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Through work and hate we'll love part 8
“You look lovestruck.” The brunette girl’s comment made the blonde idol that was deep in thought come back to reality and she looked at the two sisters that observed her. She looked questioning at them when she hadn’t quite heard what they had said.

“You look like you’re in love.” Hyoyeon said and Taeyeon nodded her head.

Jessica frowned by the comment and the idol shook her head. “No, I’m not in love.”

“Really? Then I’m gonna applaud you for being able to display the emotions of the song you and Tiffany are promoting.” Taeyeon said and began clapping her hands.

“You don’t need to be in love to display the emotions of that song!” Jessica protested and made the composer stop clapping her hands. Hyoyeon and Taeyeon exchanged glances before they looked back at the blonde idol.

“But you’ve changed.” Hyoyeon said.

“Yeah, and you’re always spacing out with a smile on your lips nowadays.” Taeyeon added.

“I always space out.” Jessica said and frowned.

“Yeah, but not while smiling.” The two sisters said in unison. Jessica frowned at them. She grabbed her napkin and threw it on Taeyeon.

“Sorry for being happy!” Jessica said and pouted.

“It’s nothing wrong with being happy. We’re happy to see you happy. But we’re just curious who the source of your happiness is.” Hyoyeon said.

“Or what. She could be on drugs.” Taeyeon added. The idol and dancer looked at the brunette that looked innocently at them. Jessica rolled her eyes at the brunette’s statement and turned to the blonde sister instead.

“It’s nothing. I’m just enjoying my life right now.” Jessica said and looked seriously at Hyoyeon.

“Your life with Tiffany.”

Jessica snapped her head towards Taeyeon. Her cheeks started to flush and she wondered why she had thrown her napkin before as she needed it even more now to shove down Taeyeon’s throat. The two sisters noticed Jessica’s reaction and their eyes and grins widened.

“Omo, it’s Tiffany!” Hyoyeon said happily.

The two sisters began clapping their hands when they had figured it out. Jessica blushed madly and she tried to quiet the two girls down when they both cheered their success in their investigation. The blonde idol started to question her choice of friends when she saw the sisters high-five.

“I hate you.” Jessica mumbled when the sisters had calmed down.

“But you’re in love with the girl you hated.” Taeyeon said and pointed at the idol.

“I still hate her.”

“But you’ve grown to love her through your work.” The other sister said.

“Shut up.”

“Jessica and Tiffany sitting in a tree– “

“SHUT UP!” Jessica lifted her knife and threatened to throw it at one of the sisters. Both Taeyeon and Hyoyeon stopped singing but they continued to giggle but the blonde’s reaction.

The sisters stopped giggling and Jessica lowered the knife. She let out a tired sigh and placed the knife on the table while leaning back in her seat.

“You know, someone that’s in love should look happier.” Hyoyeon said.

“Yeah, why don’t you tell her about your feelings?” Taeyeon asked.

Another sigh left the idol and she looked up at her two friends.

“Because it’s Tiffany.” Jessica said and pouted.

“So?” The two sisters exchanged glances before they looked back at Jessica.

“It’s Tiffany. You know, the girl that has been my rival since the first time we met when starred in that drama together.” Jessica said.

“But you starred in that drama when you were like nine.” Taeyeon pointed out.

“That’s like twelve years ago.” Hyoyeon added.

Jessica sighed. “Yes, but through those twelve years me and Tiffany have hated each other.” Jessica said.

“Well, time changes, as you’ve obviously proven by falling for her.” Hyoyeon said matter-of-factly.

Jessica frowned by the blonde sister’s comment. She grabbed her knife again and threatened to throw it at the girl that grabbed her sister to use as a shield. Taeyeon held up her hands and motioned for Jessica to not throw the knife.

Jessica sighed and dropped the knife again. The blonde idol placed her hands over her face while letting out a frustrated groan.

She knew the sisters were right about what they were saying. But she didn’t like it, and she could only react angry towards it.


Jessica felt the presence by her side on the stage leave during the ending of the show. She turned her head and saw the red haired girl went up to the female MC of the show. She saw Tiffany hugging the girl and they began chatting causally. Jessica frowned by the sight and turned to the audience instead, waving to the fans that shouted her name.

“I missed you, Yuri-ah.” Tiffany’s loud voice was heard. Jessica tried to not show how much she disliked hearing it and focused on smiling to the audience instead.

“We have to hang out someday, maybe after my promotions over.” Tiffany said.

Jessica felt the comment like a stab to her heart. The blonde swallowed and tried to ignore the painful feeling. She dared taking a small glance at the MC and her duo partner that now was laughing together. Jessica clenched her teeth and turned away from the sight.

The artists finally got the sign to walk off the stage, Jessica was fast with walking up to Tiffany that was still talking to Yuri. Without thinking about what she was doing Jessica grabbed Tiffany’s hand and started dragging the other girl with her off the stage.

“Jessica, what are you doing?” She heard Tiffany ask and felt the red haired girl tug on the hand she was holding.

“We have other schedules to go to.” Jessica reasoned and hurriedly went through the hallway.

“That’s not until a few hours!” Tiffany said and pulled her hand making Jessica stop in her tracks. The blonde idol turned to look at the other girl and met Tiffany’s confused eyes. It was then Jessica realized her action wasn’t like her usual self and she let go of the red head’s hand.

“What’s wrong with you?” Tiffany asked and observed the blonde that looked down on the floor.

“Nothing.” Jessica mumbled and turned on her heels and headed for the dressing rooms alone.

Confused by Jessica’s strange behavior Tiffany was rooted to her spot while watching the blonde’s retreating back. Tiffany blinked confused by Jessica’s action and shook her head before she turned around to head the other way. While walking she looked over her shoulder towards the direction Jessica had gone. The blonde’s action was really bugging her.


Jessica paced back and forth in the practice room. She had done so for quite some time. When she had been seated while thinking about her problem she had felt too restless and had ended up standing up while pacing around the floor.

The blonde stopped in her tracks and turned to the mirror wall, her confused and rather frantic expression was displayed in the mirror and she sighed and continued to pace around again.

Her left hand was clutching her cellphone, and she was constantly looking down at the device like she contemplated on doing something with it. For the fifteenth time that evening Jessica looked down at the phone, sighing, and dropping the hand back to her side while she continued pacing around.

The idol stopped again and bit down on her lower lip. She looked at the cellphone again, unlocking the screen and opening the text message conversations, she typed in what she wanted to say and hovered her thumb over the send button. She closed her eyes while taking a deep breath, feeling her thumb press down on the screen, and she opened her eyes again and looked down at the message that had been sent. She stopped breathing and her heart continued to beat rapidly.


The vibrations of her phone made the red haired idol inside the lounging room pick up the device and check the text message. She blinked confused by the text that was written, she had to re-read it three times before she had confirmed she had been reading right.

From Jessica:

I’m sorry about my actions before.

Tiffany blinked confused again. She wrote it was okay and placed her phone in her lap. Her eyebrows furrowed again by Jessica’s even stranger behavior. Her cellphone buzzed again and Tiffany picked it up to look at the newly received text message.

From Jessica:

I want to talk to you about something. Can you come to the practice room?

Tiffany’s eyebrows raised in surprise. Her body had already stood up from her seat on the couch and her feet were already bringing her to the destination before she had even written a reply to the blonde. Tiffany wondered what was wrong with the blonde girl nowadays.


Tiffany stopped a few feet away from Jessica. The blonde had her back facing her and Tiffany raised an eyebrow by the blonde girl that had her shoulders slumped and her whole posture seemed smaller, contradicting to the confident Jessica usually displayed.

“What did you want to talk about?” Tiffany asked and crossed her arms over her chest.

She heard Jessica sigh. The blonde girl turned around with her eyes fixed on the floor. Tiffany kept looking at her, waiting for Jessica to finally spit out whatever it was she had to say.

When Jessica looked up and met Tiffany’s eyes, Tiffany was taken aback when she saw an emotion in the brown orbs that she had never seen the blonde girl display before. The red head uncrossed her arms and waited for the blonde girl to talk, maybe even explaining why she looked afraid.

Jessica felt her lower lip quiver as she opened her mouth, she noticed Tiffany searched her face, and she closed her mouth again to not look like a fool. She gulped nervously and met Tiffany’s confused eyes that continued to observe her, she could catch a slight impatience in the other girl, and Jessica took a deep breath to get her nerves in check.

“Don’t try to stop loving me.” Jessica’s plea came out as a whisper. By how much Tiffany’s eyes widened she knew the other girl was surprised.

“I don’t want my love to be one-sided like yours have been.” Jessica added.

Tiffany closed her eyes and released a sigh. Jessica continued to stare at Tiffany’s face for any kind of reaction. Her heart felt like it would jump out of her chest if it continued to beat like this.

When Tiffany opened her eyes again, a small smirk appeared on her lips. Jessica didn’t know what she would think of that reaction and instead waited for Tiffany to say something.

“You selfish b*stard.” Tiffany said with her smirk still on her lips. The red haired woman took a grip around Jessica’s collar and brought her closer. Standing a mere inch away from each other now, Jessica held her breath as she looked surprised into Tiffany’s eyes.

“You’re so damn lucky that I’ve stopped trying.” Tiffany whispered before she captured Jessica’s lips.

The kiss was rough, and Jessica could feel the taste of blood in her mouth. When she started to kiss Tiffany back and placed her arms around the other woman’s neck the kiss took a softer path, and they started kissing more passionate.

Tiffany was the first one to break the kiss, and they stared at each other while trying to catch their breath. A grin appeared on Tiffany’s lips and she let go of Jessica’s collar to slide her hands down to place them on Jessica’s waist.

“Sorry.” Tiffany said and looked at Jessica’s lip. The blonde idol let her tongue sweep over her lower lip and she noticed a cut that had appeared there, she now knew why she had tasted blood in her mouth earlier.

“You aren’t a very good kisser, are you?” Jessica commented. Tiffany frowned and Jessica could feel the girl pinching her side, making her squirm in Tiffany’s embrace.

“I’m just kidding.” Jessica laughed and managed to make Tiffany stop pinching her. A satisfied smile appeared on Tiffany’s lips and Jessica smiled at her.

“Now what?” Jessica asked.

“You tell me.” Tiffany said and raised her eyebrows in an expectantly way. Jessica smiled by the action.

“Well, I guess I’m no longer single.” Jessica said and tilted her head to the side. Tiffany raised an eyebrow by the statement.

“So you’re saying that you have a girlfriend now?” Tiffany asked.

“Yeah.” Jessica looked a bit unsure at Tiffany.

“Well, it can’t be me then ‘cause I don’t like commitments. “ Tiffany said and shrugged.

She saw Jessica’s shocked expression, and she felt the Jessica’s arms around her neck slowly started to let go. She smiled and brought Jessica closer to her, surprising the blonde once again.

“But because I like you so much I guess I could make an exception.” Tiffany said and smirked.

A frown appeared on Jessica’s lips and she brought her hands down to Tiffany’s shoulders while she tried to push the red-haired girl away from her.

“You know what, I don’t like you.” Jessica said while still trying to push Tiffany away but the red-haired woman continued to hold her in place.

Tiffany laughed and leaned closer to the blonde’s face. “I know, honey, but we’ll just have to love and hate each other at the same time to make this work out.” Tiffany said and smirked.

“You’re an as*.” Jessica said while leaning away from Tiffany.

“You’re not so lovely yourself, b*stard.” Tiffany said and leaned in to capture Jessica’s lips again.

Jessica didn’t give in to the kiss at first, but when she felt Tiffany lightly nibbling on her lower lip she finally gave in and opened her mouth to fulfill Tiffany’s wish. The red haired girl smirked against her lips when she had given in and Jessica slapped Tiffany’s arm that made the girl laugh into their kiss.


“And we’re back after a bit of break.” The host of the show said and smiled at the camera. He looked down at his cue cards before he turned towards his guest.

“Tiffany-sshi,” The host pointed at the red haired idol that was one of the guests. Beside Tiffany was a sign which said ‘I’m coming out’. The idol smiled when the camera was focused on her.

“Tiffany-sshi, it’s said that you’re going to reveal something on today’s show.” The host said. Tiffany nodded her head.

“Yeah, I contemplated about this for a while, but I feel I should come out about this and I’m even prepared to face the consequences.” Tiffany said and turned towards the host. He nodded, interest sparked in his eyes and he looked at the camera before he turned back to the idol.

“It sounds like this is something your company doesn’t even know about.” The host said.

Tiffany giggled by the comment. She nodded her head and the audience and host expressed their surprise by gasps.

“My company doesn’t know. And I haven’t told anyone that I’m coming out about this today.”

The camera focused on Jessica that sat behind Tiffany. Jessica had her mouth open in shock and she looked at the red haired idol that continued to smile.

“Tiffany-sshi has really sparked my interest. Please do tell us your revelation.” The host said and motioned for Tiffany to begin her story. Tiffany smiled when the camera focused on her.

“The thing is, ever since I debuted as a ballad singer and got famous I’ve been keeping my sexuality a secret. It has been a burden for me through these years. But I thought that now when I’m finally in a serious relationship I think it’s only right for my fans to come out clean. So today I want to say that I’m actually homosexual.” Tiffany said and smiled apologetic at the camera. She saw that her manager that stood beside the PD was about to faint, her stylist was gaping in shock like the rest of the staff. The audience was silent and the other guests on the show were also speechless by Tiffany’s revelation.

“Uh… so… uh.” The host was thrown off guard by Tiffany’s revelation as well. He looked at his cue cards before he looked at the idol that smiled at him.

“Relationship. You said you’re in a serious relationship.” He said. Tiffany nodded her head.

“Yes, my girlfriend is actually here today.” Tiffany said and smiled even wider.

The camera went out to the audience expecting one of the females revealing themselves as Tiffany’s secret girlfriend. They missed to film the blush that was covering the cheeks of the blonde girl seated behind Tiffany.

“She’s one of the guests.” Tiffany said.

The camera went back to film Tiffany that still hadn’t lost her smile. The idol turned around towards her duo partner that was about to burn up in embarrassment.

“Didn’t you say we would face this together?” Tiffany asked the blonde idol.



“Is Jessica the girlfriend?”

The other guests on the show started expressing their surprise upon today’s revelation. Jessica was mum and blushed madly when the camera focused on her. She couldn’t even smile, and her mouth couldn’t even deny what Tiffany was implying. The host had his mouth open in shock as he stared at the two female idols.

“So, Jessica-sshi, are you Tiffany’s girlfriend?” He finally asked.

Jessica glanced at Tiffany that smiled reassuringly at her. The blonde turned towards the host again and gave a nod in answer. Some of the J2T fans in the audience began screaming in joy while the other guests on the show were too surprised to even express what they thought of it all.


The blonde idol’s hand was tightly wrapped around the other girl’s. She could still hear Tiffany’s giggles even though they were rushing through the hallway of the recording studio towards their waiting room. They avoided all staff members they bumped into. No reporters were in sight as their managers and security guards tried to handle them.

Jessica finally reached their waiting room. She opened the door slightly before she kicked it open and dragged Tiffany in with her. The red head was still giggling like she was high, and Jessica’s cheeks were as red as Tiffany’s hair.

Jessica kicked the door close to their waiting room before closing the door and slamming Tiffany against the door. The blonde placed both of hands against the door on each side of Tiffany’s body. The red head didn’t seem to care about how roughly she was being handled, and how Jessica glared at her angrily, she continued to giggle and covered her mouth with both her hands.

“What the f*ck are you thinking?!” Jessica asked and slammed the door with her hand beside Tiffany’s head.

Tiffany finally stopped giggling and stared into Jessica’s blazing eyes. She placed her hands on Jessica’s still flushing cheeks and tried to calm the other idol down.

“Calm down, Jessi. Remember how you said that if I mentioned your sexuality you’d drag me down with you? Well, I just revealed our relationship to drag us both down.” Tiffany said and smiled.

“And how exactly did you think that would be smart?” Jessica asked through her gritted teeth.

“It’s tiring keeping it all a secret. Besides, the fans would probably figure it out sooner or later anyway. We couldn’t even go on normal dates, but now we can.” Tiffany said happily.

Jessica sighed and closed her eyes. She felt Tiffany rubbed her fingers on her cheeks before the girl removed her hands and placed her arms around her neck. Jessica opened her eyes again and stared into Tiffany’s.

“I’m not sure if I should thank you for lessen my burden, or hate you for ruining my career.” Jessica said and smiled.

Tiffany smiled as well and dragged Jessica closer to bring their foreheads together.

“Thank me first. You don’t even know if this will affect your career.”

“Oh, honey, it will.”

“Yeah, I guess…”

Jessica grinned and Tiffany smiled at the blonde. The blonde idol let out a laugh that made Tiffany laugh as well. When they had stopped Jessica let out a sigh and leaned her body against Tiffany’s and pinned the red head against the door. The blonde’s action made another set of giggles erupt from the red head, making Jessica grin in the crock of Tiffany’s neck.

Tiffany stopped giggling and Jessica leaned back only to lean back in again to capture Tiffany’s lips. Tiffany responded to the tender kiss and held on to Jessica’s head to keep the blonde in place. She stroked her tongue over Jessica’s lower lips, asking for entrance, and the blonde reciprocated and fulfilled Tiffany’s request.

The idols’ kissing session was interrupted by rapid knocks on the door behind Tiffany. Both of them furrowed their eyebrows as they looked on the wooden door after being interrupted.

“Jessica! Tiffany!” They heard their managers shout on the other side of the door.

The two idols looked at each other, grins formed on their lips and they leaned their foreheads together before bursting out in laughter.

When their laughter had stopped they stared into each other’s eyes. Their managers’ shouting that had also been joined by their stylists’ were blocked out by the bubble that surrounded the two of them. They leaned in towards each other, their lips met, and they took off right from where they had left after getting interrupted.


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