger has touched on Hara?" Jessica jokingly said. Taeyeon's eyes widened upon hearing what Jessica said and Jessica had to bit her tongue to prevent herself from laughing out loud upon seeing the older girl's reaction.

"I was just kidding Taeyeon. Now stop being stubborn and let me put this on your lips." Jessica said and wringled her wrist out of Taeyeon's grip and tried to put on the lip balm on Taeyeon's lips again but was stopped once again.

"Wait!" Taeyeon said again. Now was Taeyeon in a half lying position with Jessica hovering over her. Jessica looked at the girl under her with a questioning expression. "Why did you take my lip balm when you have your own?" Taeyeon asked.

Jessica looked at Taeyeon with a half shocked expression before she broke out in a smile. "It's because I asked you to get one of these for me but you never did so I borrowed yours." Jessica said and smiled the sweetest smile she could muster up. 

"I don't remember you asking for one." Taeyeon said and frowned.

"It's because you're getting old and don't remember everything." Jessica said and wringled her wrist out of Taeyeon's grip again and finally was able to apply the lip balm on Taeyeon's lips. "Stop talking so I can apply it properly." Jessica scolded and flicked Taeyeon's forehead. Taeyeon stayed quiet and still to let Jessica put on the lip balm for her, Jessica smiled when the older girl listened to her.

When she had put on the lip balm Jessica leaned in and kissed Taeyeon's lips. When she broke the kiss she looked at Taeyeon that had a satisfied grin plastered across her face, she gave the older girl a smile before she laid down on Taeyeon's bed and propped her head up with one of the pillows.

"Admit it, you've waited for me to get back home just because you wanted me to put on lip balm for you." Jessica said and closed her eyes. She heard a chuckle from the other girl and felt an arm wrap itself around her waist.

"Might be true. But I'm not old." Taeyeon said and nuzzled closer to Jessica, forgetting everything about Hara and the lip balm Jessica had borrowed without asking.

"I said you are getting old, not that you're old." Jessica corrected and put and arm around Taeyeon as well. She opened one eye and looked at Taeyeon that pouted at her, she laughed at the sight and kissed the pouting girl which abruptly stopped pouting. 

"And it's not like you're the only one that's getting old." Jessica added and closed her eyes again. She could almost feel that Taeyeon was smiling beside her.

"But do you want that lip balm?" Taeyeon asked after a while and looked at the girl in her arms. Jessica shook her head.

"No, I just used it as an excuse to make you think and distract you so I could apply the lip balm." Jessica answered with a smile. She felt Taeyeon hugging her tighter.

"Bad girl." Taeyeon jokingly said. Jessica smiled and added "A bad girl that applies lip balm on her girlfriend's lips." Both of them started giggling and continued their evening with cuddling with each other. 

Let Me Check
Let me check

Jessica averted her gaze from the book she was reading to the person that was sitting across from her. Her eyes landed on the person that had her eyes fixed on her. She shoot the person a questioning look but the person seemed to not notice it. The person seemed to be too deep in thought to take notice of things around her.

"What?" Jessica voiced out her inquires instead, hoping the person would take notice of her now. And like she had hoped the person snapped out of their thoughts. The person looked a bit dazed at first but smiled when she realized who it was that had spoken. "What are you looking at?" Jessica asked.

"Your lips." Taeyeon replied with a smile. Jessica's eyes widened in surprise and a hand flew up to her lips like a reflex.

"What's with my lips?" Jessica asked and started to feel them with her hand.

"Your lower lip seems bigger." Taeyeon said with her eyebrows furrowed. "Have you done something?"

Jessica eyes widened in shock and her mouth opened. She leaned closer to Taeyeon to slap the older girl on the shoulder. "No!" Jessica said mad. Taeyeon rubbed her shoulder that just been hit with a pout on her mouth.

"What? I was just asking." Taeyeon said. A pout appeared on Jessica's lips and she crossed her arms.

"But I haven't done anything." Jessica said mad. A smile appeared on Taeyeon's lips and she moved closer to Jessica. Jessica glanced at the older girl that seemed to lean closer to her.

"Let me check if it has gotten bigger then." Taeyeon said with a smile.

Jessica turned to fully face Taeyeon and give the older girl a reply to her suggestion but nothing came out of her mouth when someone else's was now covering it. Her eyes widened when she realized what had happened and before she could even react to what Taeyeon just had done Taeyeon had pulled away from the kiss with a smile on her face.

"No, still the same size. I guess it was just the make up." Taeyeon said and left Jessica to recover from her shock.

Finally when Jessica's mind had proceed what Taeyeon just had done, and she had realized the 'let me check' part was just an excuse to kiss her, Jessica's cheeks flushed red and she turned the way Taeyeon had walked.

"Kim Taeyeon you babo!" Jessica shouted after the older girl. But when she opened the book she had been reading a smile appeared on her lips and she brought up a hand to feel them. The feeling of Taeyeon's lips was still lingering and Jessica liked the feeling of them on hers.


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