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She felt her body sink down into the softness of the mattress on the bed. The duvet soon covered her body from the cold hair in the room. The space behind her got occupied of another body and she could feel the warmth from the body as it got closer to her.

A smile appeared on her lips when she felt an arm wrap around her waist and a nose nuzzled closer at the back of her neck. She could feel the person inhale and exhale through her nose, the breath that bushed against her skin made her shiver.

She turned around in the person’s embrace and came face to face with another woman around the same age as her. The woman’s eyes stared at her, curiosity and anticipation both reflecting in her eyes.

The display of emotions made her smile more and she leaned closer to the woman, closing the distance between them and pressed their lips together. Feeling how it felt just right to kiss those pair of lips, and knowing it was only she that could kiss those pair of lips

“I love you.” It was whispered after they had parted from the kiss.

A smile appeared on her lips again and she leaned closer to place a kiss against the woman’s forehead before replaying “I love you too.”

She could see the woman’s lips turn upwards into a smile. The smile made her heart swell and all her worries and problems were forgotten. It was only her and this woman that existed to her now.

She suddenly remembered their lives, how they were living, who they were and what they had to do and all the responsibilities they had, and her smile instantly disappeared. She could see the smile on the other woman’s lips also faded and she looked a bit puzzled at her.

“What’s wrong?” Jessica asked gently and brought up her hand to her face and caressed her cheek. A small smile appeared on her lips and she leaned in to the hand.

“Our lives.” Taeyeon answered bitterly. She felt the hand on her cheek stopping caressing her and she looked a bit worried at the woman in front of her.

“Let’s not think about that.” Jessica said and continued to caress her cheek. “Let’s just think about you, me and us now.” She added and smiled.

The smile and words comforted her and she tried to put her focus on them instead. Trying to think how relaxing it was just to lie in bed like this, only the two of them and no one else. No sound except of the breathing from the woman before her. She liked it this way; she hoped they could stay like this forever, or at least for a long time.

But she knew that in just a few hours they would be separated by their lives, the other people they had around them and all their responsibilities, and then they wouldn’t be able to be as close as this.

Even though the thought of that made her feel sad and bitter about her life she still wanted to cherish this moment, this rare moment they had on very few occasions. She knew they rarely had time to be alone just the two of them.

She could see the worries on the other Jessica’s face disappear once the gloomy look on hers was gone. It made her smile wider and so she leaned closer to the woman, going slower the closer she got just to be able to take in everything she could of the woman. The way she was breathing, the anticipating and exciting look on her face, how her eyes slightly widened in surprise before she relaxed and proceed to close them and the small blush on her cheeks. She wanted to take in all of that before she finally closed her eyes and felt the soft lips that molded with hers.

When they once again parted she took her time to take in everything of the woman again. The quick heart beat she could feel against her own, the flushed cheeks, the glimmer in the eyes and the content smile Jessica had on her lips.

All that made her feel so happy as she knew it was only for her this woman reacted like this. She felt her heart swell again by the thought, and she leaned closer to the woman to lean her forehead against her. A big smile on her lips as she couldn’t contain the happiness she was feeling at the moment.

When Jessica was happy in her arms all she could do was feeling content and happy. Everything was complete when her life was like this.



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