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Through work and hate we'll love part 7
Through work and hate we’ll love part 7

Tiffany was everywhere. Tiffany was here, Tiffany was there, Tiffany was in her mind, in her dreams, in her speech, beside her, everywhere. Jessica stared at her mirror reflection in her bathroom when she realized she had wondered what Tiffany was doing. Her eyebrows furrowed and she slapped her left cheek.

“What is going on…?” Jessica mumbled and continued to stare at the mirror that showed her face, her blonde hair was wet after the shower, and her upper body that was covered by a pink bathrobe.

Her hand slid down from her cheek, only to be slapped back on it when Jessica found her mind going back to the red head. The blonde idol frowned and she slapped both her cheeks to get her mind straight.

“Don’t. Think. About. Her.” Jessica chanted while slapping her cheeks.

Jessica lowered her hands and saw her reddened cheeks. She rubbed the now sore flesh and winced a bit.

“Stupid head, what’s wrong with you.” Jessica muttered and grabbed her toothbrush and toothpaste. She applied some of the toothpaste on the brush and put it in her mouth and started brushing her teeth.

I wonder if –

Jessica stopped her thoughts, a frown appeared on her lips, and she stared at her frowning self in the mirror.

The f*ck Jessica?

Jessica spit out the content in her mouth and stared angrily at her mirror reflection.

“Just stop thinking about her already!!” Jessica shouted at the reflection.


Tiffany was talking. Like usual. This time with the scriptwriter about the script. Jessica watched how the woman constantly placed her hand on Tiffany’s arm, smiled happily at the red haired idol that seemed oblivious to it, and just continued to nod her head when she got things explained to her.

Jessica frowned and looked down at her own script. What was it to not understand about it? She glanced back up at the idol and scriptwriter when she heard laugh coming from them. She saw the scriptwriter tapped Tiffany’s back before leaving the idol and Tiffany went back to reading her script.

“What was it to not understand?” Jessica asked out loud.

She could feel Tiffany looking at her, and the blonde looked up at met her gaze.

“I was just a bit unsure of some things.” Tiffany explained and furrowed her eyebrows.

Jessica rolled her eyes and looked down at her script.

“You could just have asked me instead of disturbing the scriptwriter unnie.”

“It’s her job, besides, you seem too focused on your own thing to be able to help someone else.” Tiffany said and went back to read the script.

Jessica frowned behind the piece of paper. She glanced at Tiffany that was focused on the script. Jessica sighed and went back to eye through the script before the radio show was starting again.

“Okay, so we’re back after a little break and we’re going into the last part of this radio show.” Tiffany said when they came back after the commercial break.

“So, Jessica-sshi, how do you feel after being a guest DJ here today?” Tiffany asked.

“I feel fulfilled. I’ve never been a radio DJ before, I’ve only been a guest at radio shows. But this was a lot more fun than I thought it would.” Jessica said.

Tiffany nodded her head, and glanced at the blonde that sat on the other side of the table. They met gazes and to Tiffany’s surprise Jessica looked away before her.

“I see,” Tiffany said while her left eyebrow had raised in a questioning look. “Do you think you’d do it again if you got offered?” Tiffany asked.

“Yes, absolutely.” Jessica answered.

“Yeah, I’d do the same. Even though this wasn’t my first time as a radio DJ it was really fun. I hope the listeners think so as well.” Tiffany said and looked down at the script to see what next segment was.

“For the next thing the listeners will be choosing a mission for either me or Tiffany-sshi to do, or for us both to do together. The missions to choose from are on the homepage so just log in there and vote for the mission you wish to see us do.” Jessica said.

“Yes, in the end of this radio we will be fulfilling the mission.” Tiffany added.


“So the next thing is live singing. And Jessica-sshi, you’re going to sing us a song. Do you mind telling us what song?”

“That’s right, I’m going to sing Kiss me by Sixpence none the richer.” Jessica said.

Tiffany nodded her head and glanced at Jessica that got ready in front of the microphone. This was the song Jessica had been practicing when Tiffany had stormed into the room and thrown the food at her. Tiffany lowered her gaze to the script in front of her, she was still feeling embarrassed about it.

The music started playing and Jessica’s voice was filling the radio studio. Tiffany bobbed her head to the song, she couldn’t help but think the song really fitted Jessica’s voice.

“Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight

Lead me out on the moonlit floor, lift your open hand

Strike up the band and make fireflies dance

Silver moon’s sparkling

So kiss me”

Tiffany looked at the singing idol and noticed Jessica was turned her way when she sang. The two idols’ eyes met and both of them felt too embarrassed and looked away.

Tiffany lightly coughed and looked at the script instead while Jessica finished singing. When the song finally came to an end Tiffany applauded while Jessica went back to her seat.

“Good job,” Tiffany praised.

“Thank you.” Jessica said and put on her headphones.

“Is there any reason for you to choose this song to sing?”

“Uuh,” Jessica glanced around her and Tiffany bit down on her lower lip. She glanced at the PD before she turned back to the other idol.

“Actually it was a friend that recommended that I should sing this song because she thought it fitted my voice.” Jessica said and laughed embarrassed.

“I see, well, that friend must have good ears because it really fitted your voice.” Tiffany said.


“So, the result from the listener’s choice of mission is finished. Shall we take a look at what they’ve chosen?” Tiffany asked and saw the scriptwriter came in and placed an envelope in Jessica’s hand.

“Yes, that would seem like a good idea to do.” Jessica said and opened the envelope and took out a folded piece of paper. The blonde idol unfolded it and turned it a bit before she read it. Jessica’s eyes widened slightly, the sight picking on Tiffany’s curiosity.

“Kiss Tiffany’s cheek.” Jessica read out loud.

The radio studio filled with silence. Tiffany’s eyes were wide as ping-pong balls and Jessica just tried not to show her real feelings about the mission and just stared in front of her at the other idol.

“What is this?” Jessica suddenly asked and broke the awkward silence.

“Did the listeners choose you to do that mission?” Tiffany asked when she had recovered from her shock.

Yes, it’s actually says ‘Jessica kiss Tiffany’s cheek’” Jessica said.

“Oh,” Tiffany said.

“But, this radio isn’t viewable so I don’t know how the listeners will be able to know if I fulfilled it.” Jessica said and furrowed her eyebrows.

“A picture will be taken.” Tiffany said.

“Ah,” Jessica nodded her head understanding.

“So, should we do it?”

“The listeners wants it so yes, I guess so.”

“If anyone has any protests about this please say so now.” Tiffany jokingly said and saw Jessica slowly standing up from her seat. The blonde idol looked around her before her eyes landed outside the radio studio.

“Is it okay that I do it now?” Jessica asked. They got the PD’s nod of approval and Jessica went over to Tiffany’s side.

“Which cheek do you want me to smear my lip-gloss over?”

“Gosh, that sounds so gross.” Tiffany said and laughed. “Just kiss whichever.”

Jessica leaned down and the both idols noticed a man with a camera had suddenly appeared. They both knew that this was going to happen for real and Jessica leaned closer to Tiffany’s cheek.

Her lips finally came in contact with Tiffany’s cheeks. A few pictures were taken and Jessica pulled away when the man with the camera had lowered the photo-taking-machine. She looked at Tiffany’s face and noticed Tiffany was bright red after the small kiss on her cheek.

“Oh, listeners are commenting.” Tiffany said. Jessica snapped her head towards the monitor in front of Tiffany and tried to read what they were saying.

“They’re telling me to return the favor and kiss your cheek too.” Tiffany mumbled.

Silence filled between the two idols.

“I’m sorry, but is this some kiss party?” Jessica asked.

“They’re saying that when you sang it sounded like you really wanted someone to kiss you.”



“Well, you know, I just got into the emotion of the song. I don’t really want to be kissed.”

“Lies, every girl wants to be kissed.”

“Yeah, but…”


“Not by you.” Jessica started laughing after her statement. Tiffany frowned and looked towards the PD and saw him laughing together with the scriptwriter and their managers. Tiffany huffed a sigh and turned to Jessica that now had stopped laughing.

“Dude that hurt.” Tiffany said and slapped Jessica’s arm.

The grin disappeared from Jessica’s lips and she looked apologetic at Tiffany. “Sorry.” Jessica said.

Tiffany looked away from the blonde idol at the screen in front of her. She coughed awkwardly and looked back at Jessica again.

“So– “

“Just kiss me so we can move on to the next thing.” Jessica said and turned her left cheek towards Tiffany. Tiffany wide eyed looked from Jessica to the PD and scriptwriter and back to the blonde idol beside her. Embarrassed and leaned closer to the blonde and checked in the corner of her eye how everyone reacted. The man with the camera was already ready and Tiffany screwed her eyes shut and pressed her lips against Jessica’s cheek.

Jessica felt her ears and cheeks get hot by the contact of Tiffany’s lips against on her cheek. She focused her eyes on the floor and let the cameraman snap the photos before Tiffany retreated and Jessica could finally return to her seat and calm her fast beating heart.

“So, the pictures from the mission will be uploaded on the homepage so if listeners want to confirm if Jessica-sshi really went through with the mission you can check there.” Tiffany said and glanced at Jessica that now had put on her headphones and looked ready to go back to DJ-ing.

“God, I don’t really kiss my friends.” Tiffany commented when Jessica was ready.

“Really? I kiss my female friends all the time.” Jessica said.

“Oh. Now I don’t feel that special anymore.”

“Sorry, honey, but you aren’t that special.” Jessica said and laughed to make her statement seem more like joke. But in truth Jessica wanted herself to say it just to convince herself that Tiffany wasn’t special to her.


Jessica heard the roar of the audience as she stood beside the stage and waited for her turn to get up there. She breathed in through her nose and out through her mouth and started to lightly jump from side to side to make her nerves calm down. She found it slightly funny how she always was a bit nervous about going up on stage even though she had been an idol for almost more than two years now. She thought she at least should be used by it now.

She glanced beside her and saw the red haired idol she was going to go up on stage with. Tiffany had her hands clasped together, her eyes were closed, and it looked like she was praying. Jessica had found out that Tiffany always did this before she went up on stage, and now after performing together on stage for the third time Jessica had started to find it cute.

“Okay, we’ll now welcome the new duo project J2T.” The MC said and Jessica and Tiffany went up on the stage.

Jessica her eyes fixed on the stage floor, the music started to play and she put the mic in front of her mouth and listened how her tone fitted with the music. While she sang her part she danced over to Tiffany, circling her hand around the other idol’s waist before she let go and stood to the side as they began singing the chorus together.

Jessica turned her head towards Tiffany as she sang and the red haired idol smiled at her. The blonde returned the smile and they began moving towards each other while singing. The first chorus came to an end and Jessica danced away from Tiffany while the girl sang her part of her song.

While Jessica danced on her part of the stage Tiffany watched her while trying to display the emotions of the song.

“But I can’t stop myself from feeling

To let you go would be too much for me to take”

When Tiffany sang the last line of her part she moved closer to Jessica, grabbing the blonde idol’s arm and they turned towards each other and began singing the chorus again.

The song went into an instrumental break where Tiffany and Jessica danced together before they stopped in the middle of the song while facing each other.

“I can’t help thinking

When I’m look into your eyes” Jessica sang while staring into Tiffany’s eyes.

“How much I need you.” Tiffany continued.

“It’s so hard to hide” Jessica turned away from Tiffany to sing the high note before they turned towards each other and sang the last part of the song together.

When the song finished the fans roared and the two idols bowed before they started making their way down from the stage. Jessica felt her legs and hands shake as she walked down the stairs from the stage, she had to grab onto the railing as she stumbled.

Tiffany that was walking in front of the blonde looked behind her when she heard something didn’t seem right. She saw that Jessica’s manager had gone over to the blonde’s side to help her walk in her shaken state. Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows by how weak Jessica looked.

“Are you okay?” Tiffany asked and walked beside the blonde idol and the manager as they towards their locker room.

Jessica could only nod in answer and Tiffany had doubtful expression on her face.


“I don’t know, I just started to shake after we had finished the song.” Jessica said when her stylist asked what had happened with her. Tiffany sat on the opposite side of the room and watched the blonde idol that was seated on the couch eating the chocolate bar her manager had given her.

“It’s probably because you don’t eat.” Jessica’s stylist said. The comment made Jessica frown and she bit down on the chocolate in her hand.

“Or maybe it’s an after effect after the emotions she put into the performance. She did it really well today.” Tiffany’s stylist pointed out.

Tiffany looked from Jessica’s stylist to her own with a raised eyebrow. The blonde idol looked surprised by the praising and finished munching on the bite in her mouth.


“Yeah, it looks like you have feelings for Tiffany when you’re up on the stage and singing.”

Jessica began coughing by the comment and Tiffany looked wide eyed at her stylist. The stylist however looked innocently at the blonde idol that now glared at her.

“I don’t have feelings for her!” Jessica protested when she had gained her composure back.

“I just said it looks like it when you sing.” The stylist defended herself.

“Whatever.” Jessica said and slumped further down in her seat while eating her chocolate bar. Tiffany raised an eyebrow by Jessica’s reaction, especially when she noticed Jessica’s ears that were bright red. And the red head had learned from her time together with Jessica that the blonde usually got red ears when she got embarrassed.


A knock on the door to the waiting room made the three idols that were occupying the room look up. One of their managers went to open the door and two other girls on the other side got revealed. Both of them bowed their heads when the door was opened while greeting the manager.

“We just wanted to come by to give out this.” Tiffany said and held out the album. The cover was of Jessica back hugging Tiffany. The blonde’s chin rested on Tiffany’s shoulder, her eyes was closed and Tiffany was slightly leaning into Jessica’s embrace while smiling.

“Oh, it’s the J2T group.” One of the girls inside the waiting room stood up from her seat and made her way to the two girls standing by the door. Both of them bowed to the taller girl and she grinned by their action.

“You’re still my sunbaes in this industry you know.” The taller girl said.

“Yeah, but when it comes to being in a group you’re our sunbae.” Jessica said and grinned at the taller girl. The taller girl nodded her head at what Jessica said and finally took the album Tiffany was holding out towards her.

“Did you sign it?” The taller girl asked.

“Of course.” Tiffany replied.

“Good, we have a Tiffany fan here.” The taller girl said.

“Omo, is Tiffany unnie here?!” They heard an excited voice said. The taller girl smiled and stepped to the side to let her group members see the two idols that had come to visit them. Tiffany and Jessica saw another girl inside the waiting room that looked wide eyed their way.

“Oh my God, it’s Tiffany unnie!” The girl squealed and flew up from her seat and went to her group member’s side and grabbed Tiffany’s hand and began shaking it.

“You’re so great on the stage. And not only that, I’ve seen you on other events as well. You’re a really good role model for other people.” The girl began saying while continued to shake Tiffany’s hand.

Jessica looked at the two other idols. Her eyes went to the hands that were holding Tiffany’s and her eyebrow raised. She looked at the other member of the trio that smiled upon her member’s obvious affection for the red head.

A frown appeared on Jessica’s lips and she crossed her arms and waited for her duo partner to finish talking to her admirer. Whenever Tiffany smiled and nodded to what the girl said to her Jessica rolled her eyes, and when Tiffany thanked the girl when getting praised Jessica held back a sigh.

“You two were really good on stage today.” The member that first had come to great them said, making Jessica turn her head towards her.

“Ah, thank you.” Jessica said and smiled.

“But you were also good.” Tiffany said.

“But unnie was better!” The girl that was still holding Tiffany’s hands said. The red head smiled at the girl while Jessica gave the girl a weird look.

“Feeling lonely when you don’t get any affection?” The taller girl asked. Jessica turned to her, shaking her head at the question and turned back to the two girls beside her that was immersed in a conversation.

“Not, really. I’m fine with the fans I have.” Jessica said and smiled. The taller girl nodded and continued to watch her group member that was still talking non-stop with the red haired idol.


“The Leg Goddesses is really nice.” Tiffany said when they were walking back to their waiting room. Jessica didn’t say anything and had her eyes focused forward. The red haired girl looked down at the album in her hands, they had gotten their album as well and the members’ signatures were on the front.

Sooyoung, Yoona, Seohyun

Tiffany smiled and looked at Jessica that still didn’t give any sign of hearing what she said. Tiffany frowned and smacked Jessica’s arm with the album, making the blonde yelp and hold the spot where she’s been hit and glared at the red head.

“What?” Jessica asked.

“The Leg Goddesses, they’re nice.” Tiffany said.

Jessica furrowed her eyebrows by Tiffany’s statement.


“Especially Seohyun.”

Jessica rolled her eyes and turned her head forward again. She thought back to the younger girl that had showed her admiration for Tiffany so openly. She had heard that Seohyun usually was really quiet and composed girl, but that image had crumbled when she had seen how she had been towards Tiffany.

“You only like her because she’s your fan.” Jessica pointed out.

“No, I like her because she’s really hard working and gives her all on stage.” Tiffany corrected the blonde.

Jessica frowned by the comment. She clenched her hands that were inside her jacket pockets.

“Okay, so you like younger girls, I see.” The comment had left Jessica’s lips faster than what she had wanted. When she heard Tiffany stop walking beside her she regretted what she had said immediately. The blonde also stopped in her tracks and slowly turned around to face the red head.

Tiffany glared at her with hurtful eyes, Jessica wasn’t surprised but she bit down on her lower lip by the gaze.

“That was really unnecessary.” Tiffany mumbled. “Especially when you know it’s not true.”

Jessica opened her mouth to say something but didn’t get the chance to when Tiffany walked past her, bumping into her shoulder in the process after leaving the blonde to think about her actions.

Jessica closed her eyes and let out a sigh. She wondered why she had said that. She sounded like a jealous girlfriend.

Jessica opened her eyes when she had gotten familiar with the feeling she had felt back at The Leg Goddesses’ waiting room, the same feeling had also built up when Tiffany had been praising the younger idol.

The blonde bit down on her lower lip. She didn’t like this feeling at all.

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Kyaa~ Jessi is falling for Fany~~ Jessi is falling for Fany~~! :DDD I'm so happy, you update so fast~ You're jjang! \o/

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