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Don't let me go
The brunette slowly blinked. Her head felt fuzzy and heavy. She slowly sat up from her lying position on the floor. She shook her head and held her head and tried to remember what had happened to her.

She could only see small flashbacks, and she shook her head as it confused her even more. She slowly stood up from the floor and turned around. The place was at least familiar, she recognized the three seat couch that stood in the middle of the living room, the small coffee table and the TV.

Her eyes went downwards towards the floor. A gasp escaped her lips and she covered her mouth upon seeing the sight. She blinked confused, but everything suddenly made sense, the holes that were in her memory were slowly being filled and she could finally put everything into one piece.


Jessica looked down at her phone for the umpteenth time that day. She frowned when she saw she had not received any messages or any missed calls. She threw the device to the seat beside her on the couch, gave it one last glare before she turned her attention back to her magazine.

She heard the front door open and she looked up at the younger girl that came inside the window. The black haired girl stopped in her tracks upon seeing the older girl on the couch.

“You’re still here?” Krystal asked confused upon seeing Jessica here.

“Yes, Taeyeon hasn’t called me yet.” Jessica said and glanced at the phone beside her.

Krystal looked just as puzzled over the fact as Jessica felt. The two sisters stared at the device beside Jessica like it would make Taeyeon call faster.

“Maybe something came up.” Krystal said and shrugged her shoulders.

“She usually texts me if something comes up.” Jessica said and frowned.

Krystal shrugged her shoulders again. “I don’t know, I’m just saying.” Krystal said and made her way towards her room.

The older sister was left in the living room with the magazine and the cellphone. With a pout on her lips Jessica continued to stare at the cellphone. Still wondering why the girl wouldn’t call her or text her.


Taeyeon blinked confused as she crouched down beside the body that was lying on the floor. She took in the girl’s pale skin, the bluish lips, the blonde hair that framed the girl’s face. Taeyeon gulped. It was her own body she was staring at.

With a trembling hand Taeyeon reached out towards herself, she carefully placed her hand on her body, feeling nothing under her touch. She furrowed her eyebrows and put more pressure on her hand, seeing it go through her body she startled retreated it.

She looked from the motionless body on the floor and then back to her hand. She looked panicked back to her body and brought her hands up to her head to clutch at her hair.

“I’m dead.” Taeyeon mumbled to herself.


A sigh left Jessica’s lips and she picked up the device lying beside her on the couch. Still no messages or phone calls. She frowned and stood up from her seat on the couch and made her way towards her bedroom. Further down the hallway she could hear music coming from a room, and the singing voice of her sister caught her ears. She shook her head by the noisy sound and entered her own bedroom.

Jessica closed the door to her bedroom, closing out the loud music from Krystal’s room in the process. The older of the two sisters heaved a relieved sigh when she couldn’t hear the younger one’s music anymore.

The chestnut haired girl scanned her bedroom. She took in the sight of her bed and started to make her way there. First thing that landed on the bed was her cellphone that she threw before her body landed on the soft mattress.

Her face buried into the soft covers, she opened one eye and looked at the device that lied beside her. Another sigh left her lips and she closed her eyes while letting the muscles in her body relax.

If Taeyeon called her she was sure she would notice, but right now she felt the need to kill time with a nap.


Taeyeon paced around in the living room, she was biting on her nails while glancing occasionally on the body on the floor. She vaguely remembered how she had ended up on the floor, but she couldn’t understand why she had died. She was a healthy twenty four years old woman. What could have possibly happened for her to die?

She stopped pacing and looked at the body on the floor. Her nails were still between her teeth and she couldn’t seem to stop relax. Was there a way for her to get back into her body? Would someone notice that she was dead?

Her eyes left her body to look at the bookshelf. A framed photograph caught her eyes and it made her release the nails she had been biting on and her hand fell down to her side as she stared at the picture. She suddenly remembered what she had been supposed to do. Her head turned and she looked around the living room for the object she had gotten reminded of. Her eyes landed on the coffee table where she saw her cellphone.

Feeling delighted she went over to the device, but when she reached out to grab it. She looked hopefully at the black screen of her iPhone. She tried to unlock the phone but noticed she couldn’t.

“Damn.” She threw the phone on the couch. The phone probably couldn’t feel her touch. She looked angry at the device that lied on the couch. Her hope had been crushed.

A sigh left her being and she looked around the living room. Her eyes landed on the photography again. Her teeth bit down on her lower lip while she tried to figure out what she should do. Coming up with a plan she looked down on the floor on her motionless body.

“I hope this will work.” Taeyeon mumbled and went to the front door. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes and she continued to walk towards the closed door. When she opened her eyes again she found herself standing outside of her apartment.


The brunette girl stirred and she slowly opened her eyes. She brought her hands up to her tired eyes and rubbed them while stretching her body after her nap. She let her hands fall down to the sides of her body and they landed on the cellphone that lied beside her on the bed.

A frown instantly formed on her lips upon seeing the object, but with still some hope of perhaps having missed a phone call or text message while she was sleeping she reached out towards the device and grabbed it.

When she saw no new text messages of missed phone calls she huffed a sigh and let her hand fall down to her side. She felt annoyance start to build up and she glared at the device. Why hasn’t she contacted her yet?

She brought her phone in her view and opened the last text message she had gotten from Taeyeon. It clearly said the girl would contact her about their plans. That was last night. Jessica frowned and started typing a text message to ask what she was doing and sent it before she let her hand with the cellphone in it fall down to the bed again.

Her eyes were fixed at the white ceiling while she waited for the vibration of her phone that would indicate she had gotten a message. It never came and she looked beside her on the bed, only to sit up abruptly when she noticed something she hadn’t seen there before.

A frame with a photograph of her and Taeyeon lied next to her on the bed.

With confused eyes Jessica looked towards her desk where she knew the photograph originally had stood and noticed it was gone. Her eyebrows furrowed and she picked up the frame and looked at it, trying to remember if she had placed it there. Having no memory of it she looked back to her desk.

Maybe Krystal placed it there? Jessica thought with her eyebrows furrowed. No, her sister wouldn’t do such thing.

Maybe I sleepwalked. It sounded strange, as she had never sleepwalked before, but she couldn’t come up with a more reasonable suggestion for how the photography had ended up on her bed.

Or I could’ve just placed it there before but forgot about it. Jessica got out of bed and went over to her desk and placed the frame where it had stood before. She smiled when she looked at the blonde girl in the picture that was staring lovingly into her eyes.

Her eyes went over to the device she had left on the bed. A sigh left her lips and she slowly went over to the bed and picked it up. Still no answer from the girl. She bit down on her lower lip and pressed the call button beside Taeyeon’s name and pressed the cellphone against her ear while listening to the dial tone.

Taeyeon didn’t answer and Jessica finally hung up. She threw the phone onto her bed and crossed her arms while the thought of the girl avoiding her came to her mind. She sighed and turned around towards her desk. The frame she had placed on the desk was now lying down. Her eyes widened by the sight and she went over to the photograph.

She looked to see if the frame was broken, but she found nothing wrong with it and she placed it back into its original position. She shrugged her shoulders and let it go with the thought of that she had placed it on the desk in an unstable position and it had made it fall down. With that left behind she turned around and made her way towards the window.


Taeyeon watched as Jessica walked towards the window and stared out at the scenery outside. She hated how Jessica couldn’t see her, and the girl didn’t seem to understand anything she tried to do.

A sigh left her lips and she looked at Jessica with sorrowful eyes. The girl would probably not even see it even if Jessica was turned towards her.

Taeyeon kept her eyes at the girl by the window, she started to move towards her with hesitant steps, getting even closer and closer to the girl that was oblivious to her presence. She extended her arms and placed them around Jessica’s body. She could see goosebumps forming on Jessica’s arms and the girl shivered. Taeyeon had to look away when she knew that she was making the girl feeling cold.

Jessica suddenly turned around in her embrace and she was standing face to face with the girl. Her eyes widened when she thought Jessica was looking at her, but when Jessica took a step forward and walked right through her those hopes were crushed immediately.

Taeyeon clenched her teeth and closed her hands into fists. The situation was starting to frustrate her. She couldn’t do anything to get noticed.

“Jessica,” She turned around and called the brunette’s name. She could just watch Jessica continue to walk and take a seat on the bed as the girl didn’t show any sign of hearing her.

“Jessica,” Taeyeon followed her and stopped beside where she was sitting. Jessica still didn’t see or notice her.

“Please,” Taeyeon begged when she saw Jessica pick up a book.

“Just notice me already!” Taeyeon shouted.

Jessica still didn’t show that she noticed her and just calmly opened the book and moved to a more comfortable position on the bed and began reading. Taeyeon fell down on her knees on beside the bed, reaching out her hands towards Jessica’s arm and holding it.

“Please, please notice me.” Taeyeon begged with her head bent down.

She noticed Jessica shift and it made Taeyeon look up at the girl on the bed. She noticed Jessica placing her hand where her two hands were holding Jessica’s arm. Her teary eyes widened and she looked up at Jessica’s face and noticed Jessica had her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.


Jessica rubbed her arm as she felt it was cold. She had felt cold when she had been standing by the window, but she guessed some of the chilliness was still left in her. When the cold disappeared she stopped rubbing her arm and went back to read her the book she had picked up.

Her mind left the blonde girl she wondered what was doing and why she didn’t contact and instead got absorbed by the words that told her the story of the characters in the book. Time flown by and she didn’t seemed to notice it as her eyes continued to take in the words that had been interlaced into the story she could take part of.

The only thing that got her to take her eyes away from the book was the sound of keys falling down on the floor. Her eyes snapped towards the set of keys that lied on the floor. Her eyebrows furrowed when she looked at the shiny objects.

Her brown orbs left the keys and looked around the room. She was just as alone as she had been before, but still she could feel like another presence was there with her. The feeling made her slowly closer her book, grab the phone on the bed and make her way towards the keys on the floor. She took in the feeling of the cold metal that now lied in her hand.

With confused eyes Jessica spun around in her room. She suddenly felt like she had to go out, like it was someone calling for her in another place.

She placed the keys in her jean pocket together with her phone and went for her wardrobe to find something she could put over the t-shirt she was wearing.


Jessica had no idea why, but she just had a feeling that she should go to Taeyeon’s home to check on the girl. Taeyeon hadn’t contacted her, and she had tried to contact the girl but without getting an answer. She figured it would be best to go and see what was up with her.

The brunette put her hand inside her pocket and took out the spare key Taeyeon had given her a few months back. Jessica let the key enter the key whole and twisted it and listened to the door unlock. She didn’t think much about it and entered the apartment.

The first thing she noticed was Taeyeon’s shoes that still stood in the hall. Her eyebrows furrowed and she looked up from the pair of shoes and let her eyes look down the hallway.

“Taeyeon?” Jessica called.

It was deadly silent and it bugged Jessica slightly. She removed her shoes and started to slowly make her way inside. The first room she went past was the living room. Her eyes immediately noticed the figure on the floor, seeing who it was Jessica’s face went pale.

“Taeyeon!” Jessica went over to the motionless body on the floor. She stopped by her side and cupped Taeyeon’s face and took notice of how cold she was.

“Taeyeon, please, Taeyeon answer me.” Jessica began shaking the body, but without any reply from the girl. Jessica felt tears starting to brim in her eyes, and she quickly took out her cellphone from her pocket, fumbling with the device with her trembling hands and dropping it twice before she finally managed to call emergency and press the device against her ear.

The ambulance would be on their way and Jessica was left with clutching the girl’s hand. Her tears had started to stream down her cheeks and she started to wonder why she couldn’t have gone to Taeyeon’s place sooner. She should have known something wasn’t right when the girl didn’t contact her at all about her whereabouts.


Taeyeon entered her apartment, the sobbing was the first thing she heard when she entered. With a heavy heart she went to the living room and saw Jessica seated beside her dead body. Seeing the brunette’s tear stained cheeks made a pain grow in her chest and she went over to her side and took a seat beside the crying girl.

Her eyes took in the sight of Jessica tightly clutching her hand. It brought a bitter smile to her face and she reached out her hand to place it on top of the other girl. She figured Jessica wouldn’t notice as the girl was probably too occupied with thinking about the girl she actually could see in front of her.

Taeyeon looked at her body, the shell she had lived inside her whole life. Seeing her this way was new. She didn’t think anyone would actually think they ever would see their body this way.

“Don’t die.” Jessica’s sob made Taeyeon turn her attention back to the brunette beside her. She smiled at the girl that was so tightly holding onto her dead body’s hand. She reached out and patted Jessica’s head.

The brunette snapped her head towards her direction. The action startled her as much as her action must have started Jessica. The two of them looked wide eyed at each other. Taeyeon wasn’t sure if Jessica saw her but the girl still hadn’t turned away from her.

“T-Taeyeon?” Jessica’s voice was a whisper, and Taeyeon gulped.

Taeyeon reached out towards her again to let Jessica know about her existence, but rapid knocks on the door made Jessica turn her attention that way instead and the brunette girl left her to sit beside her body while she went to the door.

Two paramedics came into the living room followed by Jessica. Seeing the paramedics take care of her body Taeyeon distanced herself and watched as they did their job.

Her eyes left the two men and went over to Jessica that stood by the side and watched with an anxious and concerned expression on her face. She slowly went over to the girl and stopped beside her. She looked down at the hand Jessica had clutched into a fist, she reached out her own hand towards it, but stopped when she noticed something strange with it.

She could see through her own hand.

Her head turned around and saw the paramedics had started doing CPR on her. She turned back to Jessica and caught the girl’s worried stricken face one last time before she saw a white light that suddenly exploded around her and she was surrounded by darkness.


The beeping sound from the monitors was the first thing she noticed when she regained consciousness. She stirred slightly and slowly opened her eyes and took in the brightness of the hospital room the sun shone inside. The sudden light made her close her eyes and clench her fists which earned her the attention of the person that had been holding her hand.

“Taeyeon?” The voice beside her made her turn her head and slowly open her eyes to take in the sight of the brunette beside her. She smiled at the girl that looked teary eyed and worriedly at her.

“Hmm?” Taeyeon couldn’t utter any other sound than that, but it was enough to bring a delighted smile on Jessica’s lips.

“Oh my God! I thought I was going to lose you!” Jessica’s arms wrapped around Taeyeon’s body in a tight hug. The blonde could only smile and pat the brunette’s back as she felt Jessica’s tears soak the hospital gown she was wearing.

“I’m sorry.” Taeyeon croaked and looked at Jessica when the girl had broken the hug.

“I was worried.” Jessica said and wiped the tears that had escaped her eyes.

“I can see that.” Taeyeon said and lifted up her hand towards Jessica’s face and wiped away the tears on her cheek. A small smile was on Jessica’s lips and Taeyeon smiled assuring at the girl.

“But you won’t lose me as long as you don’t let go of me.” Taeyeon said.

Jessica chuckled and grabbed Taeyeon’s hand and held it tightly between both of hers.

“Then I’ll have to make sure to not let you go.” Jessica said.

The two girls smiled warmly at each other. Both enjoying the presence of the other, and savoring how they could feel the warmth from the other girl as they held each other in their arms.



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