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How to cure boredom
A sigh left the young woman’s lips as she stared up at the white ceiling of her bedroom. An arm was raised, placed over her head and she continued to stare while seconds ticked by.

A frown appeared on her lips. Her inability to not being able to sleep now when she had the chance to was strange, and it was also bothering her. But most of all it made her feel bored as she had nothing better to do right now than to sleep.

Another puff of air escaped her lips and she reached out towards her phone which was resting on her stomach. She lifted up the device, unlocked the screen, found the chat room she had been the last one to write something in out of her group members.

No one had replied. Which meant all eight girls must be busy. A frown appeared on her lips, and she noticed her sister hadn’t replied to her text either, which meant that the younger girl must also be busy.

A pout appeared and she rolled onto her stomach as she began skimming through all images she had taken. She found it rather funny that the moment she was unable to sleep and had nothing to do everyone she knew was busy. A sigh escaped her lips once more and she rolled onto her back again.

After a few push of buttons on the phone she reached it out at an arm’s length. Her silent room was filled with the sound of a camera shutter and she brought the device closer to her to check on the photo she had snapped.

Satisfied with the photo she first uploaded it in the chat room with her group members, afterwards she opened another app to upload it so the whole world could see. Her fingers skimmed over the buttons as she typed a caption for the photo before she uploaded it.

A tired sigh escaped her lips and she placed her phone to the side and resumed staring up at the ceiling while she waited for some kind of response. Either from her fans, or band members. And right now she didn’t care which one. Anyone that could take her out of this boredom.


The familiar ringtone caught the female’s ears and she looked up from the lyrics her eyes had been glued at for the past minutes. Her eyes landed on the device on the table in front of her, her head making a quick scan of her surroundings before she picked it up.

Her eyes blinked when she saw the picture on her cellphone screen. Soon a small smile appeared on her lips and she typed a reply to the girl who had sent it. Her smile widened when she saw her clever response and she placed her phone to the side.

It didn’t take long until she heard the ringtone again and she picked up the device, getting a bit surprised, and a bit disappointed when she saw someone else had written something in response to what she had said.

Sooyoung: Cheeeesy~

She could almost hear the teasing tone behind the word and a frown appeared on her lips.

Jessica: You’re just jealous~! Thanks Taengoo! But you’re the true goddess out of the two of us!

She felt her cheeks heat up by the words and a wide smile appeared on her lips.

Hyoyeon: Take your flirting elsewhere. I don’t want to throw up!

Jessica: No one asked you to read this!

Hyoyeon: I thought this chatroom was for all of us? Or did I enter one specifically for Taeyeon and Jessica’s flirting?

Jessica: Hah! You wouldn’t be able to handle what me and Taengoo talks about privately ;D

Hyoyeon: Please keep it privately…I’m sure it’s something really byun…considering it’s you two…

Jessica: Yah!

“Taeyeon-sshi!” Her eyes left her phone when she heard her name being called. She immediately discharged her phone and stood up from her seat.

“Yes!” She replied and went over to her stylist that motioned for her to come over.


A frown appeared on her lips when her phone suddenly had become silent. No more messages from her members, and she still hadn’t heard a word from her sister. It meant they must have gotten back to what they had been doing, or are still busy.

A sigh left her lips and she scrolled through the messages in the chatroom, stopping at the one the oldest member had sent, a smile formed on her lips upon reading the words.

Taeyeon: Bare-faced Goddess! ;)

Jessica continued to smile, a content sigh escaped her lips and she let her phone plop down beside her on the bed. Her eyes went up towards the ceiling which she stared at for a few seconds before she felt her eyelids grow heavy and soon drifted close.


She woke up by the sound of her ringtone and something vibrating against her ribs. Her body jolted up, grabbing her phone and fumbled with it a bit before she pressed it against her ear.

“Hello?” Jessica answered and then relaxed when it suddenly struck her she has no schedules and she stressed for no reason. A frown appeared on her lips and her shoulders sagged.

“Were you asleep?” Her eyes widened by the familiar voice and the frown disappeared from her lips.

“Taengoo?” Jessica asked a smile growing on her lips, the tiredness all forgotten.

“I’ve been calling you like ten times. And here I thought I could come over to help you get rid of your boredom…”

Jessica’s eyes widened by the older woman’s words and she quickly scrambled out of her bed.

“You’re here?” Jessica asked and barely managed to put on her slippers as she hurriedly exited her room to go to the front door.

“No, I’m on the other side of the planet, babo…”

Jessica opened the front door and found herself standing face to face with a brunette woman that had her phone pressed to her ear. When the woman realized the front door was open she lowered her phone from her ear, a smile growing on her lips.

“Well, took you long enough to open that door for me.” Taeyeon said a grin forming on her lips. Jessica found her lips also turning upwards and she stepped to the side to let Taeyeon enter.

“Your hair is a mess Sica.” Taeyeon pointed out after she had changed out of her shoes into a pair of slippers. Jessica’s hands flew up to her hair and noticed her bun had gone messy, she blinked and looked at Taeyeon that smiled at her.

“Well, I did fall asleep.” Jessica said a pout forming on her lips.

“But even with messy hair you still look like a goddess.” Taeyeon said her smile widened when she saw Jessica’s cheeks turning pink.

Jessica watched as Taeyeon entered her home. The older woman had been here so many times she knew the place like it was her own. But then, so was the case with most of the Girls’ Generation members.

“Is Soojung home?” Taeyeon asked when they were making their way to Jessica’s room.

“No, she has a late schedule.” Jessica said. Taeyeon nodded her head.

“No wonder you were bored.” Taeyeon said with a grin and turned to her. A pout appeared on Jessica’s lips and she lightly hit the older woman that began laughing.

“I thought you came here to help me with that.” Jessica said.

“I did.” Taeyeon said and entered Jessica’s room. Jessica watched as Taeyeon crawled up on her bed and patted the space beside her to tell her to join her. And when it comes to getting in bed Jessica didn’t need to be asked twice and gladly joined Taeyeon.

“So, how do you cure boredom?” Jessica asked and looked at the older woman.

“Hmm…” Taeyeon looked thoughtful for a second, glancing at the younger woman with a smile before she turned away again. “Well, you’re so picky so it might be difficult finding something that can cure your boredom.”

“Yah!” Jessica lightly bumped her shoulder against Taeyeon’s. The older of the two laughed and she couldn’t help but smile as well. “I’m never bored if I do something with you.” Jessica added and looked down on her fingers.

“Is that so?”


“If you say that, then I have a perfect activity for both of us.”

Jessica looked up from her fingers when she noticed Taeyeon move beside her. Her eyes widened when she saw Taeyeon take off the sweater she was wearing. Her eyes blinked when she saw a smirk form on Taeyeon’s lips when the older woman noticed her staring.

“Sica, you’re staring like this is the first time you’ve seen me undressing.” Taeyeon pointed out. A blush appeared on Jessica’s cheeks and she embarrassed turned away. She heard Taeyeon laugh and it didn’t make her blush better.

“Your ears are even turning red.” Jessica felt a pair of cold hands cup her burning ears and her head was turned back towards Taeyeon. Her brown orbs met with another pair, a shy smile appeared on her lips, and the older woman smiled back at her.

“Do you wanna know what I have in mind?” Taeyeon asked in a whisper. Jessica felt her mouth suddenly had gone dry and she could only nod her head in answer. A small smirk appeared on Taeyeon’s lips and she leaned closer. Jessica felt her heart beat pick up its pace when she noticed the woman getting closer to her.

When she could feel Taeyeon’s lips brush against hers, and her heart felt like it was pounding everywhere in her body, her chest, her throat, her ears, her stomach, everywhere, Taeyeon stopped.

“I think we should sleep.” Taeyeon said her breath brushed against Jessica’s lips. Before Jessica could register what Taeyeon actually had said she felt herself being pushed back, her back landing on the soft mattress of her bed, and a warm body wrapped around her.

Jessica blinked when her brain finally had processed what Taeyeon had said. She would lie if she said she wasn’t disappointed, but a part of her felt like maybe this wasn’t that bad anyway.

“Sleep?” Jessica croaked after a while.

“Mm.” Taeyeon replied beside her. “I just finished my schedules, if you want to do something later we can, but I have to get some sleep first.”

A smile appeared on Jessica’s lips. It wasn’t that bad, considering they could do something else later. She made herself more comfortable in her position, grabbing the duvet and putting it over the two of them before she turned and placed one arm around Taeyeon and drew her closer.

She raised her head up and planted a kiss on Taeyeon’s cheek. She saw a blush appear on the older woman’s cheeks, and she felt satisfied with her action.

“Call Hyo and tell her how cheesy we are.” Taeyeon suddenly mumbled.

“She’s going to hang up on me.” Jessica said with a smile.

“Maybe so.” Taeyeon mumbled, her breathing becoming more even and her body growing more relaxed. “She won’t find out how to cure boredom.” Taeyeon mumbled before she finally succumbed to sleep. Jessica smiled and planted a kiss against Taeyeon’s forehead before she closed her eyes.

“I don’t’ think she wants us to teach her that.” Jessica said even though Taeyeon probably couldn’t hear her. She smiled and felt happy that Taeyeon had come over, and even though they didn’t actually do anything, her boredom had washed away the instant the woman had showed up at her door.

Taeyeon’s presence was the cure to her boredom.



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